Solution to Palestinian Intifada

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Dear Editor:

In the Oct. 22, 2001 issue of the Report, Jeff White labels the Zionist leaders involved in the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 as terrorists. I am amazed that none of the myriad of letters in response to his provocative essay refer to the Israeli settlement policy of the occupied territories as the reason for the year-long Palestinian Intifada. The continuing confiscation and settlement of Palestinian land by Jewish settlers indicates that the hard-line Zionist leadership does not want peace and has no intention of abandoning their Greater Israel plans. The Palestinian people finally realized that they were in a no-win situation and turned to extreme violence in desperation.

The interim solution is brutally straightforward. It involves separating the two sides by stationing United Nations peace-makers on the 1948 U.N.-designated borders. The Israelis could carry on their affairs unmolested within their internationally recognized borders. The Palestinian areas would remain under U.N. control until such time as a viable social and economic infrastructure could be established.

Under such a scenario, which only George Bush could initiate, serious peace negotiations between the two parties would finally be possible.

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak; 2001-11-26
Edmonton, AB T5H 4G5