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This site is dedicated to the memory of Maurice (Moe) Zuzak (1939/12/26 - 1998/10/25)
who believed the simple message of Jesus: Love, Truth, Righteousness

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CIMM 2005     (initiated 2005-02-12)
C-18 Hearings (updated 2003-09-15)

Will Zuzak Letters:

Language Responsibilities and Indigenous Rights [email protected], 03Aug2018; Will Zuzak
Analysis of the situation in Ukraine since 1991 MoZeus, 01Aug2018; Will Zuzak
Monuments to Shukhevych and Halychyna Division in Edmonton under attack MoZeus, 30Jun2018; Will Zuzak
Denial of the Obvious [email protected], 16Apr2018; Will Zuzak
Turkey  To David Kilgour, 24Mar2018; Will Zuzak
The Ukrainian Independence Movement: 1900 - 2018 MoZeus/Will Zuzak Letters:, 25Feb2018; Will Zuzak
Trump Administration attempts to discredit the FBI and the Steele Dossier, 03Feb2018; Will Zuzak
Russian Organized Crime in North America in the mid-1990's [email protected], 28Jan2018; Will Zuzak
100th Anniversary of the Ukrainian Independence Movement Mozeus, 22Jan2018; Will Zuzak


NABU: An independent National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine [email protected], 29Dec2017; Will Zuzak
Saakashvili citizenship [email protected], 26Dec2017; Will Zuzak, [2] Klympush-Tsintsadze
Peacemakers not Peacekeepers are required in Ukraine's Donbas Bloomberg View, 07Sep2017; Will Zuzak
Easter Sunday 16 April 2017 InfoUkes will be online for 20 years [email protected], 09Apr2017; Yaroslav Kokodyniak
Canada-Ukraine collaboration To: Harjit Sajjan MP, 24Feb2017; Will Zuzak
Corruption in the United States and around the World GRC Report, 04Jan2017; Will Zuzak


How a Vote for Sanders Is Like a Vote for Hitler [email protected], 20Feb2016; Will Zuzak


Very important Voznyak article on the Crimea  [email protected], 23Aug2015; Will Zuzak, [2] 09Mar2014
Oksana Syroyid on proposed changes to Constitution of Ukraine  [email protected], 19Aug2015; Will Zuzak
In Memoriam: Vladimir Katriuk (1921.10.01 -- 2015.05.22)  [email protected], 30May2015; Will Zuzak
In Memoriam: Danylo Shumuk (1914.12.30 - 2004.05.21) died in Krasnoarmiisk [email protected], 21May2015; Will Zuzak
Arming Ukraine: A Dose of Realism  [email protected], 01Mar2015; Will Zuzak


Results of 26Oct2014 elections in Ukraine  [email protected], 03Nov2014; Will Zuzak
Prognosis on 26Oct2014 elections to Verkhovna Rada  [email protected], 14Oct2014; Will Zuzak
Putin deliberately raising stakes?  [email protected], 23Jul2014; Will Zuzak
Will Angela Merkel double-cross Ukraine once again?  [email protected], 15Jul2014; Will Zuzak
Canadian firms with ties to Russia urge Ottawa to limit sanctions  [email protected], 19Mar2014; Will Zuzak
IAC: Ukraine War Alert  Will Zuzak, 16Mar2014; to Ramsey Clark
Harper's Vote Grubbing Policy on Ukraine  Will Zuzak, 14Mar2014; to Murray Dobbin
Will Germany double-cross Ukraine again?  [email protected], 11Mar2014; Will Zuzak
Stumbling into an ethnic quagmire in Ukraine  Will Zuzak, 28Feb2014; to Jackson Doughart
Democracy Now: A New Cold War? Will Zuzak, 23Feb2014; to Amy Goodman
Washington Orchestrated Protests Are Destabilizing Ukraine Will Zuzak, 16Feb2014; to Paul Craig Roberts
Will Mobocracy triumph in Ukraine?  Will Zuzak, 06Feb2014; to Patrick Buchanan


XXIII Triennial Congress; 05/07Nov2010; Part 2
XXIII Triennial Congress; 05/07Nov2010; Part 1


John Demjanjuk Trial 2009  To Angela Merkel, Nov. 25, 2009
Nuclear fission reactor technology for Ukraine  To Yulia Tymoshenko, Oct. 29, 2009
Evil machinations of OSI against John Demjanjuk  e-Poshta, Apr.16, 2009


