Operation Last Chance

Ms. Raymonde Folco, MP
EDA: Laval-Les Īles
[email protected]

Date: June 29, 2006

Dear Raymonde Folco:

Your remarks in the House of Commons on June 06, 2006, as reproduced below from Hansard, are not acceptable.

First of all, you refer to Simon Wiesenthal in positive terms; whereas it has been conclusively demonstrated that Mr. Wiesenthal was an evil personality. The late Chancellor of Austria, Bruno Kreisky, accused Mr. Wiesenthal (a native of Buchach, Ukraine) of collaborating with both the Soviet NKVD and the German Gestapo during WWII. He engaged in falsifying photographs purporting German atrocities. His Ukrainophobia and Germanophobia is legendary. Even the Israeli Mossad refers to Mr. Wiesenthal with contempt.

In 1985, Simon Wiesenthal supplied 219 names, the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles supplied 63 names and Ephraim Zuroff supplied 29 names to the Deschenes Commission. Justice Jules Deschenes accused Mr. Wiesenthal of being long on allegations, but short on facts. Since not one of the accusations was substantiated, these hate mongers obviously maliciously maligned 311 innocent people.

In his report, Justice Deschenes derides the media hype that was orchestrated by the Holocaust Industry to justify the establishment of his Commission. Over twenty years later, you are participating with Ephraim Zuroff in similar media hype. At that time, 6000 "Nazi war criminals" were reputed to be in Canada. Now, Mr. Zuroff speaks of 10,000. Are you not aware that in these past twenty years not a single "Nazi war criminal" has been discovered by Canada's so-called War Crimes Unit? -- neither by the criminal process that was abandoned in 1993, nor by the civil d&d process initiated in 1995, which fraudulently equates immigration infractions with war criminality?

Most Canadians find the idea of offering a $10,000.00 reward to people of low morals to "finger" a victim repugnant. Justice Deschenes found that the vast majority of the denunciations to his Commission were frivolous, mischievous or even malicious. Why would you expect paid denunciations to be any better?

In conclusion, I would expect you to apologize to parliamentarians and the Canadian people for your ill-considered remarks.

Yours truly
Will Zuzak; 2006-06-29

[Hansard, Tuesday, June 06, 2006]

Operation: Last Chance

Ms. Raymonde Folco (Laval-Les Īles, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, today marks the launch of a very important national campaign.
The Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies will launch Operation: Last Chance this afternoon on Parliament Hill.

Those attending the event will be the Israeli ambassador, His Excellency Alan Baker, the Israeli director of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, Mr. Ephraim Zuroff, MPs, senators and a number of guests.
This campaign is designed to locate all Nazi war criminals within Canada who have evaded prosecution.
As Canadians, we must be proud that the fight led by Simon Wiesenthal to the end of his life is being continued. This campaign honours the thought of the man who said, "When history looks back, I want people to know that the Nazis could not kill millions of people with impunity."
Thanks to the Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies, we will never forget.
We will not forget him.

LIFE magazine, p. 50, 11Jun1945:
German spies captured and shot by U.S. military


Simon Wiesenthal creation:


The Gallows

The Marquis de Sade would have been in ecstasy if he could have seen the gallows in a KZ [concentration camp]. His faithful successors the SS-hangmen had daily execution fever. It provided some variety, beyond the eternal, monotonous shootings and beatings. Something one could photograph with pleasure. They placed bets for rounds of beer on how long the offender could hold out. He must not die too quickly. When he threatened that, he was bound, and when he had somewhat recovered, it continued ... to the greater glory of the devil!