To Kitchener-Waterloo Record | Aug. 17, 2001 | Will Zuzak
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"Enabler" of Holocaust?

It is indeed ironic that in his Aug. 17, 2001 letter to the Kitchener-Waterloo Record, Frank Bialystok would label Helmut Oberlander, a 17 year old boy dragooned into serving the German Army, as an "enabler" of the Jewish Holocaust. By that definition, virtually every person who survived the German occupation during WWII could be classified as an enabler.

May I suggest four other categories of people who were far greater "enablers:
- The 77 high-ranking Jewish officers in the German military.
- The Zionist leadership and the Jewish underground, who were more interested in establishing the state of Israel than in saving the lives of ordinary Jews.
- The Judenraten and the Jewish kapos, who administered and patrolled the ghettos, wherein Jews were concentrated.
- The eyewitnesses, who bore false witness against John Demjanjuk in his 1987 Jerusalem trial, and who testified that they oversaw the destruction of hundreds of thousands of their own brethren at Treblinka.

For shame, Mr. Bialystok.

Respectfully submitted

Will Zuzak
Edmonton AB