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HOLODOMOR of 1932-1933

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Youtube videos by Yurij Luhovy: "Genocide Revealed" 2011 [06:46 trailer] and "Harvest of Despair" 1984 [55:02]
 "Ukraine Famine Genocide Holodomor" [28:22] by Taras Hukalo 1983 English, French [28:29], Ukrainian [28:32] (Yaroslav Harchun narrator)

Film on Holodomor for CMHR   Winnipeg Free Press, 21Dec2012; Staff Writer  [comments]
Feds, city in spat over CMHR servicing cost   Winnipeg Free Press, 19Dec2012; Bartley Kives [comments]
UCCLA disputes UCC position on Canadian Museum for Human Rights  UCCLA Media Release, 14Dec2012; Lubomyr Luciuk [W.Z.]
Ukrainian Canadain Congress meets with "Rights Museum"  Ukrainian Canadian Congress, 12Dec2012; Paul Grod
CMHR launches new fundraising campaign highlighting education  Winnipeg Free Press, 12Dec2012; Staff Writer  [comments]
Trouble in Canadian Museum for Human Rights Wonderland?  Winnipeg Sun, 01Dec2012; Tom Brodbeck

Head fundraiser leaving human rights museum   Winnipeg Free Press, 04Dec2012; Mia Rabson
Canadian Museum for Human Rights staff exodus tied to content change  Winnipeg Free Press, 20121201; Bartley Kives
Atrocities gallery 'too much'  Winnipeg Free Press, 30Nov2012; Bartley Kives
CMHR reaches for your wallet again  Blogspot, 30Nov2012; blackrod
Human rights museum staff leave amid interference allegations  CBC News, 30Nov2012; CBC staff
Ukraine remembers the Holodomor  The Economist, 30Nov2012; A.C., Kyiv  [links]
Rights museum aims for $3M per year from visitors  Winnipeg Free Press, 29Nov21012; Mia Rabson
Torontonians Remember the Ukrainian Famine of 1930s  Epoch Times, 26Nov2012: Kristina Skorbach
Clifton service honors victims of Ukraine's Great Famine  North Jersey, 25Nov2012; Monsy Alvarado
Thousands take part in Holodomor Remembrance Day march in Kyiv  Kyiv Post, 24Nov2012; staff  [comments]
Canada prime minister encourages compatriots to honour memory of Holodomor victims  Kyiv Post, 24Nov2012; Stephen Harper
79th Anniversary of Ukrainian Famine & Genocide  Press Release, 23Nov2012; Ralph Goodale
A Ukrainian quest to shed light on horror Soviets kept in the dark   Globe and Mail, 18Nov2012; Paul Waldie [comments]
Ukrainian experts to speak on Holodomor  Winnipeg Free Press, 16Nov2012; Carolin Vesely  [comments]
Film Critic: New documentary offers penetrating look at Holodomor  Kyiv Post, 19Jul2012; Ilya Timtchenko
Valentyn Nalyvaichenko: Holodomor as Genocide  ssu.gov.ua, 30Nov2009; Valentyn Nalyvaichenko [link to SBU site]

CMHR brings educators together   Winnipeg Free Press, 01Nov2012; Nick Martin
Rights Museum facing heat over foreign goods   Global News, 24Oct2012; staff
What you are going to see inside the CMHR. "Look on...and despair."  Blogspot, 19Oct2012; blackrod
Genocide's Definition Revisited   World Affairs Journal, 19Oct2012; Alexander J. Motyl  [S.L., link, comments]
The myth of the apolitical museum   Museums Journal, 17Oct2012; Rebecca Atkinson
Canadian Museum for Human Rights' $10-M lie to taxpayers  Winnipeg Sun, 17Oct2012; Tom Brodbeck
The CMHR annual report fuels the need for a forensic audit   Blogspot, 14Oct2012; blackrod
Taxpayers bail out Human Rights museum once again  Winnipeg Sun, 01Oct2012; Tom Brodbeck
Heritage Minister Moore talks of CMHR compromise --- and mismanagment   Blogspot, 19Sep2012; blackrod
What lessens us as human beings?   ePoshta, 06Aug2012; Askold S. Lozynskyj
Letter to Minister James Moore re CMHR   ePoshta, 06Aug2012; Lubomyr Luciuk

Animal Farm, Conservatives-style   Blogspot, 30Jul2012; blackrod
Censorship at CBC regarding the CMHR?   politics @ infoukes.com, 25Jul2012; Roman Serbyn
Wasyl Sydorovych Rud (1916.04.11 - 2012.05.02)  WillZuzak.ca, 23Jul2012; Victor Rud, [2] Ukr. translation
Ukrainian translation of Orwell's "Animal Farm" -- 65 years ago   BBC Ukrainian, 23Jul2012; Bohdan Tsuipin [Ukr]
Loans ride to museum's rescue   Winnipeg Free Press, 19Jul2012; Dan Lett
Human rights museum gets $70M in government loans   CBC News, 19Jul2012; CBC staff
Is the Canadian Museum for Human Rights headed for a tax sale?   Blogspot, 13Jul2012; blackrod
Memo on Holodomor fails to quell concern   Winnipeg Free Press, 10Jul2012; Jenny Ford
CMHR deals with Holodomor group   Winnipeg Sun, 05Jul2012; staff
Memorandum of Understanding between CMHR and Holodomor Museum in Kyiv   CMHR, 03Jul2012; Stuart Murray

