Unholy Alliance

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Dear Editor:

As a charter member of the Holocaust industry, Sol Littman continues to radiate hatred in his letter titled Unholy Alliance in the August 28, 1999 issue of the National Post.

He uses the article of Diane Francis on immigration as an opportunity to demonize Paul Fromm, who presumably has politically incorrect credentials. He manages to sprinkle key-words, such as bigotry, fascist, swastika, Holocaust-deniers, Zundel, Keegstra, racist, Hitler, throughout his text. He then admonishes Ms. Francis for "identifying with a man of a dubious ideology".

I am not at all familiar with Mr. Fromm or his ideology, but the Ukrainian community in Canada is fully aware of the duplicity of Mr. Littman stretching back to the early 1980's. Along with Ralph Blumenthal of the New York Times, he was instrumental in orchestrating a disinformation campaign in the news media about an exorbitant number of World War II vintage war criminals in Canada, which led to the formation of the Deschenes Commission. He continues libeling the members of the Ukrainian Galicia Division, which fought against Communist tyranny during WWII, despite their repeated exoneration of any war crimes by various judicial bodies. He collaborated with Neal Sher, then director of the U.S. Office of Special Investigations, to spread disinformation about John Demjanjuk, who was falsely accused of war crimes, denaturalized and extradited to Israel for the infamous 1987 Jerusalem Show Trial.

More recently, Mr Littman has been a rabid supporter of the OSI-inspired denaturalization and deportation policy instituted by the Liberal government to replace the criminal procedures previously attempted. These are political show trials which have nothing to do with justice. However, when one of the victims was exonerated, Mr. Littman suggested that jurists should be subjected to Holocaust classes.

In conclusion, I would strongly advise Ms. Francis not to form an "unholy alliance" with the likes of Mr. Littman and the Holocaust industry.

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak
Grande Prairie, AB
Tel: 780-532-5834