Richard Glazar   Letter to Norman Moscowitz   08-Sep-1979   I could see you in your office
I could then see you in your office on Thu Oct 11 in the morning and be at your disposal also the next day Oct 12 if necessary.
The following is a letter wrested out of the hands of the US Office of Special Investigations (OSI) under a FOIA petition, but only after the OSI expurgated significant material, particularly the identity of the writer; that is, the identity of the witness in Bern, Switzerland with whom the OSI had been communicating, and who was now arranging to come to Washington, DC to testify on 11 and 12 Oct, presumably of 1979.

The connection of the letter below to other documents on the Ukrainian Archive is that it constitutes document 18 out of the 19 in EXHIBIT A which was attached to Edward W. Nishnic's letter of 2 Feb 1989 to members of the US Senate and House of Representatives.  Also, this same letter below is referred to as "document 376" in the John Broadley letter of 24 Dec 1988 to US Attorney General, Richard Thornburgh, the number "376" appearing hand-written and circled on the lower-right in the photocopy of the letter which is in possession of the Ukrainian Archive.

Who is the concealed writer of this letter?  Almost certainly, it is Richard Glazar, and almost certainly the OSI suppressed or destroyed the testimony that Richard Glazar gave because it was exculpatory to John Demjanjuk.  We are able to infer this from the following pieces of information:

(1) At the time of the writing of the letter below the fall of 1979 the OSI was focused on collecting inculpatory evidence concerning Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka.

(2) Richard Glazar was a known surviver of Treblinka.  As Richard Glazar was working on publishing his memoirs on Treblinka at this time, one might even say that he was a prominent surviver of Treblinka.

(3) The OSI was aware of Richard Glazar's existence and the potential usefulness of his testimony, and had mounted a search for his whereabouts, as can be seen in a US State Department telegram to the US Embassy in Bern, Switzerland.

(4) The OSI eventually succeeded in locating Richard Glazar, as can be seen in the Martin Mendelsohn Supplemental Answers.

(5) No other witness from Bern, Switzerland was called to testify during any Demjanjuk proceedings, and no other witness from Bern, Switzerland has been discovered who testified at any other OSI-sponsored proceedings at around this time.

(6) Richard Glazar admitted in a taped telephone conversation with US attorney William Wolf that he had been interviewed by Demjanjuk prosecutors, and that he had promised them to not tell his story to the defense.

(7) Many instances of the OSI concealing or destroying information exculpatory to John Demjanjuk have been discovered.  Against a background of such known evidence tampering, the probability that Glazar testimony was elicited and subsequently suppressed is not implausible.  Among the other instances of evidence tampering are events connected with the Pilichowski letter; the Dougherty and Garand reports, whose significance is explained in the second of a series of three Ukrainian-American Bar Association articles appearing in the Ukrainian Weekly; and the Parker memo.

The blue lines below indicate the location of material deleted by the OSI prior to the letter being disclosed to the Demjanjuk defense.  Sometimes the number of deleted lines was not clear in the expurgated version, and was guessed.

  Sept 8, 1979
Office of Special Investigations, Criminal Division

re: your letter of August 15, 1979, ___________________

Dear Mr. Moscowitz,

Your letter reached me through the intermediary of the US-Embassy in Bern after

My original suggestion was that I could give evidence in _________________________
before the respective authorities in ___________.  This I told the clerk of the US
Embassy in Bern upon his phone call some 3-4 weeks ago.

Upon your request to come to Washington __________________________________________
and envisage to take a train to Washington, DC so that we could get there in the
evening.  I could then see you in your office on Thu Oct 11 in the morning
and be at your disposal also the next day Oct 12 if necessary ____________________

This is the only way how I can schedule my trip to the US both complying with your
request __________________________________________________________________________

If making the necessary arrangements, hotel reservations _______, as you mentioned
in your letter, please count with two persons as my wife is accompanying me.
Naturally the expenses relating to her person will be paid by myself.

Please let me have your confirmation as soon as possible.

SEP 18 1979