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Kyiv Post | 21Nov2011 | Interfax-Ukraine

Ukraine to honor famine victims on Nov. 26, 2011

3 days ago at 12:26 | Interfax-Ukraine Kyiv will host mourning events on Ukrainian Holodomor Remembrance Day on Nov. 26, 2011 with the participation of the country's leaders, government members, other officials, and the public, the press service of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych reported on Nov. 18, 2011

According to the report, it is planned to hold a funeral procession, lay flowers at the Memorial in Commemoration of Famines' Victims, and observe a minute of silence for the victims of famines.

On the same day, a requiem concert will be held at the National Opera House of Ukraine.

"The memory of the victims of a national tragedy in the country's regions will be honored by the heads of local executive government agencies and local authorities. All regions will host mourning events with the participation of the heads of government agencies, representatives of political forces, in particular, the laying of wreaths and rye and wheat arrangements at memorial plaques and the graves of the victims of famines and political repression. A minute of silence will be observed during these events," the presidential press service reported.