Ukrainian community, scarred by Holodomor, helped shape Winnipeg's cultural mosaic   Winnipeg Free Press, 23Jun2012; Bill Redekop
CMHR's fundraising CEO steps down after one year   Winnipeg Free Press, 21Jun2012; Mia Rabson
Museum whitewashing Communist crimes  ePoshta, 13May2012; Oksana Bashuk Hepburn
U.S. special envoy stirs up hatred against Canada's Ukrainians  Blogspot, 10May2012; blackrod  [W.Z., Chatterley links]

The Pulitzer Prize and the good name   Day, 24Apr2012; Viktoria Skuba
Canadian Museum for Human Rights: right the wrong  Hill Times, 16Apr2012; Oksana Bashuk Hepburn
The CMHR boondoggle is not my sister's fault, says David Asper  Blogspot, 12Apr2012; blackrod [Matas article]
CMHR critics should back off Gail: Asper   Winnipeg Sun, 11Apr2012; David Asper
No genocide should be above all others: Luciuk Whig, 10Apr2012; Ross Romaniuk
Campaign targets human rights museum  Winnipeg Sun, 09Apr2012; Ross Romaniuk

Cash-strapped rights museum to be converted to water park   Winnipeg Sun, 31Mar2012; Hugh Manatee [April Fool]
Due Recognition Sought for Reporter of 1930s Ukraine Famine   Epoch Times (New York), 28Nov2011; Gary Feuerberg
Gail Asper stops begging  Blogspot, 12Mar2012; blackrod
Human Rights Museum needs another $50M  CBC News, 09Mar2012; CBC
Let museum tell of Holodomor: prof  Winnipeg Free Press, 06Mar2012; Bill Redekop
How 'Animal Farm' Gave Hope to Stalin's Refugees  The Atlantic, 01Mar2012; Andrea Chalupa  [George Orwell's preface, Ukr/Eng]
Yurij Luhovy, film maker, interviewed  by Leo Hura in Honolulu, 19Feb2012  [video]
Yurij Luhovy: Kharkiv Welcome!  14Feb2012  [video Ukrainian]
How will the Canadian Museum for Human Rights represent genocide?   Armenian News Network, 18Feb2012; George Shirinian
Woonsocket premiere's Genocide Revealed  Ukrainian Voice, 16Jan2012; Cheryl Madden

Canadians support museum  Winnipeg Free Press, 03Feb2012; staff writer
Human Rights Museum pleased by poll numbers   CNEWS, 01Feb2012; Paul Turenne
Human rights museum a flop?  CNEWS, 31Jan2012; Paul Turenne
Brodbeck: If you build it, they won't come  Winnipeg Sun, 31Jan2012; Tom Brodbeck
Who truly has the power in the country where the CMHR is being built?  Ukrainian Vancouver, 25Jan2012; Myron Petriw [Ukr]

Ukraine Famine  United Human Rights Council, 2011, Article
Was Western Mail journalist Gareth Jones killed for defying Stalin?  Wales Online, 11Jan2012; Aled Blake
From Shill to Saint  Blogspot, 08Jan2012; blackrod

History repeats itself  Blogspot, 31Dec2011; blackrod  [W.Z.]
Museum's bold idea worthy  Winnipeg Free Press, 30Dec2011; Staff Writer  [W.Z., comments]
The CMHR tests Stephen Harper  Blogspot, 26Dec2011; blackrod
No one could see this coming?  Winnipeg Free Press, 26Dec2011; Dan Lett  [W.Z., comments; links by Murray Bonner]
Making the museum  Winnipeg Free Press, 24Dec2011; Dan Lett  [W.Z., comments]
Another tax break can't save the CMHR from drowning in red ink  Blogspot, 23Dec2011; blackrod
$400K for CMHR office renovations is ridiculous  Winnipeg Sun, 23Dec2011; Tom Brodbeck
UCC Continues Campaign of Accountability for CMHR  Ukrainian Canadian Congress, 22Dec2011; News Release [Eng./Ukr.]
The solution to CMHR spending orgy is Gail Asper's worst nightmare  Blogspot, 21Dec2011; blackrod
Three reasons why Winnipeg's CMHR is doomed to failure  National Post, 21Dec2011; Jonathan Kay  [comments]
Winnipeg human rights museum could bury 100-year-old artifacts  ATPN News, 20Dec2011; Tiar Wilson [video interview of Leigh Syms]
Canadian human-rights museum dogged by contoversy  Globe and Mail, 20Dec2011; Paul Waldie, Daniel LeBlanc
Museum delay puts big events in jeopardy  Winnipeg Free Press, 20Dec2011; Larry Kusch
Archeology report criticizes human rights museum  CBC News, 19Dec2011; Staff
Human rights museum a gong show  Winnipeg Sun, 19Dec2011; Tom Brodbeck
Board of Trustees of the CMHR  CMHR website, 28Apr2011; website
Rights museum left in lurch  Winnipeg Free Press, 17Dec2011; Mia Rabson  [Thorsteinson link]
Museum for Human Rights ignores graveyard below  TGCTS.blogspot.com, 23Mar2010; David Carriere
Museum may be delayed again  Winnipeg Free Press, 16Dec2011; Nick Martin, Alexandra Paul
Deciphering the secrets of the CMHR's first public meeting  Blogspot, 09Dec2011; blackrod
Human Rights Museum won't open until 2014  Jewish Post & News, 08Dec2011; Bernie Bellan [W.Z., comment]
Human Rights museum criticized at public meeting  CBC News, 07Dec2011; CBC staff
Time For Unity   Kyiv Post, 01Dec2011; Kiev Post staff  [7 photos in link]

