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Holodomor Bill Introduced in British Columbia 
On the 76th anniversary of the famine genocide in Ukraine 1932-33
November 26, 2009 -- Victoria, British Columbia -- Yesterday a private member's bill was introduced in the province of British Columbia recognizing the Holodomor as an act of genocide.
New Democrat MLA for Surrey-Whalley, Bruce Ralston, introduced legislation recognizing "Holodomor" as the "famine and genocide that killed millions of Ukrainians during the period of forced collectivization in the Soviet Union."  The legislation proposes that the fourth Saturday in November every year be commemorated as Holodomor Memorial Day in B.C. and recognizes the survivors of Holodomor who moved to British Columbia and made a positive contribution to the province.

Shown below are 14 representatives of the province's Ukrainian community who were present at the reading in support of Mr. Ralston and his efforts in promoting Holodomor recognition and awareness.

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The provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario have enacted legislation recognizing the Holodomor and honouring the survivors of this crime against humanity.

National Holodomor Awareness Week continues through November 29.  For a list of commemorative events in your community visit

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