Leonid Kuchma: Rocket Factory Manager  ...  George-Soros-Installed President of Ukraine  ...  Gangster

Leonid Kuchma steadied at the bow of the ship of Ukraine by Russian Ambassador Viktor Chernomyrdin.

Letters to Leonid Kuchma:

@  #01  13-Mar-2000  What the world knows and doesn't know
@  #02  04-Jun-2000  My plan to save Leonid Kuchma
@  #03  08-Sep-2000  Is this your work?
@  #04  18-Sep-2000  Ukraine tied for third place
@  #05  19-Sep-2000  Gongadze vanishes in Kuchma's Ukraine
@  #06  03-Nov-2000  Where is Olexander Yushko today?
@  #07  16-Nov-2000  Where is Heorhy Gongadze's head?
@  #08  28-Nov-2000  They've got you on tape!
@  #09  29-Nov-2000  The Dutch listen to your voice
@  #10  13-Jan-2001  The rules of probability
@  #11  15-Jan-2001  A tradition of heroism
@  #12  16-Jan-2001  Chornovil dies in crash with KamAZ
@  #13  17-Jan-2001  Censorship-killing of Igor Grouchetsky
@  #14  08-Feb-2001  The NYT proclaims your crimes
@  #15  23-Feb-2001  Beyond evil — stupid
@  #16  26-Feb-2001  Fifty Melnychenkos are coming to get you
@  #17  25-Mar-2001  False tissue sample?
@  #18  14-Jun-2001  Episode 25
@  #19  19-Jun-2001  Be nice to Oleg Liachko!
@  #20  20-Jun-2001  Be nice to Mykola Zamkovenko!
@  #21  21-Jun-2001  Please nullify illegal ownership of media
@  #22  22-Jun-2001  What do your stolen billions buy?
@  #23  29-Jun-2001  Another contract killing in Kuchma's Ukraine
@  #24  08-Jul-2001  Ihor Alexandrov's blood on Kuchma's hands
@  #25  17-Jul-2001  Oleh Velichko beaten in Kuchma's Ukraine
@  #26  18-Jul-2001  Vasilchenko beaten with Kuchma's approval
@  #27  19-Jul-2001  Teetotaler drinks himself to death in Ukraine
@  #28  20-Jul-2001  Editor Serdiuk kicked repeatedly in the head
@  #29  07-Aug-2001  Did Sol Littman work for the KGB?
@  #30  08-Aug-2001  Why Kuchma's hands are tied
@  #31  02-Jan-2004  Was Heorhy (Georgi) Gongadze tortured?
@  #32  05-Jan-2004  What Next for a Predator of Press Freedom?
@  #33  13-Jan-2004  Oleh Yeltsov shot with rubber bullets
@  #34  01-Nov-2004  It looks like you poisoned Viktor Yushchenko
@  #35  02-Nov-2004  Two egg attacks compared
@  #36  03-Nov-2004  Transform Viktor Yanukovych into a monster?
@  #37  07-Nov-2004  Pereiaslav II at Novo-Ogarevo
@  #38  17-Nov-2004  A thousand Mykola Melnychenkos are coming to get you
@  #39  19-Nov-2004  Two electoral crimes from one video
@  #40  20-Nov-2004  The Absentee Certificate is your Excalibur
@  #41  24-Nov-2004  Do you intend to use artillery pieces against protestors?

Documents Concerning Leonid Kuchma:

@  16-Apr-1998  WSJ: The Ukrainian government is plundering Ukraine
@  23-Apr-1998  RFE/RL: Currency exchange chairman killed
@  03-May-1999  Leonid Kuchma's police state press
@  16-May-1999  Leonid Kuchma: Hosni Mubarak of the Slavic world?
@  20-May-1999  Jaroslav Koshiw: Freeing the Ukrainian press
@  20-May-1999  Marko Levytsky: Attempt to control TV and radio
@  06-Jun-1999  STV employees: Coup d'etat in Ukraine
@  17-Jun-1999  Katya Gorchinskaya: Top officials accused of corruption
@  24-Jun-1999  Stefan Korshak: FBI nabs Lazarenko aide
@  24-Jun-1999  Kyiv Post Editorial: Is Kuchma as corrupt as Volkov?
@  20-Jul-1999  President Kuchma should stand trial
@  20-Jul-1999  Yana Moiseyenkova: Inspection mania
@  22-Jul-1999  Peter Byrne: Leonid Kuchma strangles press
@  28-Jul-1999  Hryhoriy Omelchenko: Kuchma contract on my life
@  29-Jul-1999  Peter Byrne: Another step toward dictatorship
@  30-Jul-1999  Lubomyr Prytulak: Ukrainian assassins: Come forward!
@  02-Aug-1999  Michael Ignatieff: Advantages of dictatorship
@  06-Aug-1999  Agence France Presse: Enriching Russian mafia gangs
@  12-Aug-1999  Peter Byrne: U.S. supports move toward dictatorship
@  17-Aug-1999  Natalia Vikulina: Leonid Kuchma birthday present
@  23-Sep-1999  Jesse Helms: Al Gore's scatological epithet
@  23-Sep-1999  Ann Cooper: Official harassment of STB TV
@  26-Oct-1999  Hryhory Omelchenko: Pupil Kuchma gets a D
@  28-Oct-1999  Ann Cooper: Kuchma censors four newspapers
@  30-Oct-1999  Charles Clover: Kuchma's adviser Volkov
@  31-Oct-1999  Reuters: Kuchma scuttles debate
@  15-Mar-2000  Adolf Ogi: What won't the Swiss do for money?
@  24-Mar-2000  Committee to Protect Journalists: Report on Ukraine
@  12-Apr-2000  Ann Cooper: Kuchma must investigate assault
@  23-May-2000  Hryhory Omelchenko: Leonid Kuchma must go!
@  02-Nov-2000  Ann Cooper: Georgy Gongadze disappearance
@  28-Nov-2000  Kyiv Post: Kuchma bug transcript
@  11-Dec-2000  Gongadze photo for envelopes
@  17-Dec-2000  Ukraine Without Kuchma Rally of 19-Dec-2000
@  20-Dec-2000  The real Kuchma tapes
@  25-Dec-2000  Forum of Ukrainian Students: Letter to Leonid Kuchma
@  12-Jan-2001  Invasion of the body snatchers
@  17-Jan-2001  Protest Kuchma visit to Berlin
@  03-Mar-2001  Soros says Kuchma must step down
@  14-Mar-2001  Yulia Tymoshenko writes from prison
@  05-Nov-2004  Prytulak to Putin: Alliance with 49 million, or with two?
@  12-Nov-2004  The Putin gambit: Release compromat materials concerning Viktor Yanukovych
@  14-Nov-2004  Prytulak to Putin: Do you favor hanging judges by the balls?
@  16-Nov-2004  Prytulak to Putin: Want acceptance by Europe? — Try acting more European!
@  18-Nov-2004  Prytulak to Putin: Will you block Russia's accession to the WTO?
@  20-Nov-2004  Prytulak to Putin: Is Russia good at keeping its subjects happy?
@  21-Nov-2004  Prytulak to Putin: Only insane people could elect such a president
@  22-Nov-2004  Prytulak to Putin: Leonid Kuchma lectures on political ethics
@  24-Nov-2004  Prytulak to Putin: Send Russian troops to shoot Ukrainian protestors?
@  27-Nov-2004  Prytulak to Putin: What more to expect from Yanukovych goon squads?
@  28-Nov-2004  Prytulak to Putin: Doesn't Vladimir Putin like candy?
@  30-Nov-2004  Prytulak to Putin: Murdered by Moscow: Petlura—Konovalets—Rebet—Bandera
@  01-Dec-2004  Prytulak to Putin: Why does Leonid Kuchma keep trekking to Moscow?
@  02-Dec-2004  Prytulak to Putin: Dictator wanted — only degenerates need apply
@  03-Dec-2004  Prytulak to Putin: Russian strong-man culture is discredited again
@  07-Dec-2004  Prytulak to Putin: Please return the Pereshchepyna Treasure
@  08-Dec-2004  Prytulak to Putin: Mrs Yanukovych yells FIRE! in a crowded theater
@  09-Dec-2004  Prytulak to Putin: If the NKVD is dead, where is its grave?
@  12-Dec-2004  Prytulak to Putin: Will Kremlin commandos evacuating Kuchma be good for Russia?
@  13-Dec-2004  Prytulak to Putin: Jaroslaw Koshiw's book drowns the three of you
@  16-Dec-2004  Prytulak to Putin: You must allow the BKA to examine the Trawniki ID card
@  17-Dec-2004  Prytulak to Putin: You should have read Myroslava Gongadze's letter!
@  20-Dec-2004  Prytulak to Putin: How long can you keep Gerhard Schroeder laughing?
@  22-Dec-2004  Prytulak to Putin: Mounting fear of Black Sea Fleet hand grenades
@  23-Dec-2004  Prytulak to Putin: Associating with Ukrainian gangsters does not sully you
@  24-Dec-2004  Prytulak to Putin: Gangsters in Power Criminalize the Entire Society
@  25-Dec-2004  Prytulak to Putin: Walter Duranty offers another opportunity for reconciliation
@  30-Dec-2004  Prytulak to Putin: Which side of the war on terror are you on?
@  04-Jan-2005  Prytulak to Putin: Did you also extend New Year's greetings to Solomon Morel?
@  10-Jan-2005  Prytulak to Putin: What if Viktor Yanukovych had knocked out your teeth?
@  11-Jan-2005  Prytulak to Putin: Ukraine is poised to leap ahead of Russia
@  12-Jan-2005  Prytulak to Putin: Here's your chance!

Ukrainian Kleptocrat, Leonid Kuchma

"Using tax and libel laws as instruments of his hostility to journalists, Kuchma runs roughshod over any expression of opposition.  His tacit acceptance of violence against the press has encouraged bombings of newspaper offices, assaults on reporters and editors, and a general climate of fear and self-censorship." — Committee to Protect Journalists

In 2002, 62% of the country's journalists claim to have been victims of political censorship.  In fact, all major television networks in the country, as well as every press agency and the regional media, are censored by the President's staff, who are not very fond of criticism.  Some 20 journalists have been killed since the country declared its independence in 1991.  Incidents of physical violence are constantly rising, especially in rural areas.  Despite pressures from the Council of Europe, the state of press freedom in Ukraine deteriorated in 2002.  None of the investigations into murders or missing persons have been solved, and the high-ranking government officials that are party to these crimes benefit from total impunity.  Reporters Without Borders

TITANIC II — The last crossing.  In the leading roles: L.D. Kuchma, V.F. Yanukovych, and other stars of national politics.  Look for it in the best theaters of the land beginning 22 November.