Human Rights Museum not getting another dime: Gov’t  Winnipeg Sun, 29Nov2011; Tom Brodbeck
Some cost breakdowns on human rights museum  Winnipeg Sun, 29Nov2011; Tom Brodbeck
The Canadian Museum for Human Rights has a new villain---Christianity   Blogspot , 28Nov2011; blackrod
Holodomor commemorations 26Nov2011 Kyiv, Ukraine  75 Internet Photos, 26Nov2011; courtesy Lubomyr Markevych
Human rights crimes delicate subject  Saskatoon Star Phoenix, 26Nov2011; Bronwyn Eyre
Comprehending the Ukrainian Holodomor; Ritual breads from 100 villages of Ukraine  AUR957, 26Nov2011; courtesy Morgan Williams
Area survivors recall horrors of forced famine in '30s Ukraine  Buffalo News, 21Nov2011; Jay Tokasz
Ukraine to honor famine victims on Nov. 26, 2011  Kyiv Post, 21Nov2011; Interfax-Ukraine
Holodomor memorial site in Washington, D.C. consecrated  Kyiv Post, 20Nov2011; Interfax-Ukraine
Hamilton Ukrainians commemorate 1932 genocide  Hamilton Spectator, 19Nov2011; unknown
Gareth Jones lecture by Nigel Colley, White House Holodomor statement  AUReport, 19Nov2011; courtesy Morgan Williams
Gail Asper never gave up on rights museum dream  Toronto Star, 06Nov2011; Martin Knelman  [W.Z., comments]
RUSSIA: Famine in Ukraine  House of Lords, 25Jul1934; Lord Charnwood, Archbishop of Canterbury [courtesy M. Petriw]

Measured museum debate welcome  Winnipeg Free Press, 06Sep2011; Dan Lett
The CMHR pulls an Oliver Twist: Please sirs, we want some more -- money  Blogspot, 29Aug2011; blackrod
Memory becomes a minefield at Canada's Museum for Human Rights  Globe and Mail, 20Aug2011; Ira Basen  [W.Z., comments]
Gail Asper's latest revelations about the out-of-control spending on the CMHR  Blogspot, 27Jul2011; blackrod
Who didn't pay their taxes again? The Canadian Museum for Human Rights  Blogspot, 11Jul2011; blackrod

Can Timothy Snyder's 'Bloodlands' be appropriated by East European Nationalists?  DovidKatz.net, 24May2011; Per Rudling [W.Z.]
The equivalency canard  Haaretz, 11May2011; Efraim Zuroff  [W.Z.]
This Year's Yom Hashoah is Different  Winnipeg Jewish Review, 03May2011; Dovid Katz [W.Z., links]

Controversy over ranking of genocides  Kyiv Post, 20May2011; Paul Danik
Lessons of visit to Dublin  Winnipeg Free Press, 18May2011, Staff Writer  [W.Z.]
The Canadian Museum for Human Rights' lightning rod  Winnipeg Free Press, 14May2011; David O'Brien [W.Z.]
Gail Asper at JFM Luncheon  Winnipeg Jewish Review, 12May2011; Rhonda Spivak  [W.Z.]
Attack on "Museum of Soviet Occupation"  Memorial Society of Vasyl Stus, 10May2011; Roman Krutsyk
Open letter villifies freedom fighters, minimizes Holodomor  Kyiv Post, 06May2011, Marco Levytsky [links, comments]
Holodomor vs. Holocaust  Winnipeg Sun, 05May2011; Dean Pritchard
Human rights museum a mess  Winnipeg Sun, 05May2011; Peter Worthington  [W.Z., comment]
Need for Canadian content in CMHR  artbylarisa.com, 01May2011; Larisa Sembaliuk Cheladyn

