Hryhoriy Omelchenko: Kuchma contract on my life
If Kuchma succeeds in assassinating Omelchenko, Ukraine will vanish off the map of the civilized world.  If Kuchma is even re-elected, then while Europe continues climbing ever upward in its Renaissance, Ukraine will sink ever deeper into its Dark Ages.
George-Soros-installed president of Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma, has more at stake in the presidential elections this October than whether or not he is going to continue being president.  What is at stake for Leonid Kuchma, rather, is whether or not he is going to be able to stay out of jail.  As Ukraine has only suspended executions, but not withdrawn its capital punishment laws from its books, there is even a distant possibility that Leonid Kuchma could face a firing squad, depending on whether he can be connected to any of the contract killings that have taken place in the course of his administration.  All such dire eventualities are impossible as long as Kuchma remains president, but could follow once he loses power.  That is why he is fighting so desperately, and that is why he will stop at nothing to win re-election.

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Whether Ukraine's next president advocates modern or antediluvian economic policies should be a secondary consideration for Ukrainian voters.  The primary consideration should be whether he is a gangster who will strangle the press, employ intimidation and violence against opponents, and plunder the national coffers.  So long as the president allows a free press and is non-violent and does not steal, then the situation is self-correcting, and any mistaken policies will be criticized and openly discussed, and a misguided president will either be persuaded to change his mistaken policies or else he will be removed from office.

In contrast, once a gangster ensconces himself in office, he cannot be removed.  There will be no press to criticize him.  His opponents will be scared off, or killed off.  His power will be augmented by his stolen millions.  The leadership of the country will devolve to whoever sheds the most blood.  The country will enter into a state of terminal illness for which there will be no cure.  The situation will not be self-correcting.  Leonid Kuchma will join the collection of American-backed dictators, valued for their predictability, and for their forever stopping their countries from growing to a strength that might upset delicate balances.

For that reason, there is no more important task before Ukrainians than to remove Leonid Kuchma from office, sweep his Dnipropetrovsk mafia from the halls of power, and investigate how many of them might be worth bringing before the bar of justice.  Once Kuchma's cancerous mafia is extirpated, and freedom of speech and of the press are restored, and the rule of law is imposed, then this will be all that Ukraine needs to begin climbing out of the pit into which it has been flung.

For years now, the news from Ukraine has been unrelievedly bleak with a single exception.  That sole exception is Hryhoriy Omelchenko's parliamentary anti-corruption investigation commission.  This commission is not merely a single good thing that happens to be going on in Ukraine, it may be Ukraine's last hope.  Hryhoriy Omelchenko is taking the one action that most needs to be taken in Ukraine.  In doing so, he is exposing himself and his family to great danger.  If Kuchma succeeds in assassinating Omelchenko, Ukraine will vanish off the map of the civilized world.  If Kuchma is even re-elected, then while Europe continues climbing ever upward in its Renaissance, Ukraine will sink ever deeper into its Dark Ages.

Anyone who values keeping Ukraine from slavery must fight to depose Leonid Kuchma.  Anyone who values the stability of Europe must fight to depose Leonid Kuchma.  Anyone capable of brushing aside the sloganeering and looking at the evidence must recognize that George Soros is in the business not of building democracies, as his promotional material claims, but of installing dictatorships, as his actions demonstrate.

The swords have long ago been drawn.  The fight is in progress.  In a matter of weeks, the battle will be over, and the fate of Ukraine decided.  If action is to be taken, it must be now.

RFE/RL NEWSLINE Vol. 3, No. 145, Part II, 28 July 1999


Hryhoriy Omelchenko, head of the parliamentary anti-corruption investigation commission, told journalists on 27 July that President Leonid Kuchma ordered him killed, AP reported.  "The [assassination] order was made personally by the president or with his tacit agreement," Omelchenko said, adding that two groups of killers were organized in Russia and received a contract worth $500,000 to dispose of him.  According to Omelchenko, the assassination plan was linked to his investigation into foreign bank accounts held by Ukrainian high-ranking officials.  Omelchenko was involved in the investigation into alleged money laundering by former Premier Pavlo Lazarenko and Oleksandr Volkov, the head of Kuchma's election team.