On the trail of evil

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Dear Editor:

It is rather ironic that a Soviet expatriate of Jewish extraction, Michael Posner, would continue to muddy the waters of the Shoah business with his article, "On the trail of evil", in the Aug. 21, 1999 issue of the Globe and Mail. He wonders whether  Hitler's "source of evil genius" was a matter of superb play-acting or true conviction.

May I suggest that Hitler's racial policies were simply a matter of political expediency. Hitler wanted “lebensraum” to the east and developed his “drang nach Osten” and “ubermenschen” policies accordingly. The area of expansion was to include Poland, Ukraine and the territory up to the Baku oil fields. Slavs were classified as “untermenschen” specifically so that the German soldiers and populace would feel no compunction in exterminating these dehumanized people.

The Jews were placed in a special category for three reasons. Hitler blamed the Jews for the German loss during WWI. He was especially bitter about Jewish machinations to get the United States to enter the war. Secondly, he was afraid of the economic power of the “international capitalist Jews” which had placed a stranglehold on the German economy before his ascension to power. Thirdly,  Hitler was convinced that Communism was a Jewish ideology, and that the Soviet Union was established, run and controlled by Bolshevik Jews. He specifically set up National Socialism (controlled by Germans) as an alternative to International Socialism (controlled by Jews).

People believe what they want to believe. They perceive evil in others, but are blind to the evil of their own actions. Did George Bush perceive the evil of massacring a quarter million Iraqis during the Gulf War? Do Mssrs. Chretien, Eggleton and Axworthy perceive themselves as war criminals for bombing civilian targets in Yugoslavia.?

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak
Grande Prairie, AB
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