Vladimir Putin: Will you block Russia's accession to the WTO?
Letter 05        18-Nov-2004

"We should make it clear to Russia that, if the second round of voting in Ukraine is as fraudulent as the first, Russia's candidacy to join the WTO will be put on hold." — Derek Fraser

             18 November 2004

Vladimir Putin, President
4 Staraya Square
Moscow 103132

Mr President:

The monstrous criminality of the Kuchma-Yanukovych administration is again exposed to the world in the Ukrainian Truth article attached further below.  As you are a supporter of the Kuchma-Yanukovych administration generally, and of the Viktor Yanukovych presidential candidacy in particular, Russia's claim to acceptance by the West, as by admission to the World Trade Organization (WTO), throws itself open to challenge:

In considering what to do in confronting the gross violations of democracy in Ukraine, we should look at Russia's role in bringing that country to heel and in encouraging a Yanukovich victory.  Moscow has taken advantage of Mr. Kuchma's isolation to press Ukraine into becoming a member of the Common Economic Space, which is, in Russian eyes, intended to become a common market but with all the central institutions under Russian control.

It has pressed Ukraine to abandon its goal of joining NATO, the EU or even, as an independent actor, the World Trade Organization.  Its security organs have co-operated with their Ukrainian counterparts in harassing Mr. Kuchma's opponents.  As in past elections, Russia has apparently poured in money in support of Mr. Kuchma's interests.  Mr. Putin's PR specialists have worked for Mr. Yanukovich; Russian TV has campaigned for him.  At the end of the campaign, Mr. Putin used an official visit to Ukraine to make a TV broadcast on Mr. Yanukovich's behalf.

Russia, in its efforts to recover its great power status, is trying to construct a confederation with corrupt dictatorships: Belarus, Kazakhstan and (it hopes) Ukraine.  It is also seeking economic co-operation with the West to recover its dynamism.

Russia should be forced to choose between the one or the other goal.  We should make it clear to Russia that, if the second round of voting in Ukraine is as fraudulent as the first, Russia's candidacy to join the WTO will be put on hold.

Derek Fraser, a senior research associate at the Centre for Global Studies at the University of Victoria, was Canada's ambassador to Ukraine from 1998 to 2001.

Derek Fraser, Russia deserves a swift kick, 03-Nov-2004  www.ukemonde.com/globe/swiftkick.html

What I recommend is that you immediately — there is still time — appear on all available Russian and Ukrainian television channels to announce

  1. that you have discovered further evidence of Viktor Yanukovych's early and contemporary criminality, such that you have no option but to withdraw your support of his candidacy;

  2. that you view the subversion of democracy in Ukraine as a lawlessness that threatens the stability and security of both Ukraine and Russia, and that you support the strongest criminal prosecution of all who might be involved; and

  3. that you address the Ukrainian nation in Ukrainian, as a sign that the Kremlin has renounced its goal of destroying Ukrainian language and culture.  If you have never in your life addressed the Ukrainian nation, or any Ukrainian individual, using the Ukrainian language, that would suggest that it is a language that you view with contempt, and avoid speaking for fear of seeming to approve its survival.  From the point of view of the Kremlin, your speaking in Ukrainian would be a radical departure from tradition, but from a Western prospective, it would be greeted as a fitting display of amity and comity.

Your following the above recommendation can be expected to benefit all concerned — your standing will become more that of a statesman and less that of a gangster; acceptance of Russia by the West, as by admission to the WTO, will be facilitated instead of obstructed; Ukrainian feeling toward Russia will be one of gratitude for having helped to win emancipation from the rule of gangsters, instead of resentment at having been pushed toward a re-establishment of totalitarian dictatorship.

Kuchma, Putin, Yanukovych

Examining the alternative leads to the conclusion that you have no choice.  That alternative — catastrophic to all — would be that Yanukovych rules Ukraine.  As he has committed horrendous crimes to seize power, he will be forced to continue committing horrendous crimes to stay in power.  As you are inextricably linked with the Yanukovych seizure of power (of which the accompanying thumbnail offers a graphic and ineradicable reminder), Russia will be viewed as irredeemably backward, and you will go down in history as one who by supporting tyranny hastened the disintegration of the Slavs and the collapse of Russian influence.  Thus, as you are forever tied to Yanukovych, you must remove him from the public eye so that you become forever tied only to a man whom nobody remembers, and not to a living and breathing monster by whom the public is continually affronted.

