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Holodomor (Dis)information

MY has posted several youtube videos on the Holodomor and the general anti-Ukrainian campaign being waged on the Internet:


The footage here shows photographs of Americans impoverished due to the Great Depression being used as evidence of the Holodomor which was exhibited in Sevastopol' courtesy of the SBU. While Russian scholars are beginning to admit that there was famine in both the UkrSSR and non Ukrainian lands of the USSR under Stalin in 1932-33 this report accuses Ukrainian scholars of neglecting this fact. Even Robert Conquest admits in "Harvest of Sorrow" that famine took place in Kuban', Don, Lower Volga and Kazakhstan. The aim of Ukrainian scholarship and academia is not to ignore the fact that famine took place in other parts of the USSR outside UkrSSR or that non-Ukrainians in the UkrSSR perished from the Holodomor but to determine whether or not the famine was designed as an act of genocide against the Ukrainian nation as well as against the "kurkuli" as a class. One must also consider the policies of the destruction of the Orthodox Church, the destruction of the Orthodox clergy, show trials involving the Ukrainian intelligentsia on alleged charges of disloyalty and the deportation/execution of the wealthy entrepreneurial farmer/kurkul as a class. When one considers these events leading up to the Holodomor one can say that an act of genocide was perpetrated against the Ukrainian nation but that non-Ukrainians suffered from the Holodomor as well. This fact is not being denied by Ukrainian academia or by Ukrainians in general. Perhaps the governments and nations of Russia and Kazakhstan should follow Ukraine's example. Why not unveil a monument to the victims of the Holodomor who lived in the RSFSR? Unveil monuments in Krasnodar, Novocherkassk, Volgograd, Astrakhan, Rostov on Don, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ashtana (formerly Almaty)and all places in between. This way future generations of Kazakhs and Russians can understand what the nature of socialism/communism is. Why not follow Ukraine's example?     

If one would like to compare the Holodomor to the Holocaust it would be fair to argue that Jews were not the only people who perished in the camps or were targeted for extermination: many people of Slavic nationalities perished in the camps as well as Gypsies. A case can bemade for Nazi genocide towards the non-Jewish, non-"Aryan" peoples.

The claim of 15,000,000 Ukrainians killed in the Holodomor is highly inflated. Many scholars put the figure at 5-7 million in Ukraine and Kuban'.

To this day the individual, or individuals responsible for this disinformation tactic in an attempt to discredit the Holodomor have not come forward to claim responsibility for this error. One wonders if SBU is to blame!



At 1:25 the report becomes interesting. The reporter emphasizes how the construction of the Holodomor complex and the unveiling of memorials across the country have come at a great cost and that Yushchenko is focussing too much on the past and not enough on the present. Strange, the unveiling of the monument to Marshal Zhukov in Kharkiv in 1995 and the recent unveiling of the monument to Catherine II in Odesa also came at a great cost not to mention  the scores of WWII complexes and monuments constructed during the Soviet era that dot the countryside. Yet such monuments are justified, while those constructed to the victims of the Holodomor should be met with criticism. RT is very effective when it comes to displaying journalistic double standards. 



This report tends to lay blame for the Holodomor on Ukrainian SSR republican leadership rather than on Stalin and in fact insists that Stalin tried to help the starving. Forgive my language if I say that this is pure B------T. Given the centralized nature of the Soviet bureaucratic, party structures and secret police apparatus Stalin and the central leadership were constantly aware of events taking place in Ukraine, southern RussianSFSR and KazakhSSR. He could have halted the grain procurement quotas at anytime thus preventing the deaths of millions. If Stalin was truly intent on helping the starving he would have asked for aid from abroad, as Lenin did during the 1921famine. The soviet regime would not have halted aid from abroad at the border as many relief organizations tried to help,including Western Ukraine. There would have been no need to take George Bernard Shaw, French president Eduard Herriot and scores of other foreign guests on "Potemkin Village" tours of controlled areas that were staged to reveal prosperity and happy hard working people just to prove that "socialism works". There would have been no need for a cover-up in the press to deny that the Holodomor was taking place and the soviets would have shunned Walter Durranty instead of supporting him in his Holodomor denial.

More Yellow Journalism
- Attacking patriotic Ukrainians as fascists


At 2:35 you can see an elderly gentleman holding a case strapped over his shoulder. On the case is a red swastika superimposed against a blue-yellow background suggesting that he is a participant in the demonstration that is supposed to be pro-Nazi. If I wanted to send agents provocateurs into a crowd wearing swastikas on a blue-yellow background in order to associate Ukrainian patriotism with Nazism I would probably do the same. This is another example of shoddy yellow journalism coming out of the Russian mass media. I only hope that many in Ukraine do not fall for this deception.

[W.Z. You can also note Oles Buzina continuing with his anti-Ukrainian promotions.]