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 18-Oct-08 00:41
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 Re.: Information about "Neznanyj Holod..." (+ minor corrections)

Привіт Марійко,

Here is the information about the film, "Neznanyj Holod...".

I spoke with Taras Hukalo late last night and he said there would be no problem in showing the film in Winnipeg. Anyone may double check with Taras Hukalo by calling him at 1-514-376-6518. "Neznanyj Holod..." is officially being shown in all Embassies of Ukraine worldwide. I have a copy DVD of the film which can be forwarded to Winnipeg once given the contact(s) address. The documentary may also be viewed, and downloaded via links at .

The full title is "Neznanyj holod - Ukraiina 1933 - 10 million zhertv"  (in Ukrainian), "The Unknown Holocaust - Ukraine 1933 - 10 million victims" (in English), "La Famine Inconnue - Ukraine 1933 - 10 millions de victimes" (in French). It was produced in 1983, first in French, then in Ukrainian and English, through Radio Québec for the "Planete" educational series produced by Karel Ludvik, directed by Claude Caron, Taras Hukalo is listed as the Researcher/Consultant (though often he is referred to as the director/rezhesser).

"Neznanyj Holod" first aired on Radio Québec TV in French on April 16 and 18, 1983 and covers the background of the Holodomor-Genocide, where and by whom it was started, how it affected all strata of the Ukrainian people, how contemporary foreign governments handled the news and evidence of the holodomor, the holod of 1921, 1947, 1964 as well and more. Key people such as Harvard researcher James Mace (who ended up moving to Ukraine in 1993 to continue work on exposing the Holodomor and passed away in Kyiv on May 3, 2004), British journalist Malcolm Muggeridge, human rights activist Nina Strokata...

During the October 8-10, 1983 KUK Winnipeg conference, John Novosad, the then president of KUK, presented an award to each Taras, Claude, and Karel for their work on this premier documentary film on the subject of the Holodomor-Genocide. Since then the documentary has been mentioned/written up in several publications both online and on paper in North America, and Europe.

Yesterday I did an online check to verify the Film's length - it is actually 28 minutes and 28 seconds in length as opposed to the 22 minutes first reported.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Taras in Montreal or myself, Victor E. Glasko at 1-905-934-2653 and/or <[email protected]>.

With continued contact. God bless.
З великою повагою,

Віктор І. Глазко.
Victor E. Glasko.