Mushroom clouds in our future  To Paul Craig Roberts, Sep. 30, 2008
Denying the Holodomor To David Miliband, May 07, 2008
Independence Day holds bittersweet meanings for Ukrainians Edmonton Journal, Jan. 22, 2008


Brian Mulroney on Nazi war criminals Memoirs, 1939-1993, 2007; B. Mulroney
Nuclear Energy for Ukraine e-Poshta, Jun. 25, 2007
NATO for Ukraine? e-Poshta/AUR, Apr. 30, 2007
Pre-term Elections in Ukraine AUR#833, Apr. 24, 2007
Battle of Vimy Ridge e-Poshta, Apr. 08, 2007
Errors of Omission To Nasha Doroha, Apr. 04, 2007
In Memoriam: Rachel Corrie, March 16, 2003 To Humanity, Mar. 16, 2007 [PHOTO]
"Moscow's Mideast Myopia" To Yulia Tymoshenko, Jan. 27, 2007


Dual Citizenship To Monte Solberg, Nov. 08, 2006
Israel - Palestine Solution To Liberal Leadership contenders, Oct. 30, 2006
Killing Gooks To Harper et al, Oct. 02, 2006
Letter to Yulia Tymoshenko e-POSHTA, Jul. 25, 2006
Thoughts on energy pricing in Ukraine AUR#735, Jul. 19, 2006
Operation Last Chance To R. Folco, Jun. 29, 2006
SPALAKH: UPA resistance in the Bereziv region Book Review, May 31, 2006
Zuzak Ukraine Political Report; Part II Jun. 02, 2006
Zuzak Ukraine Election Report; Part I Sunday, Mar. 26, 2006


Nuclear fission reactor technology To CBC News, Sep. 04, 2005 [Ukraine]


Memories of Danylo Shumuk Ukrainian News, Aug. 18, 2004


Citizenship Act Meeting Chateau Louis, Jan. 30, 2003


Holocaust Industry pressuring Coderre [email protected], Sep. 27, 2002
Crime against God or crime against Caesar? To Cabinet Special Committee of Council, June 15, 2002
Gunter's praise for Levant misplaced To Edmonton Journal, Mar. 24, 2002
Cauchon, Coderre now responsible for d/d [email protected], Jan. 15, 2002


Solution to Palestinian Intifada To Report, Nov. 26, 2001
Don't play with PM Edmonton Journal, Sep. 05, 2001
"Enabler" of Holocaust? To Kitchener-Waterloo Record, Aug. 17, 2001
Landy just doesn't get it To Globe and Mail, May 23, 2001
System is flawed Kitchener-Waterloo Record, May 16, 2001
"Balance of Probabilities" Toronto Sun, May 06, 2001


Jack Ramsay Dilemma Edmonton Sun, June 18, 2000

Hypocrisy of Sydney Sharpe Calgary Herald, Mar. 03, 2000


Suspected Nazi collaborator denied right to appeal National Post, Dec. 22, 1999
Comparing 'isms' is risky Edmonton Journal, Nov. 24, 1999
Denaturalization and Deportation Ukrainian News, Sep. 22, 1999
Unholy Alliance National Post, Aug. 28, 1999
On the trail of evil Globe and Mail, Aug. 21, 1999
Jewish Holocaust Museum Toronto Star, Aug. 17, 1999
Fear, ignorance motivate hate crimes London Free Press, Aug. 14, 1999
Final Solution National Post, Aug. 11, 1999
Morbid Word Game National Post, July 15, 1999
British Apology for Forcible Repatriation Toronto Sun, July 15, 1999
Forcible Repatriation after WWII Toronto Sun, July 13, 1999
Mail Order Justice Alberta Report, Mar. 08, 1999
Realities of WWII Private Correspondence, Feb. 01, 1999


Letter to Lucienne Robillard Correspondence, Mar. 04, 1998


CRITIQUE of Wiseman's Report September 1993

CRITIQUE of Deschenes Report May 1987

Letter to Mulroney/Turner/Broadbent August 1987

CRITIQUE of Dawidowicz October 1986

Industrial Strategy towards an Optimum Canadian Economy June 1974

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