e-Poshta | 25Jun2007 | Will Zuzak

Nuclear Energy for Ukraine

As a retired physicist in the fields of nuclear fission and controlled thermonuclear fusion technology, I was appalled by articles 1 to 10 in AUR#853 of 20Jun2007 indicating that the Yanukovich government is selling out Ukraine's nuclear industry to the Russian Federation.

This is completely contrary to the views expressed less than a year ago by Yulia Tymoshenko and other Ukrainian politicians that Ukraine must develop its own closed nuclear fuel cycle and reactor technology. And this technology must be based on Ukrainian soil, using Ukrainian uranium and be controlled and operated by Ukrainian citizens. Any waste nuclear fuel must be stored and/or reprocessed within Ukraine.

As I have stated previously in letters to the CBC 04Sep2005 and to Ms. Tymoshenko 27Jan2007 (archived under Will Zuzak Letters at /tp/ ) the constant references to nuclear weapons proliferation and Iran's uranium enrichment program are just red herrings to obfuscate the issue:

"I suspect that the real motive behind the U.S./European/Russian attitude towards Iran's nuclear program is not to preclude the development of nuclear weapons; it is to preclude the development of nuclear technology for the production of electricity outside of U.S./European/Russian control. The "West"/Russia are establishing a stranglehold on the world's oil and natural gas supplies; they appear to want to establish a similar stranglehold on nuclear fission reactor technology."

In my opinion, this latest caper by the Yanukovich clique to sell out Ukraine's interests to Putin's renewed Russian Empire is idiotic, at best, and treasonous, at worst. It must not be allowed to proceed.

Respectfully yours
Will Zuzak, Ph.D., P.Eng. (retired); 2007-06-20

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