Poll: Some 60% Ukrainians see Holodomor famine as genocide  Kyiv Post, 27Apr2011; Interfax-Ukraine
Occupation of Ukraine -- the road to the cruel Holodomor  ePoshta, 25Apr2011; Victor Glasko [Eng/Ukr]
Ukrainian association tells foreign scholars to stay out of museum debate Globe & Mail, 21Apr2011; James Adams [Luciuk, Serbyn, Rudling]
The anti-Ukrainian hate campaign infects the Winnipeg Free Press Blogspot, 21Apr2011; blackrod
“Stay out of the Debate” -- UCCLA’s Reply UCCLA, 19Apr2011; Lubomyr Luciuk
A museum that Canadians support National Post, 19Apr2011; Gail Asper [Serbyn]
Your taxes go up as the mayor waives taxes for his millionaire friend, Gail Asper Blogspot, 18Apr2011; blackrod
Discord, accusations taint human rights museum debate Globe and Mail, 16Apr2011; James Adams [W.Z., Rudling, KMB47]
Open letter to the signatories of the open letter to the UCCLA, the UCC and the CMHR ePoshta, 15Apr2011; Roman Serbyn
Assessment of open letter from 78 intellectuals to UCCLA, UCC, CMHR. ePoshta, 15Apr2011; Roman Serbyn
Ukrainian Canadian Congress Responds to Malicious Allegations by “International Scholars” Ukrainian Canadian Congress, 14Apr2011; Paul Grod
National Post page A5 Saturday 23Apr2011 Advertisement  np_2011apr23_a5_1.PNG  np_2011apr23_a5_2.PNG  np_2011apr23_a5_3.PNG  np_2011apr23_a5_4.PNG
The Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights Ukraine List #452, 11Apr2011; John-Paul Himka et al
Shut their mouths: The first legacy of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights Blogspot, 11Apr2011; blackrod
Election won't change content of CMHR exhibits Winnipeg Free Press, 11Apr2011; Dan Lett  [W.Z.]
Postcard suggests Jews as pigs, critics say Canadian Jewish News, 09Apr2011; Rhonda Spivak [W.Z.]
No place for a gallery on the Holocaust in the new Canadian Museum of Human Rights? Engage Online, 08Apr2011; David Hirsh [W.Z.]
Winnipeg Jewish Review declares: A permanent Holocaust gallery, or else Blogspot, 04Apr2011; blackrod
Prof. draws the battle line: Opponents of the CMHR as a Holocaust museum are anti-semites Blogspot, 02Apr2011; blackrod

Nuke the Ukes: the FP preps the nuclear option to save the Holocaust gallery at the CMHR Blogspot, 29Mar2011; blackrod
Museum editorial misleading, uninformed Winnipeg Free Press, 25Mar2011; Lubomyr Luciuk
Gail Asper hits up Sam Katz for your tax money. Will he say No means No? Blogspot, 25Mar2011; blackrod
Poll rejects museum’s plan to set Holocaust apart from other genocides Globe and Mail, 23Mar2011; James Adams
The Canadian Museum for Human Rights  Press Release, 04Mar2011; Peter Goldring, MP

Rights museum called biased  Winnipeg Free Press, 14Dec2010, Carol Sanders [comments, Jewish perspective]
Famine of 1946-1947 and the Punative MGB-MVD Apparatus  book excerpt, 1994; Ivan Bilas [Ukrainian]

Ukraine commemorates the victims of the Great Famine (Holodomor) 1932-1933  WAM, 27Nov2010; Emirates News Agency
Ukrainian famine is a genocide largely unrecognized  Calgary Herald, 27Nov2010;  Roman Storoshchuk
Holodomor was NO SECRET IN WINNIPEG  Winnipeg Free Press, 27Nov2010; Stephen Bandera
Eternal Memory  Day Weekly Digest, 25Nov2010; Vasyl Vasylashko [courtesy Morgan Williams]
Documenting a tragedy  Kyiv Post, 24Nov2010; David Marples  [comments]
Pain of Holodomor remembered 78 years later  Kyiv Post, 24Nov2010; Natalia Feduschak
Edmontonians commemorate Ukrainian Genocide  Vancouver Sun, 21Nov2010; Marta Gold
A nearly forgotten genocide  Calgary Herald, 18Nov2010; Mario Toneguzzi
Stalin, Our Contemporary  Project Syndicate, 16Nov2010; Timothy Snyder  [W.Z., 2 links]

Education Minister: 1931-1933 famine was not genocide  Kyiv Post, 01Sep2010; Interfax-Ukraine [comments, 2 links]

Bravo Quebec  Kyiv Post, 18Jun2010; Marco Levytsky
Ukrainian Sues Yanukovych Over Famine Statement  RFE/RL, 15Jun2010; rfe/rl Ukrainian Service
On Holodomor Denial  UKL #444, 14Jun2010; Dominique Arel
Ukrainian holocaust painting unveiled  CBC News, 11Jun2010; CBC
Quebec Passes Bill Recognizing Holodomor as a Genocide  Ukrainian Canadian Congress, 03Jun2010; Press Release
Population comparisons in Russian Empire: 1897, 1926, 1939  01Jun2010, Mykola Vorotilenko (in Ukrainian)

PACE draft resolution: Great famine of 1930s in Soviet Union caused by Stalinist regime  Kyiv Post, 27Apr2010, Interfax-Ukraine
Yanukovych: Famine of 1930s was not genocide against Ukrainians  Kyiv Post, 27Apr2010, Interfax-Ukraine
Europe takes up Holodomor debate this week
Kyiv Post, 26Apr2010; Natalia Feduschak

