John Demjanjuk:  Mistrial of the Century     The little crazy children are jangling the keys of the kingdom, and common vengeance writes the law! Arthur Miller, The Crucible
@  John Demjanjuk Show Trial 2001
John Demjanjuk Show Trial 2001

@  The Trawniki ID card
The Trawniki ID card

Perhaps the best introduction to the Demjanjuk case is to be found in the three Ukrainian American Bar Association (UABA) articles that are emphasized in blue below:

@  Black Book of Polish Jewry                    1943  The Treblinka legend in its infancy
@  Trial at Nuremberg                       1945-1946  Testimony of one Treblinka survivor
@  Jerusalem trial of Adolf Eichmann             1961  Testimony of four Treblinka survivors

@  US State Department   Cable to Bern        22Dec78  Sloppy OSI censorship

@  Czeslaw Pilichowski   Letter               31Aug79  Any data concerning Iwan Demjanjuk
@  Richard Glazar        Letter to Moscowitz   8Sep79  I could see you in your office
@  Norman Moscowitz      Letter to Glazar     25Sep79  A double room for you and your wife
@  Martin Mendelsohn     Deposition             Nov79  Exculpatory evidence suppressed?
@  Bernard Dougherty Jr  Interview report     20Nov79  Never witnessed Iwan abusing prisoners
@  George W. Garand      Interview report     27Nov79  Lying face up on the top of the pile
@  Otto Horn             Court Transcript     Undated  They were removed again
@  Heinrich Schaefer     Affidavit            Undated  I never saw a card like that one

@  Eugenia Samuel        Testimony            23Jan84  I don't see any similarity

@  Robert Gillette       Los Angeles Times    27Apr86  Did Soviets manufacture evidence?
@  Robert Gillette       Los Angeles Times    27Apr86  Impossible to treat them worse
@  Robert Gillette       Los Angeles Times    28Apr86  The main witness was a joke
@  Allen A. Ryan, Jr.    Letter to Rekunkov   30May86  Ryan requests Trawniki ID from Rekunkov
@  Shimon Peres          Letter to Hammer       Aug86  Peres solicits Soviet evidence
@  Patrick J. Buchanan   Washington Post      23Sep86  An American Dreyfus case
@  State of Israel       Criminal Case 373/86 29Sep86  Indictment of John Demjanjuk
@  Elie Wiesel           Letter to Dobunin     3Dec86  Did Elie Wiesel know Demjanjuk was innocent?
@  S. Chetverikov        Letter to Spiritus    3Dec86  Occidental Petroleum gets Trawniki ID card
@  Armand Hammer         Letter to Peres      11Dec86  Just returned from the Soviet Union
@  Anonymous             Document               Dec86  KGB altered Trawniki ID card

@  Bozhena Olshaniwsky   Ukrainian Weekly     11Jan87  Bleeding at the knees
@  Staff Writer          Ukrainian Weekly     11Jan87  Ben-Meir hangs up twice
@  P. Savaryn            The New Pathway       7Feb87  Poor prospects for a fair trial
@  Patrick Buchanan      Ukrainian Weekly     15Feb87  Orwellian and Kafkaesque
@  Patrick Buchanan      Ukrainian Weekly     15Feb87  Reviewing Ryan's airtight case
@  W. G. Daniliw         New Perspectives       May87  Objection to retroactive laws
@  Richard Lessner       New Perspectives       May87  Eleven eyewitnesses were wrong
@  Ruth Okuneva          New Perspectives      May 87  It is forbidden to give up a Jew to goyim
@  B. S. Onyschuk        New Perspectives      May 87  Five deviations from Western norms
@  Barbara Amiel         Sunday Sun           11Oct87  We don't always apply the rules

@  Lord Denning          Daily Telegraph      28Apr88  Signs of racial and political vengeance
@  Bozhena Olshaniwsky   Ukrainian Weekly      1May88  It created a deep black stain
@  Myron B. Kuropas      Ukrainian Weekly     29May88  Ever since the times of Khmelnytsky
@  William Wolf          Ukrainian Weekly     10Jul88  Death, death, death!
@  Sviatoslav Karavansky Ukrainian Weekly      7Aug88  Ruth Okunyeva says no corpus delicti
@  Staff Writer          Ukrainian Weekly      4Sep88  Dov Eitan joins the Demjanjuk defence
@  William J. Flynn      Ukrainian Weekly     18Sep88  Demjanjuk signature never authenticated
@  William J. Wolf       Taped conversation   27Sep88  Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe
@  William J. Wolf       Ukrainian Weekly     23Oct88  This is the road I wish to travel
@  Hugh Schofield        Globe and Mail        1Dec88  Dov Eitan dies
@  Reuter and AP         Globe and Mail        2Dec88  Yisrael Yehezkeli attacks Yoram Sheftel
@  Roma Hadzewycz        Ukrainian Weekly     11Dec88  Wolf says Glazar mum
@  John Broadley         Letter to Thornburgh 24Dec88  Broadley demands interview reports
@  Patrick Buchanan      Tribune Media Services 1988?  Demjanjuk greater victim than Dreyfus

@  Gitta Sereny          The Plain Dealer     14Jan89  Ivan the Terrible in Poland and Italy
@  Neal Sher             Letter to Broadley   17Jan89  OSI has no report on Glazar
@  Ed Nishnic            Letter to legislators 2Feb89  The Demjanjuk file was purged
@  James Traficant       Congressional Record  2Aug89  This case stinks

