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ePoshta | 06Aug2012 | Lubomyr Luciuk, Ph.D.

Letter to Minister James Moore re CMHR

20 July 2012

Dear Minister Moore:

Why would the Government of Canada provide further funding to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, in the form of a 'loan' (sic) given that this institution's curators intend to elevate the suffering of one community above all others, a conceit which a majority of Canadians oppose?

All of the galleries in this taxpayer funded national museum should be thematic, comparative and inclusive, and its board of directors should be restructured entirely to make it more representative of our multicultural society.

Why would your Ministry help organize the bail-out of an institution that remains controversial and divisive? The CMHR is over-budget, behind schedule, and its management continues to obfuscate the plans for its contents. Why is this being tolerated? This is not a private project and no donor, nor community of donors, should be allowed to fix the contents of what is supposedly a national museum.


Lubomyr Luciuk, Ph.D.

cc: Ukrainian Canadian Congress
cc: Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association
cc: Mr James Bezan, MP