Vladimir Putin: Do you favor hanging judges by the balls?
Letter 03        14-Nov-2004

KUCHMA:  That's why you should take this fucking judge, hang him by the balls, let him hang for one night.
YANUKOVYCH:  I understand.  We will look into it.
KUCHMA:  Judges altogether, fuckers...
YANUKOVYCH:  They are scum.

          14 November 2004

Vladimir Putin, President
4 Staraya Square
Moscow 103132

Mr President:

I bring to your attention the following excerpt from JV Koshiw's book Beheaded: The Killing of a Journalist which exposes some characteristics of Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma, whose administration you support, and of Viktor Yanukovych, whom you recommend as Kuchma's successor:

The situation took an ominous turn for the opposition on November 21, 2002, when Kuchma appointed a new prime minister, Viktor Yanukovych, who many viewed as a regional enforcer for Kuchma.  As governor from 1997 of Ukraine's most populated and industrialized region, the Donetsk Oblast, Yanukovych has ruled it with an iron fist and has dealt summarily with the president's opponents.

An excerpt from the Melnychenko recordings illustrates his brutal character.  On March 30, 2000, Kuchma had telephoned Yanukovych to sort out a judge in a court case in which the lawyer Serhiy Salov who was Moroz's election agent in Donetsk during the 1999 presidential elections was being tried for "spreading misinformation about the president".

[Kuchma]  Since December [1999].  Your court has been twisting it and returned the case which said: "this must be viewed not as spreading [misinformation], but as an offense against the president".  Your judges are rif-raff.  I am now obliged to come and testify!  That's why you should take this fucking judge, hang him by the balls, let him hang for one night.

[Yanukovych]  I understand.  We will look into it.

[Kuchma]  Judges altogether, fuckers...

[Yanukovych]  They are scum.  The judge is not reliable.  It is necessary to replace him.

(Source: IP, ZL3003.wav, March 30, 2000)

Salov was under arrest from October 30, 1999.  In July 2000, Judge A. Tupytsky sentenced Salov to five years imprisonment, including two years in a labor camp, and fined 170,000 Hr (then about $50,000).  A higher court squashed Salov's sentence in response to the European court of human rights taking up his case.

Also the Donetsk Oblast governor Yanukovych had his own "Gongadze" case.  On July 3, 2001, persons unknown beat unconscious Ihor Aleksandrov, a Moroz supporter and the general-director of the TV station TOR in the city of Slovyansk, Donetsk Oblast.  Aleksandrov never came out of the coma and died three days later.  The murder incident remains unsolved.

JV Koshiw, Beheaded: The Killing of a Journalist, Artemia Press Ltd, www.artemiapress.co.uk, 2003, pp. 234-235.

I put it to you that few citizens of Ukraine whether they live in the East or the West, whether they speak Russian or Ukrainian, whether they are Orthodox or Catholic or Protestant or Muslim or Jewish or atheist want to be ruled by Kremlin-installed and compromat-controlled gangsters who murder journalists, who sentence opposition campaign workers to five years in prison, who view the judiciary as subject to their command, or who talk about hanging judges by the balls.  Whatever support your protégé Yanukovych currently enjoys depends on the Ukrainian people having been kept in ignorance of his nature.  When they discover what he is, they will turn against him, and against you.

Your laboring to install a gangster like Yanukovych to rule Ukraine is the opposite of what needs to be done to promote Slavic union.  In fact, if a malevolent foreign agent had succeeded in becoming President of Russia, he could do no better than you are doing to bring about Slavic disintegration.

Lubomyr Prytulak