@  James Traficant       Congressional Record 28Feb90  The OSI was relying on fraudulent evidence
@  James Traficant       Congressional Record 28Feb90  Appears on no list anywhere in the world
@  Patience T. Huntwork  Ukrainian Weekly      3Jun90  B'nai B'rith disinformation
@  UABA I                Ukrainian Weekly     17Jun90  60 Minutes exculpates, OSI suppresses
@  UABA II               Ukrainian Weekly     24Jun90  Roles played by Eilberg and Horn
@  UABA III              Ukrainian Weekly      1Jul90  The five Treblinka survivors
@  Defense Fund          Ukrainian Weekly     14Oct90  Five supporters of John Demjanjuk
@  Patience T. Huntwork  Ukrainian Weekly      9Dec90  Tom Teicholz disinformation

@  Edward Nishnic        Ukrainian Weekly     10Mar91  Address to The City Club of Cleveland, I
@  Edward Nishnic        Ukrainian Weekly     17Mar91  Address to The City Club of Cleveland, II

@  SRIN                  Plain Dealer         13Aug92  Sam the Awful
@  Andrew Fylypovych     Ukrainian Weekly     22Nov92  The George Parker memo

@  Philip Roth           Operation Shylock       1993  Atah shakran!
@  Patrick Buchanan      LA Daily News         7Jul93  Cruel farce in Jerusalem
@  Volodymyr Katelnytsky Demjanjuk Committee  21Jul93  Appeal on behalf of John Demjanjuk
@  Der Spiegel           Original article     02Aug93  Murderous Eyes
@  Der Spiegel           Ukrainian Weekly     08Aug93  Der Spiegel says Trawniki ID forged
@  Yevhen Sverstiuk      Ukrainian Weekly      8Aug93  Appeal by Former Prisoners of Conscience
@  Barbara Amiel         Sunday Times          8Aug93  John Demjanjuk was 19 years old
@  Paul Zumbakis         Ukrainian Weekly      8Aug93  Dobrowolskyj was a shining example
@  Kochava Eden          Time                  4Oct93  Punish him anyway
@  Court of Appeals      No. 85-3435          17Nov93  Full-text publication
@  Court of Appeals      New York Times       18Nov93  This was fraud on the court
@  Michael Warder        Ukrainian Weekly      5Dec93  Communists should be targeted

@  Yoram Sheftel         The Demjanjuk Affair    1994  BKA says Trawniki ID card amateur forgery
@  Yoram Sheftel         The Demjanjuk Affair    1994  Polish anti-Semitism or Jewish hate?

@  Volodymyr Katelnytsky Ukrainskyi Holos     20Aug97  Who murdered Volodymyr Katelnytsky?
@  Yossi Melman          Ha'aretz             14Nov97  Lied through their teeth

@  Judge Paul R. Matia   US District Court    20Feb98  Demjamjuk citizenship restored
@  Lubomyr Prytulak      Hypotheses           29Apr98  Is John Demjanjuk guilty of other crimes?

@  Dov Alfon             Ha'aretz             14Apr99  Demjanjuk persecution continues
@  US DOJ                Press Release        19May99  OSI seeks Demjanjuk denaturalization
@  Hilaire Belloc        The Jews (1937)      27May99  On Jewish courage
@  Ukrainian Cultural Centre vandalized       20Jun99
@  John Cobden: Review of Elizabeth Loftus' Witness for the Defense
@  Martin Mendelsohn: Three questions

My letters concerning John Demjanjuk

@  Clark        08Mar1993   Delaying renewal of membership
@  Dershowitz   15Sep1997   Are you sure about John Demjanjuk?
@  Sher         15Sep1997   What role in four improprieties?
@  Sher         16Sep1997   Please reply to charges
@  McLellan     14Nov1997   Sher does not provide answers
@  McLellan     18Nov1997   Lied through their teeth
@  McLellan     19Dec1997   A bomb exploded at his doorstep
@  McLellan     30Dec1997   Shot in the chest
@  McLellan     10Jan1998   Its work was sloppy
@  Sher         08Sep1998   Suppression of exculpatory evidence
@  Sher         15Oct1998   The Ivan who never was
@  Arad         05Mar1999   No control in the courtroom
@  Arad         09Mar1999   The biggest cemetery of Polish Jewry
@  Arad         16Mar1999   Questions concerning Belzec
@  Arad         24Mar1999   Perjury in attempted murder?
@  Wiesel       23Jun1999   You failed to live up to your obligations
@  Arad         25Jun1999   You suppressed The Black Book
@  Dershowitz   08Jul1999   Do you want to get caught?
@  Arad         09Jul1999   Jankiel Wiernik stops a bullet
@  Arad         15Jul1999   A Jankiel Wiernik sampler
@  Dershowitz   16Jul1999   Crackpot Holocaust deniers
@  Dershowitz   23Jul1999   The Lord Denning straw man
@  Arad         16Aug1999   The Germans brought cameras
@  Arad         04Nov1999   Hair factory at Treblinka
@  Rosenbaum    22Nov1999   Barry the Terrible of Wherever
@  Mendelsohn   25May2000   Three questions
@  Sher         09Feb2001   Aren't animated gifs beneath you?
@  Greenberg    11Mar2001   Tkachuk fails to recognize Marchenko
@  Dershowitz   14May2001   The Trawniki Identification Card
@  Dershowitz   04Jul2001   John Demjanjuk show trial 2001
@  Dershowitz   09Aug2001   Third-party interference in Jewish show trials
@  Dershowitz   22Aug2001   A Jewish wedding
@  Dershowitz   11Sep2001   Judge Dov Levin's mistranslation
@  Dershowitz   26Feb2003   Here's How They Get You in Los Angeles
@  Putin        16Dec2004   You must allow the BKA to examine the Trawniki ID card
@  Morgan       02Dec2005   Three Globe and Mail Letters to the Editor

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