Ukrainian Movies for Purchase  La Maison de Montage Luhovy, 01Jan2010; Yurij Luhovy  [videos]
Live Free or Die  FOX News, 22Jan2010; Glenn Beck  [videos]
Bolshevist Totalitarian Regime guilty of Genocide in Ukraine in 1932-1933  Ukraina Moloda, 15Jan2010; Yaroslav Muzychenko
Yushchenko initiates creation of international tribunal for Communist crimes  Kyiv Post, 14Jan2010; Interfax-Ukraine
Ukraine court finds Bolsheviks guilty of Holodomor genocide  RIA Novosti, 13Jan2010; Staff

Ukraine honours the world's first Holodomor film  Ukrainian News, 28Dec2009; Victor E. Glasko
Gullible leftists play into the hands of Putin’s neo-Soviet apologists  Ukrainian News, 28Dec2009; Jars Balan

SBU named the accused of Holodomor  UNIAN, 24Dec2009; SBU
SBU to convey to PGO materials in 1932-33 Holodomor case by December 29, 2009  Financial Channel, 23Dec2009; SBU
PACE won't call 'Ukrainian genocide' Great Famine of the 1930  Kyiv Post, 17Dec2009; Interfax-Ukraine
Investigation of the criminal case about the artificially created Famine in Ukraine in 1932-1933  Embassy of Ukraine in Canada, 10Dec2009; Press Release

Opening of Holodomor Exhibition at the United Nations  AUHR13 (5 speeches), 01Dec2009; courtesy Morgan Williams
Peter Goldring in Kazakhstan insists Holodomor was genocide  Issue 75 OSCE Kazakhstan, 01May2009; Peter Goldring [pdf file]
Holodomor  AUR943 (8 items), 28Nov2009; courtesy Morgan Williams
Lemkin, Petrovsky, Yushchenko, etc.  AUHR12 (5 articles), 26Nov2009; courtesy Morgan Williams
Holodomor Bill introduced in Quebec  Bulletin, 26Nov2009; Ukrainian Canadian Congress
Holodomor Bill introduced in British Columbia  Bulletin, 26Nov2009; Ukrainian Canadian Congress
Holodomor survivor: 'I saw very terrible things'  Hamilton Spectator, 25Nov2009, Danielle Wong
Government of Ukraine honours four Albertans  ePoshta, 22Nov2009, Ambassador Ihor Ostash
Holodomor awareness in schools  ePoshta, 22Nov2009; Bohdan Kohut
Holodomor  AUR942 (11 items), 22Nov2009; courtesy Morgan Williams
Mace 2003, Slavic Studies Journal, Holodomor Studies Journal  AUHR11 (3 articles), 20Nov2009; courtesy Morgan Williams
Lemkin: Holodomor 'classic' genocide  Kyiv Post, 19Nov2009, Lubomyr Luciuk
Gareth Jones, etc.  AUHR10 (6 articles), 18Nov2009; courtesy Morgan Williams
Welsh hero of Ukraine recognized  BBC News,  18Nov2009, Mrs. Pyrkalo
Ukraine's forgotten famine  Manchester Guardian,  18Nov2009, James Marson [Links]
Diary that helped expose Stalin's murderous famine  Fox News,  13Nov2009;  Associated Press
Holodomor AUR941 (26 items) 15Nov2009; courtesy Morgan Williams
Holodomor AUHR9 (5 items)  14Nov2009, courtesy Morgan Williams
Gareth Jones  AUHR8 (2 items: M. Brown; R. Satter) 13Nov2009; courtesy M. Williams
True extent of Ukraine famine revealed by British journalist's diaries  Times, 13Nov2009; Jack Malvern
Statement by the President on the Ukrainian Holodomor  White House, 13Nov2009; Barack Obama
The New York Times Helped Build the Wall  American Thinker, 09Nov2009; Jack Cashill

"Okradena Zemlya": 1932-33 famine was genocide  Ukrainian News, 29Oct2009; M. Levytsky
National Holodomor Awareness Week, 23-29 October 2009; Ukrainian Canadian Congress
Ukrainian Professional Teachers Newsletter  September 2009  

She lived through the Ukrainian famine, and never forgot what hunger felt like  Globe and Mail, 02Oct2009; J. Belluz
Ideology of Genocide was taught by Lenin  Ukraina Moloda, 26Sep2009; H. Omelchenko (interview) [courtesy Myron Petriw]

The Grain Store   rsc.org, 10Sep-01Oct2009; Stratford-upon-Avon (Theatre play)
Remembering the victims of genocide in Ukraine  Regina Leader Post, 11Aug2009; News staff

Walter Duranty meets the Holocaust  Pajama TV, 17June2009; Roger Simon (courtesy ePoshta)
Kremlin secrecy extends to Holodomor archives  Kyiv Post, 18Jun2009; Vladimir Ryzhkov