I look forward to watching your television broadcast, of which I would greatly appreciate your sending me a DVD copy, and which will give me reason to look forward to a brighter future for Ukraine, for Russia, for the Slavic world, and for all mankind.

Lubomyr Prytulak


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Адміністрація президента разом із штабом Януковича організовує підкуп членів виборчих комісій для забезпечення перемоги Януковича.

The Presidential administration, together with Yanukovych staff, is organizing the bribery of the members of election commissions so as to ensure a Yanukovych victory.

Про сценарії влади повідомив на брифінгу керівник офісу Ющенка Олег Рибачук.

The Kuchma-administration plans were disclosed at a press briefing by Oleh Rybachuk, manager of the Yushchenko office.

„Розпорядник коштів — Клюєв (віце-прем’єр, один із керівників штабу Януковича). Видача — готівкою, у доларах”, — сказав Рибачук.

"Expense manager Kliuyev (Vice-Premier and one of the Yanukovych staff managers).  Outlay — cash, in dollars" — said Rybachuk.

За його словами, головам територіальних виборчих комісій пропонують 5-10 тисяч доларів до 21 листопада і стільки ж — після отримання потрібного результату на виборах.

According to him, heads of territorial electoral commissions are offered 5 to 10 thousand dollars until 21 November, but only on condition of delivering the requisite votes.

Секретарю тервиборчкому пропонують до 3 тисяч доларів, члену тервиборчкому — до 2 тисяч доларів, зазначив Рибачук.

The secretary of a territorial electoral commission is offered up to 3 thousand dollars, and to a member of a territorial electoral commission, up to 2 thousand dollars, noted Rybachuk.

„Також існують розцінки і для дільничних комісій. Голові комісії пропонують 3-5 тисяч, секретарю — 2 тисячі, члену комісії — в межах тисячі”, — додав Рибачук.

"There are also rates for district commissions.  A commission head is offered 3 to 5 thousand, a secretary 2 thousand, a commission member about a thousand," added Rybachuk.

Також, за словами депутата, президент Кучма особисто щоденно викликає на розмову голів обласних і районних держадміністрацій.

Also, according to the deputy, President Kuchma personally and daily summons the heads of Regional and District administrations for discussions.

„Головний месідж Кучми під час цих розмов — владу ми не віддамо. Ми робимо: зараз перемагає Янукович, потім він проводить політреформу і всі залишаються на своїх місцях”, — сказав Рибачук

"Kuchma's main message during these discussions: We will not give up power.  We work for Yanukovych's immediate win, then he carries out political reform and everyone retains his position," said Rybachuk.

„Президент говорить: і Ющенко, і Янукович — не найкращий вибір. Але з Януковичем ми домовилися — після виборів він вас (голів місцевих адміністрацій) не чіпатиме”, — сказав Рибачук, переповідаючи зміст розмов з посиланням на їх учасників.

"The President says: Yushchenko vs Yanukovych — this is not a great choice.  But at least with Yanukovych we came to an understanding — after the election he won't bother you (city administrators)," said Rybachuk, repeating the gist of the discussions with reference to their participants.

„Закінчується зустріч з Кучмою словами — а тепер вам треба переговорити з Медведчуком”.

"The meeting concludes with Kuchma's words: And now you need to talk it over with Medvedchuk."

На цьому рівні, за словами Рибачука, з главами адміністрацій працює група із восьми осіб — в тому числі Медведчук, Клюєв, Задорожній (постпред Кучми в парламенті), Загородній, Іщенко (заступники глави АП), Горбаль (керівник київського штабу Януковича).

At this level, according to Rybachuk, a group of eight works with the administration heads, including Medvedchuk, Kliuyev, Zadorozhniy (Kuchma representative in Parliament), Zahorodniy, Ishchenko (deputy heads of the Presidential Administration), Horbal (Yanukovych's Kyiv staff manager).

„Ця група ставить системні задачі”, — пояснив Рибачук. „Україна поділена на дві зони, де застосовуються різні підходи: Схід-Південь (де переміг Янукович) і Захід-Центр (де переміг Ющенко)”.

"This group allocates systematic assignments," explained Rybachuk.  "Ukraine is divided into two zones, where different approaches are used: the Southeast (where Yanukovych won) and the Center-West (where Yushchenko won)."

За словами Рибачука, у зоні Схід-Південь штаб влади ставить завдання підняти явку на виборах з 60% до 85%. „Ідеться про вкидання бюлетенів. Завдання — отримати Януковичу додатково 2-2,2 мільйона голосів”.

