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[email protected] | 03Nov2014 | Will Zuzak

Results of 26Oct2014 elections in Ukraine

On 14Oct2014 -- the 72 anniversary of the creation of UPA -- I expressed reservations about the 26Oct2014 elections in Ukraine. In the interim, it appears that many "unsavoury characters" managed to get on the candidate lists of the so-called democratic parties. In the majoritarian constituencies, over 40 deputies, who had voted for the 16Jan2014 dictatorial laws, were elected. Massive bribery of electors and electoral officials, as well as falsification of election results, have been reported in many of these constituencies.

At the beginning of the election campaign, the Poroshenko Bloc had a huge lead in the 40% range which progressively dwindled (as Putin kept sabotaging Poroshenko's Minsk Agreements, Yatsenyuk split with Tymoshenko, and Sadovy's "Samopomich" gained momentum) until the final results on the website of the Central Electoral Commisssion indicate: Yatsenyuk (22.14%), Poroshenko (21.81%), Samopomich (10.98%), Opposition Boyko Bloc (9.42%), Lyashko (7.44%), Tymoshenko (5.68%), Svoboda (4.71%). Surprisingly, Svoboda did not pass the 5.0% barrier, even though all four exit polls indicated its support was above 6.0%. Fortunately, 6 Svoboda members were elected in majoritarian constituencies, and the leader of the Right Sector, Dmytro Yarosh, was elected in the Dnipropetrovsk #39 constituency. (Without the participation of the Svoboda activists, especially Oleh Tyahnybok, and the Right Sector  in the Euromaidan demonstrations from 21Nov2013 to 22Feb2014, the dictatorial Yanukovych regime would still be entrenched in Kyiv today and Ukraine would be a fully controlled appendage of the Russian Federation.)

A nice verbal summary of the 26Oct2014 elections and its ramifications is available in two videos by Taras Kuzio dated 28Oct2014.

It is obvious that the newly elected Verkhovna Rada and the government of Ukraine face huge challenges in passing and implementing appropriate legislation with respect to lustration, corruption, decentralisation, etc. And all of this must be done in the face of a probable full scale invasion by the Russian Federation.

The latest update by war expert Dmitry Tymchuk indicates that, coincident with the 02Nov2014 illegitimate elections in the Donbas, Vladimir Putin has sent in more Russian troops and military hardware for a total of some 30,000 Russians and Kremlin-backed proxies in possession of "110-115 tanks, up to 280 various armored fighting vehicles, 80-100 cannon artillery guns and multiple rocket launchers, as well as 500 Russian military armored transport trucks of various design". The Russian military has set up 4 fully equipped strike groups at 4 locations stretching between Mariupol, Donetsk and Luhansk. Full scale war appears to be inevitable.

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak; 2014.11.03