Disinformation Gallery

@  LETTERS    Questions Seeking Answers
@  CHRC    Canadian Human Rights Commission tries to suppress UKAR
@  CORRELATION    Scientific Method Unlocks Secrets of Universe
@  CRIMES    War Criminals: More hoaxes than you can shake a stick at
@  DEMJANJUK    John Demjanjuk: Mistrial of the Century
@  ENGINEERED    Ukrainian Anti-Semitism: Genuine or Only Apparent?
@  FAMINE    Holodomor 1932-33: The Forgiven Holocaust
@  HELPING    Jews and Ukrainians: Helping Each Other in Times of Distress
@  KOSHER TAX    Hidden Jewish kosher tax finances anti-Ukrainian defamation
@  JUSTICE    Los Angeles Show trial of Lubomyr Prytulak
@  KHMELNYTSKY    Bohdan Khmelnytsky: Ukrainian Freedom Fighter
@  LVIV MASSACRE    Who was killing who before the Germans arrived?
@  NKVD    Jewish conquest of the Slavs
@  PETLIURA    Symon Petliura: President of the Ukrainian National Republic
@  PLUNDER    Who's Helping Who? The Plundering of Ukraine
@  POLAND    Slavic fellow-victim of calumny
@  PRESS    No free press, no democracy
@  TRUTH    Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Ukraine
@  WALLOWING    TIME Magazine: Traditions of Disinformation
@  ZHYD    "Zhyd" vs "Yevrei" in the Ukrainian Language
@  60 MINUTES    Mainstream broadcasting's greatest fiasco

Disinformation Gallery