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December 10, 2009

Investigation of the criminal case about
the artificially created Famine in Ukraine in 1932-1933

On 22 May 2009 the Security Service of Ukraine opened a criminal case based on the commission of genocide in Ukraine in 1932 through 1933, which is a criminal offence stipulated in Part 1, Article 442 “Genocide” of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The case was initiated on grounds of an address by MPs H.Omelchenko and O.Chornovolenko, NGO representatives as well as being based on documents received after the issues were examined by the SSU.

The pre-trial investigation has found that: in the peace time of 1928-1931 the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, J.Stalin, and other Soviet leaders perpetrated systematic and large-scale acts of repression and persecution of the Ukrainian intelligentsia, clergy, and peasantry. Those were done by the Bolshevik authorities by way of legal persecution, executions, deportations beyond the boundaries of Ukraine, and the confiscation of property. The years of 1932-1933 were the climax of the mass extermination of millions of Ukrainians by the totalitarian regime which resulted in artificially created famine.

The Security Service of Ukraine has gathered irrefutable evidence which proves that the highest leadership of the Soviet Union committed crimes against humanity with the use of the following mechanisms:
- the isolation of the territory of Ukraine by specially armed detachments, military and police units;
- approving of decisions to put districts and populated areas down in the “black boards”, block them with military forces, bar populace from leaving these territories, confiscate nourishment produce, and ban trade;
- limit free movement of peasantry out of Ukraine to look for food;
- installment of fines paid in kind;
- executing constant searches with the confiscation of belongings, food and seed stores.

Committal of genocide in 1932-1933 is testified by:
- 3456 found and declassified documents of the Communist party and other executive organs, including those signed by I.V.Stalin;
- 3186 death registration acts folios of 1932-1933, that proved mass population death through artificially organized starvation;
- testimonial evidences of 1730 witnesses and victims of criminal acts of totalitarian regime;
- 857 mass burials of genocide victims;
- 735 settlements, kolkhozes (collective farms), rural villages and areas of Ukraine, where executive power imposed a regime based of so the called “black desks”, according to which the armed regiments and troops blocked these settlements, trade was forbidden, foodstuffs, clothes, property were confiscated. In reality, these acts were directed at the extermination of civil population by starvation;
- 400 found and declassified documents of State Institutional Archive of the SBU which proved the starvation had been artificially organized by the executive power;
- archive documents of the diplomatic missions of foreign countries;
- archive documents that proved the mass resettling of ethnic Russians in Ukraine;
- documentary photos revealing the tragic events of Holodomor of 1932-1933.

The results of the investigation proved that the Genocide through 1932-1933, which did the most damage to the central and eastern territories of Ukraine, was introduced by the Bolshevik regime.

Forensic medical, as well as historic-demographical examinations are underway to reveal the cause of deaths and the figures of body count in the years 1932-1933.

The comprehensive juridical and historical examination of the preconditions which led to the mass extermination of the Ukrainian people is at its final stages.

The Security Service of Ukraine in its investigation applies the provisions of the international law with the aim of collecting evidence of the Genocide against the Ukrainian people in other countries. In this respect, the SSU has forwarded petitions of juridical assistance to law-enforcement bodies of Austria, Belarus, United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Italy, USA, Russia, Germany, and Poland.

The results of the investigations of the criminal case will enable the competent authorities to adopt the correct juridical decisions regarding the perpetrators of the Genocide in Ukraine.

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