The Great Hunger  CBC Radio (Ideas), 24Jun2009, Philip Coulter
Holocaust: The Ignored Reality  New York Review of Books, 16Jul2009; Timothy Snyder [W.Z.]
Russia's battle with history #2  AUR937 (20 items) , 21Jun2009; courtesy M. Williams
More than million people currently living in Ukraine suffered from Holodomor  Unian, 18Jun2009; Unian
Jewish group objects to 'Great Famine' case  JTA, 15Jun2009; Ukrainian Jewish Committee
Children to study Holodomor and OUN-UPA  Unian, 12Jun2009; ZIK
Kremlin's Crimes  AUHR4, 11Jun2009; Janusz Bugajski; courtesy M. Williams

Melbourne Meeting -- Kulchytsky, Lozynskyj, Romaniw AUHR3, 31May2009; courtesy M. Williams
Horlatsch tours Ukraine to honour Ukraine's freedom fighters  e-Poshta, 29May2009; S. Horlatsch, L. Matvias, A. Holovatyj
Holodomor (7 articles)  27May2009; courtesy M. Williams
Holodomor/Genocide AUR935 (30 items), 25May2009; courtesy M. Williams
SBU opens criminal investigation of Holodomor genocide  (3 links), 25May2009; SBU Ukraine
Genocide Ukraine (6 articles)  19May2009; courtesy M. Williams
Holodomor  AUR934 (items 13 to 19), 17May2009; courtesy M. Williams
Metagenocide in Ukraine  P. Borisow, 09May2009; courtesy M.Williams
Kent State University's Holodomor Exhibit  Kent State, 07May2009; D. Russ

"The Living"  Sergiy Bukovsky, 2008 Holodomor film
http://www.theliving.org.ua/en/  Website with trailer and photos
http://www.garethjones.org/living_review.htm  Review by M. Siriol Colley
http://www.garethjones.org/bukovsky_living_kyiv_premiere.htm  21Nov2008 Kyiv Premiere
Visons du R´┐Żel Films, Nyon: ”The Living” Nyon Film Festival 2009, 27Apr2009, Jared Bloch

Anne Applebaum to research Holodomor  (four articles)  27Apr2009; courtesy M. Williams
Five articles on Holodomor  26Apr2009; courtesy M. Williams
Lemkin on the Ukrainian genocide
 (J. of Int. Criminal Justice) 23Apr2009; courtesy of M. Williams
Erroneous Holodomor photograhs (five articles)  19Apr2009; courtesy M. Williams
Holodomor Studies Journal (Schlacks, Serbyn)
 18Apr2009; courtesy M. Williams
`Very ugly silence' broken as MPPs come together to mark Ukraine famine  Toronto Star, 10Apr2009; Jim Coyle
The Holodomor Memorial Day Act passes third reading  lucorg.com, 09Apr2009; Ukrainian Echo

Iron Curtain  2007; Patrick Wright  [W. Zuzak review]
The Foreign Office and the Famine  1988; Marco Carynnyk et al, eds. [W. Zuzak review]
Ostroh Academy students meet with Canadian director Taras Hukalo  03Mar2009; Victoria  Skuba (courtesy ePoshta 30Mar2009)
Holodomor (Dis)information  [email protected], 29Mar2009; MY [youtube videos]
SBU list of Holodomor Perpetrators  17Mar2009, NRCU News Release
A New View of a Famine that Killed Millions   New York Times, 15Mar2009; R. Levy
Secrets and Lies  Unian.net, 04Mar2009; S. Komarnyckyj
Dancing with Stalin  Cambridge University, 06Feb2009, S. Komarnyckyj; courtesy M. Williams

"Land of Dilemmas" film by Olha Onyshko; 28Feb2009; courtesy M. Williams
Three articles on Holodomor  28Feb2009; courtesy M. Williams
- Russia: Deadly '30s famine not genocide; Steve Gutterman
- To counter Ukraine charges of genocide, Moscow admits to mass murder; Paul Goble
- What is the crux of the Ukraine-Russia dispute? ; Stanislav Kulchytsky
Eleven articles on Holodomor, etc.  22Feb2009, courtesy M. Williams
Seven articles on Holodomor  16Feb2009, courtesy M. Williams
Holodomor: The Secret Holocaust in Ukraine  thenewamerican.com, 06Feb2009; J. Perloff

Human Life in Russia  01Nov1935; Ewald Ammende [W. Zuzak review]
Israel does not regard famine in 30s genocide of Ukrainians 28Jan2009; Itar-Tass [W.Z.]

