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Gunter's praise for Levant misplaced

Dear Editor:

I am mystified by Lorne Gunter's column in the March 23, 2002 issue of the Edmonton Journal titled "Levant should stay the course."

It is well known that Ezra Levant has developed close ties with Stockwell Day and his family. Logan Day was best man at Ezra Levant's wedding in October 1999 and Mr. Levant reciprocated at Logan Day's wedding in February 2001.

The relationship goes back to the Winds of Change conference held in Calgary May 24-25, 1996, under the leadership of David Frum and Stockwell Day, assisted by Ezra Levant. The purpose of this conference was to begin the process of uniting the political right. That effort continues to this day.

Although Mr. Levant was Preston Manning's legislative assistant from 1997 to 1999, he supported Mr. Day during the leadership campaign in 2000. He became Communications Director for Mr. Day in February 2001, but was forced to resign by the Canadian Alliance Caucus and National Council for continually making intemperate remarks.

Only political opportunism prompted Mr. Levant to prematurely seek the nomination in Preston Manning's Calgary Southwest riding, when common sense dictated that that seat should be reserved for Stephen Harper. To my mind, the optimum solution would be for Mr. Levant to cede the Calgary Southwest nomination to Mr. Harper and wait for the 2004 federal election to challenge Joe Clark head-on in Calgary Centre.

Respectfully submitted March 24, 2002
Will Zuzak, Edmonton