According to Rybachuk, in the Southeast zone, the Kuchma administration set the goal of raising voter participation from 60% to 85%.  "This means ballot-stuffing.  The assignment is to get Yanukovych an extra 2 to 2.2 million votes."

„У зоні Захід-Центр готуються люди для організації провокацій: псування бюлетенів, скриньок, вкидання бюлетенів. Надзавдання — визнання виборів у окрузі недійсними”, — сказав Рибачук.

"In the Center-West zone, people are preparing for the organization of provocations: ballot and ballot-box spoiling, ballot-box stuffing.  The extra assignment is invalidating elections in the district," said Rybachuk.

Рибачук розповів, що на цих нарадах обговорюються навіть дрібні сценарії по залученню голосів студентів, які живуть у гуртожитках. „У регіоні Схід-Південь мешканцям гуртожитку пропонується відпустка на три дні перед виборами, вони їдуть з міста. Перед цим вони мають здати паспорти і відкріпні талони”.

Rybachuk related that at these meetings even minor scenarios are discussed about obtaining the votes of students living in residence.  "In the Southeast, students in residence are asked to take off the three days before the election, and they leave town.  But before this, they are required to surrender their passports and absentee certificates."  [The "absentee certificates" are presented by the voter who wishes to vote in an electoral district in which he is not registered, putatively because he happens to be travelling.  With the help of such absentee certificates, Kuchma-Yanukovych employees were able to vote repeatedly in various electoral districts in other people's names.]

За словами депутата, уже в четвер до Києва очікується „масове завезення відкріпників”. „Відповідають за це голови рай- і держадміністрацій. Відкріпникам пропонується транспорт, харчі та 100 гривень добових”.

According to the deputy, "a massive transport of absentee voters" is expected in Kyiv as soon as Thursday.  "The district and state administrators are responsible for this.  The absentee voters are afforded transportation, nourishment, and 100 hryvnias daily allowance.”

Також главам місцевих адміністрацій пропонують гроші, щоб „посадити на гачок”. „Вони розписуються за суму, а потім до них приходять з органів із претензією — ви взяли хабар”.

Also money is being offerred to the heads of the city administrations, to "hang them from a hook" [gain control over them, as by blackmail].  "They sign up for an amount, and are later visited by an administrative representative with the disingenuous accusation — you took a bribe."

Рибачук також розповів, що крім цього Клюєв займається „роботою з місцевими бізнесменами”. „Бізнесмену пропонується 300-500 тисяч, у відповідь він має організувати певний результат на виборах. Якщо ні — твій бізнес нищиться”.

Rybachuk also related that besides this, Kliuyev is busy "working with local businessmen."  "The businessman is offered 300 to 500 thousand, for which he is expected to manufacture a guaranteed electoral result.  If he fails, he is told: Your business gets destroyed."

Крім того, за словами депутата, „окремо нещодавно відбулася надзвичайно жорстка розмова Кучми з мером Києва Омельченком. Йому сказали, що результат, який влада отримала в Києві — це не те, на що вона розраховувала”.

In addition, according to the deputy, "very recently there was an extraordinarily vicious conversation between Kuchma and Kyiv mayor Omelchenko.  Omelchenko was told that the result which municipal authorities had achieved in Kyiv fell below what the Kuchma administration had been counting on."

Загалом, за словами Рибачука, ці технології влади мають вивести на результат другого туру виборів: Янукович — 52-54%, Ющенко — 48%.

In general, according to Rybachuk, these government techniques are supposed to generate the following results in the second round of the election: Yanukovych: 52-54%; Yushchenko: 48%.

На питання, як протидіяти цим планам збирається штаб Ющенка, Рибачук сказав: „Рудий тарган боїться одного — світла”.

As to the question of how the Yushchenko team prepares to counteract these plans, Rybachuk said: "A cockroach fears one thing — light."

Він також запропонував виборцям, які після першого туру прийдуть під виборчі дільниці, взяти з собою відеокамери, фотоапарати і диктофони.  „На бандитів, як правило, це справляє враження”, — додав Рибачук.

He also recommended that after the first round, voters gather at the polling stations, bringing with them their video cameras, cameras, and audio recorders.  "As a rule, this makes an impression on bandits," added Rybachuk.

„Українська правда”

Originally published on the Ukrainian Truth web site www2.pravda.com.ua at www2.pravda.com.ua/archive/2004/november/16/news/33.shtml

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