Holodomor recognized as genocide by 14 countries 30Dec2008; courtesy M.Williams
Working to shine a light on a dark period for Ukrainians Houston Chronicle, 28Dec2008; B. Murphy
Neo-Stalinism vs Holodomor  AUR922 (17 items) 28Dec2008; courtesy M. Williams
Stalin's new status in Russia  BBC News, 27Dec2008; R. Galpin [W.Z.]
Three articles on Holodomor 26Dec2008; courtesy M. Williams
- Remember the Holodomor; Cathy Young
- U.S. House of Representatives Resolution of Sep. 22, 2008
- Anniversary of an Atrocity; David Marples
Four articles on Holodomor  25Dec2008; courtesy M. Williams
- An Obligation to the History; Aleksandr Biberaj interview
- Truth must be sought every day; Olha Herasymiuk interview
- Kyiv's focus on the Stalin-era famine leads Russians and Kazakhs to ask why their governments don't; P. Goble
- Tatar nationalists ask UN to condemn 1921 famine as genocide; P. Goble
Two articles on Holodomor  22Dec2008; courtesy M. Williams
- Ultimate Retribution; Zinovii Partyko
- Against the Vampires of the Past; Oxana Pachlowska
Holodomor  AUR921 (items 19 to 26)  22Dec2008; courtesy M. Williams
Ten items on Holodomor 20Dec2008; courtesy M.Williams
Holodomor  AUR920 (items 16 to 20)  19Dec2008; courtesy M. Williams

Holodomor survivors recount tragic tales of Soviet genocide  London Free Press, 01Dec2008; C. Mitchell
Three items on Holodomor  29Nov2008; courtesy M. Williams
- Ukrainian Quarterly issue on Holodomor
- Zakharov lecture in Winnipeg 30Nov2008 and Montreal 07Dec2008
- Holodomor book edited by L. Luciuk
Holodomor through the eyes of a child  Chicago Exhibition, 23Nov2008-18Jan2009; M. Williams
Ukrainian Genocide: NY Times Still Covering Up  New American, 11Nov2008; W. Jasper
A European Genocide  24Nov2008; Wall Street Journal Europe
Lithuanian President Adamkus on Holodomor  22Nov2008; courtesy M. Williams
Ukraine honours Gareth Jones  22Nov2008; courtesy M. Williams
Holodomor  AUR918 (22 items)  22Nov2008; courtesy M. Williams
Yushchenko Holodomor Speech
 22Nov2008; courtesy M. Williams
Soviet Genocide in Ukraine  1953; Rafael Lemkin
Edmonton Holodomor Events  20/22Nov2008; courtesy W. Zuzak
Canadian delegation to Kyiv/Bykivnia  21Nov2008; UCC communique
Holodomor without parallel in European history Hill Times, 17Nov2008; L. Luciuk
Holodomor Commemoration Plan of Ukr. Gov't  17Nov2008, courtesy M. Williams
Medvedev denies Holodomor (5 articles), 17Nov2008; courtesy M. Williams
Holodomor  AUR917 (21 items), 09Nov2008; courtesy M. Williams

Holodomor  AUR915 (26 items), 02Nov2008; courtesy M. Williams
Bill 37: Holodomor Memorial Day Act  UCC-APC, 31Oct2008; Media Release
Ukrainian Famine and Genocide (Holodomor) Memorial Day Act  30Oct2008; Hansard Alberta
Ukrainian Famine and Genocide (Holodomor) Memorial Day Act  30Oct2008; W. Zuzak
Holodomor  AUR914 (items 18, 19, 20) , 31Oct2008; courtesy M. Williams
Holodomor  AUR913 (items 25, 26), 22Oct2008; courtesy M. Williams
- Holodomor Exhibition, Chicago, 24Oct2008
- Russia bans Holodomor Flame
Conference on Holodomor, 17/18Nov2008  Harvard Advertisement
"Neznanyj Holod"  (1983 film by Taras Hukalo), 20Oct2008; V. Glasko
Nine News Articles  19Oct2008, courtesy M. Williams
Holodomor  AUR912 (items 10, 11, 12, 15), 18Oct2008; courtesy M. Williams
Holodomor Books  15Oct2008; courtesy M. Williams
SBU info; Holodomor; OUN/UPA  (3 items), 14Oct2008; courtesy M. Williams
Holodomor Remembrance Flame stopped in Russia  UCC-National, 14Oct2008; Communique
Legal aspects of Holodomor  (2 items), 06Oct2008; courtesy M. Williams
- Juridicial Characterization of the Holodomor, 04Sep2008; M. Onishchuk (Minister of Justice)
- International Legal Responsibility for Genocide, 25/26Sep2008; B. Futey (retired judge)
Lemkin declared Holodomor as genocide  [email protected], 04Oct2008; R. Serbyn
Holodomor Memorial Site approved in Washington, D.C.  UCCA, 03Oct2008; Media Release
Israel declines to recognize Holodomor as genocide  e-Poshta, 01Oct2008; I.Yarmoliuk

Holodomor Archives 02/09Oct1983 AUR911 (items 08 to 13), 30Sep2008, courtesy M. Williams
Holodomor  (2 items), 24Sep2008; courtesy M. Williams
- Russia hails "failure" of Ukraine's plans for UN famine resolution
- Ukrainian President urges world to recognize 1930's famine as genocide
H.RES.1314  House of Representatives, 23Sep2008; courtesy M. Williams
Holodomor  AUR909 (20 items), 21Sep2008; M. Williams
- Articles from 24May2008 to 20Sep2008
Holodomor  AUR908 (items 04, 12), 19Sep2008; M. Williams
- UN resolution
- Zakharov analysis (see 48 chronological documentations in Appendix)
Holodomor  AUR906 (items 19, 20, 21), 15Sep2008; M. Williams
- List of ethnic Germans who died in 1932-33 given to Merkel
- OSCE recognizes Holodomor
- Holodomor recognized in Toronto schools
The Holodmor will be recognized at TDSB  insidetoronto.com, 09Sep2008; Clark Kim
Government grants $50,000 for UCC Holodomor website  Press Release, 04Sep2008; Canadian Heritage

