Lubomyr Prytulak: Ukrainian assassins Come forward!
He will kill you in a week, so you must flee in five days, so he must kill you in three days, so you must flee tomorrow, so he is coming to your apartment tonight, so you must be out the door within the hour.
Related to the topic of contract killings under the Kuchma administration in Ukraine is the Lubomyr Prytulak letter to Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma of 04-Jun-2000 any of the "eliminated" assassins mentioned in that letter who had heeded my warning below would be alive now, and heroes, instead of dead and unknown.

To All Hired

Assassins, Torturers,
Kidnappers, Arsonists,
Bombers, and Thugs

Working Within Ukraine:

The present document is your
which guarantees your speedy execution.

And it is also your
which can save you from death.

Which of the above it will be depends on you!

Assassin, when you kill Hryhoriy Omelchenko, you kill yourself

The accusation that Ukrainian president Leonid Kuchma has taken out a $500,000 contract on the life of corruption investigator Hryhoriy Omelchenko brings to mind the realization that assassins not only kill their victims, but also sentence themselves to an early death at the very same time.

Assassin, count your rewards

Your pocket bulges with a roll of American dollars.  You wear expensive clothes.  You have gold rings.  You drive a fancy car.  You are recognized in the best restaurants.

And recognize that among your rewards is not included long life

And yet, all is not well with you, assassin.  Something is missing.  What is missing is long life.  Look before you, and you will see that you have only weeks to live, or maybe even months but not years.  Certainly, you will never grow old.

Assassin, your employer has sentenced you to death

The moment you pulled the trigger, assassin, you killed two people your victim and yourself.  You see, your employer cannot rest while you remain alive because you have information that can destroy him.  You will never be allowed out of your employer's sight, because he cannot tolerate not knowing where you are and what you are doing and who you are talking to and what you are thinking.  He will never allow you to live where you want to live and to do work that you would rather do.  He will never allow you to emigrate to Canada or the United States or Germany or France.  He will never allow you to have a family and children, because you might tell your wife or your children the things that you have seen and the things that you have done.  He will never allow you to grow old, because the longer you live, the more likely you are to tell your story to someone.  Your employer will be able to enjoy a secure sleep only when you are dead.  He will soon hire another assassin, and that next assassin will murder you, and then step into your shoes.  The new assassin, if he is told anything at all, will be told that he is murdering you because of some incompetence on your part, or some negligence, or some disloyalty or betrayal but the reality is that he will be carrying out the death sentence that was imposed upon you by your employer the first time that you killed for him.  And that new assassin too has been sentenced to death without knowing it, and will soon join you in the grave.

Assassin, what is your obligation to your employer?

And so, what do you owe this employer who has sentenced you to death and is only awaiting the optimal moment of execution?  What loyalty do you owe him?  What constancy?  What dedication?  What sacrifice?  What duty?  What affection?  What love?

And what is your obligation to yourself?

I suggest to you, assassin, that you owe your employer nothing.  It was not part of your bargain that you should have to sacrifice your young life.  If your employer unilaterally changes the terms of your employment so as to demand your life, it is your right to tear up the contract.  Given that your employer plans to kill you, you owe him nothing.  Your obligation is to yourself.   You owe yourself one thing and that is to live!

Assassin, you must flee

Thus, you have absolutely no choice.  To live, you must flee those that have sentenced you to death.  You realize only now that your alliance with evil has been a mistake, because that evil is directed not only against those outside your circle, but against those inside the circle as well.  The real circle, in fact, turns out to have a very small radius, and only your employer stands inside it he stands inside, all others stand outside; he is safe, all around him are those to be destroyed just as soon as they threaten him, and you threaten him now.  You thought that in the course of your work you would look into the eyes only of victims, but now you see that you yourself have become a victim, and he who looks into your eyes sees fear.  And so now you must run because you have no choice but to run.  Your choice is only to on the one hand run senselessly and without plan, or on the other hand to run intelligently and to safety.

Assassin, you must destroy evil

You must not only flee from evil, you must destroy evil as you flee.  If you merely flee without destroying, then your employer will find you.  He will never rest until he has found you.  Only if you destroy him will you be safe.  Your employer's evil is greater than your own, and for that reason it is more just that you should be saved and that he should perish.

But you must destroy not with bullets, but with evidence

You will be safe in proportion to your demonstrating that you have joined the side of good in the fight against evil.  It will not be enough to say to those with whom you seek refuge, "I have sinned, and I am sorry."  You need to do more than this.  To demonstrate that you are on the side of good, you must strike a blow against evil.  You must help the good against the bad.  You must make a contribution to the fight against crime.  You must bring your contribution with you.  You must bring the murder weapon if you have it.  You must bring photographs.  You must bring letters and notes.  You must bring audiotapes.  You must bring fingerprints.  You must bring the handkerchief with the victim's blood.  You must keep a diary of exactly who said what to whom, who did what to whom, with specific dates and times and places.  You must bring information that has not been in the newspapers, that only you would know, or that only your employer would know.  You must steal documents and bring them with you.  You must photocopy documents that you cannot steal.  You must name all names, and give all addresses and telephone numbers.  It will not be enough to assert you must prove.  It will not be enough to relate a few facts, you must tell all.  You must accumulate all this information in a place of safety, where your employer cannot find it, where it will be accessible to you when the moment comes to flee.  If you can, you must even accumulate this information beyond the borders of Ukraine, so that even if they do succeed in killing you, the information will be released and will serve as your revenge.  This is one way that you can win your safety.  This is one way that you can guarantee that you will be welcomed by the good people among whom you seek refuge.  This is one way that you can demonstrate to these good people that although they are accepting a monster into their midst, at least he is a penitent monster, at least he is a monster that truly has come to abhor evil, at least he is a monster capable of reform.

