[email protected] | Sep. 27, 2002 | Will Zuzak

Holocaust Industry pressuring Coderre

On Friday, September 20, 2002, the Holocaust Industry appears to have launched a full scale media offensive to rescue the federal government's floundering denaturalization and deportation (d&d) policy from the scalpel of Citizenship and Immigration Minister, Denis Coderre. The big guns of B'nai Brith Canada (Rochelle Wilner, Frank Dimant) and the Canadian Jewish Congress (Keith Landy) led the charge. And, of course, the pimps in the news media, who have sold their souls to the Holocaust Industry, fell all over themselves to reaffirm their loyalty.

I awoke that Friday morning to the 6:00 a.m. CBC radio news reporting that Mr. Coderre wanted a review of the d&d policy of deporting elderly Nazi war criminals. A couple of hours later, I became aware of the article by Robert Fife, Ottawa Bureau Chief for the National Post titled "Ottawa may end effort to expel Nazis". Next, there was a B'nai Brith press release and a CKNW 980AM talk show in Vancouver hosted by Philip Till and Jon McComb.

On Monday, Sep. 23, 2002, the Montreal Gazette chipped in with an editorial on the subject. On Tuesday, the National Post presumably initiated a poll as to whether or not "Nazi war criminals" should be deported and on Wednesday, Sep. 25, 2002, Robert Fife concocted another misleading headline "Ottawa says it won't go easy on suspected Nazis".

The reader is invited to peruse the gory details of these and related articles on my website at

However, I would like to make three comments in point form.

(1) None of the articles refer to Wasyl Odynsky by name, even though he has been the subject of a massive letter and postcard campaign by the Ukrainian community. Nowhere do they state that Mr. Odynsky was neither a Nazi, nor a war criminal.

The news media pimps prefer to use generic terminology such as Nazi war criminal, mass murderer, etc. (For example, Robert Fife uses the term Nazi ten times in his first article, even though the term is not applicable to any of the people accused.) The purpose, of course, is to vilify and dehumanize the accused victim in the eyes of the reader or listener.

(2) Mr. Fife repeatedly quotes information from an official, officials or government officials a total of seven times. Presumably, he is referring to bureaucrats in the Canadian War Crimes Unit, who have built successful careers on the backs of people like Wasyl Odynsky. They spend $1.5 million per case of taxpayers money, while Mr. Odynsky has to spend his life's savings and mortgage his house to try to defend himself. As Professor Robert Keyserlingk so effectively pointed out during the Peter Warren talk show of June 23, 2002 these apparatchiks promote their careers by fraudulently claiming that immigration infractions are equivalent to war criminality.
[See transcripts point [16] at
/tp/odynsky/warren20020623summary.html ]

We note that Mark Dunn, communications director for Mr. Coderre, refused to discuss options under consideration, while these self-serving bureaucrats leak these options to the news media on behalf of the Holocaust Industry. Should they not be fired?

(3) A recurring theme in these articles is the proposal of the Holocaust Industry that the whole d&d process be made more efficient by consolidating deportation with denaturalization. (At present, these are two separate processes.) This, of course, would further remove checks and balances on a corrupted judicial system.

A particularly illuminating discussion on the history of this consolidation proposal is archived in my 1998 letter to Lucienne Robillard.
[See /tp/wllzzk/robillard03.html ]

According to the Deschenes Commission report, page 172, the source of this proposal can be traced to a 1985 report by William Mandell to the Office of Special Investigations (OSI) in the United States. Thus the Holocaust Industry is simply repeating the propaganda of the OSI, which has been corrupting Canada's judicial system since 1980.

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak; Sep. 27, 2002