Holocaust by hunger: The truth behind Stalin's Great Famine MAILonline, 26Jul2008; Simon Sebag Montefiore [Lemieszewski, Serbyn comments]
SBU publicizes list of Soviet high-ranking officials who engineered Holodomor and repression in Ukraine zik.com.ua, 23Jul2008; zik
Community remembers millions who starved This is Nottingham, 19Jul2008; Unknown
The truth about the Ukrainian genocide National Post, 09Jul2008; A. Semotiuk

Study of genocide must include Holodomor Toronto Sun, 24Jun2008; P. Worthington
Message to Moscow Globe and Mail, 11Jun2008; J. Marson
World forgets, Canada remembers Toronto Sun, 01Jun2008; E. Margolis
Solzhenitsyn's article in 31May2008 G&M [email protected], 31May2008; R. Serbyn
The Ukrainian Holodomor - Was it a Genocide? e-Poshta, 28May2008; A. Semotiuk
British Ukrainophobia To David Miliband, 08May2008; S. Komarnyckyj
Denying the Holodomor To David Miliband, 07May2008; W. Zuzak
UK Government refuses to recognise the Holodomor as a genocide ePoshta, 12Apr2008; S. Komarnyckyj
The genocide loophole Los Angeles Times, 08Apr2008; Jonah Goldberg
The Ukrainian Famine of 1932-1933 as an Act of Genocide faminegenocide.com, 2003 competition; Christina Maslo

Toronto District School Board ignores the Holodomor e-Poshta, 28Jan2008; M. Prytulak
Toronto board leaves Holodomor out of genocide focus points Ukrainian News, 23Jan2008; M. Levytsky
Holodomor education must be compulsory Ukrainian News, 23Jan2008; Editorial
Independence Day holds bittersweet meanings for Ukrainians Edmonton Journal, 22Jan2008; W. Zuzak
Stalin is century's bloodiest figure People's Voice, 21Jan2008; E. Margolis

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Holodomor (30 items) AUR887, 04Nov2007; M. Williams
Bear the guilt Toronto Sun, 04Nov2007; E. Margolis
Ukraine to criminalize holocaust denial e-Poshta, 24Oct2007; L. Prytulak
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Was my amazing uncle killed on orders of Stalin? thisisnottingham.co.uk, 13Jul2007; A. Smart
Holocaust and Holodomor   windowintopalestine (19May2009), Apr2007; Nicholas Lysson

Bykivnya 1937 (15 items) AUR845, 21May2007; M. Williams
Holodomor (20 items) AUR, 11Mar2007; M. Williams
James Mace: Holodomor AUR, 25Feb2007; M. Williams
James Mace: A Great Humanist AUR820, 23Feb2007; V. Kostiuk
Ukraine: Kruty-2 only a matter of time AUR818, 19Feb2007; O. Kramarenko

"So-called" Holodomor, Consequences for Ukraine AUR793, 25Nov2006; O. Kramarenko
Famines in Ukraine: Starvation, Death, Genocide AUR791, 20Nov2006; R. Serbyn
Why isn't the world recognizing the Holodomor as an Act of Genocide? AUR781, 26Oct2006; O. Kramarenko
The Ukrainian Famine of 1932-1933 as Genocide in light of the UN Convention of 1948 AUR774, 14Oct2006; R. Serbyn
Was the 1933 Holodomor an Act of Genocide? AUR774, 14Oct2006; S. Kulchytsky
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The Origin of the Artificial Famine of 1932-1933 in Ukraine ihr.org, 01Feb1985; Valentyn Moroz
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Youtube videos by Yurij Luhovy: "Genocide Revealed" 2011 [06:46 trailer] and "Harvest of Despair" 1984 [55:02]
 "Ukraine Famine Genocide Holodomor" [28:22] by Taras Hukalo 1983 English, French [28:29], Ukrainian [28:32] (Yaroslav Harchun narrator)

Gareth Jones (1905.08.13 - 1935.08.12) Main link

More Than Grain of Truth Margaret Siriol Colley
Lyons, Orwell, Muggeridge Nigel Linsan Colley
France, Germany and Austria Etienne Thevenin
Mussolini and Ukraine Federigo Argentieri
Polish Diplomacy and the Great Famine Jan Jacek Bruski

The above five papers were presented at the James Mace Memorial Panel, IAUS Congress, Donetsk, Ukraine, on 29th June 2005.

A fascinating slide presentation by Nigel Linsan Colley of Gareth Jones' dairy notes of the famine in 1930, 31 and 33 is available at