Recognize your worst enemy

Your employer knows that you must betray him to save yourself, and that is all the more reason that he must kill you to save himself.  Your employer is your worst enemy, and you are his worst enemy.  The two of you cannot coexist on this earth.  Either he will kill you, or you will betray him.  Your initial sense that you were on the same side working toward the same goal was an illusion.

Tear up the evil by its roots

But when you betray your employer, do so as to utterly destroy him.  Bring with you evidence enough that he will be executed by the state, or that he will spend the rest of his days in prison.  Bring enough evidence with you that you destroy not only him, but all his clan.  Do not bring with you only enough evidence to embarrass him, or to hurt only him while leaving his clan intact.  Do not bring only weak evidence which will lead to him being acquitted at trial.  For a timid effort on your part, you will suffer the consequences.  Once you have joined the fight for good, you must tear out evil by its very roots, or else the evil will grow again, and will pursue you to the ends of the earth and to the end of your days.

Where should you run?

You must run where you will be well received.  Learn where this is.  Learn the people who will find your information valuable, and who will shelter you for it.  Perhaps the Ukrainian police.  Perhaps the police in another country.  Perhaps INTERPOL.  Perhaps journalists will be able to print your story, and facilitate your obtaining political asylum or being given a new identity.  Perhaps a writer can turn your story into a book and make money that he will share with you.  Learn which countries have extradition treaties with Ukraine.  You will be safest if you place your evidence in the hands of many more than one journalist, more than one police force.  Good is stronger than evil, and you must run to good, and must ally yourself with good, because only good can protect you from evil.

Whoever reads this page will act quickly

If your employer learns that you have read this page, then he will kill you immediately, because he will fear that you have been convinced by its arguments, and that you will betray him immediately.  Even if your employer does not know that you have read this page, but only thinks that you might have, or only thinks that you might soon read it in the future, or only thinks that you will hear its arguments, he will have to kill you, because he will suspect you of realizing that he has condemned you to death.  Your employer will have to kill you because you might read this page, and you on the other hand will be forced to betray him because he might read this page.  You were never safe from each other, but this page heightens the unsafety.  You were always destined to destroy each other, but this page will bring that destruction nearer.  This is not a happy situation that you have gotten yourself into, but that is your burden, and you will have to bear it all that is left for you to do is to try to make better decisions in the second and good part of your life than you did in the first and evil part.

Act now

Take the first steps now, and effect your escape soon, because you don't have much time.  Your employer plans to kill you before you can betray him; you must betray him before he kills you.  The one who acts sooner will be saved; the one who hesitates will be lost.  He will kill you in a week, so you must flee in five days, so he must kill you in three days, so you must flee tomorrow, so he is coming to your apartment tonight, so you must be out the door within the hour.

Not only assassins, but torturers, kidnappers, arsonists, bombers, and thugs

And this page is not only for the assassins, it is also for the torturers, the kidnappers, the arsonists, the bombers, the thugs, and all the criminals that some of the powerful have gathered around them in Ukraine.  Even if you are not an assassin, the harm that your recollections can do your employer may be almost as great your recollections can discredit him, they can land him in jail, they can open up an investigation that ends up implicating him in crimes that you are not even aware of.  He has skeletons in his closet, he has bodies buried in his basement, his taxes are unpaid, he has Swiss bank accounts, he has bribed government officials and so he cannot tolerate an investigation even into the lesser crimes that you may implicate him in.  Thus, even if your contribution to your employer's criminal enterprise has been less than assassination, he cannot sleep while you are alive, and he sentences you to death so that he can sleep.  You too have no choice but to flee and to betray.  In your case too, one or the other must be destroyed, you or him either you who only carried out his orders will pay with your life, or he who issued the orders will be destroyed.

And why not escape before killing?

The people who may have been offered $500,000 to kill corruption investigator Hryhoriy Omelchenko knew that they would be writing their own death warrants to take such a contract as I have just been explaining, assassins who commit such a crime will have to be killed in turn so as to erase the path to the top.  The smart move on their part was to decline the contract, and perhaps that is what they did; and the smart move would also have been to strike a blow so as to cripple Leonid Kuchma, and perhaps that is what they did as well.  The smart move is to decline any contract to murder, and any contract to torture, or to kidnap, or to burn, or to bomb, or to assault.  Every new crime you add to your repertoire makes you worth more to your employer dead than alive.  From your employer, you cannot expect mounting gratitude, you must learn to expect only mounting distrust and fear.

This is what we are waiting to learn from you

And so tell us, assassin, who blew the hands off Maksym Tsarenko at a children's camp in the Crimea?  Who lynched Volodymyr Ivasiuk in a forest near Lviv?  Who stabbed Volodymyr Katelnytsky and his mother to death in their Kyiv apartment?  Who incinerated Vadim Boyko in his Kyiv apartment?  Who shot Borys Derevyanko in Odessa?  Was it you perhaps? And if so, are you aware of the power that you hold over your employer, and how he fears you, and how he must kill you?  And if it was not you, then perhaps you know who it was? And if so, why do you not bring this information to the press and to the police so that Ukraine can become a safe place to live for your mother and father, for your brothers and sisters, for your wife and your children, for your friends?  Because of the secrets that you know, fate gives you only two alternatives a bullet in the back of the head from your employer followed by burial in some pit in the forest, or a place in history as the hero who struck the first blow in the destruction of evil in Ukraine.