Norman Moscowitz   Letter to Richard Glazar   25-Sep-1979   A double room for you and your wife
"I shall expect to meet you here at my office." Norman A. Moscowitz
The following is a letter wrested out of the hands of the US Office of Special Investigations (OSI) under a FOIA petition, but only after the OSI expurgated significant material, particularly the identity of the letter's recipient; that is, the identity of the witness whom the OSI was going to host and to interview in Washington, DC on Thursday October 11, 1979.  True, Norman Moscowitz says Thursday October 14 below, but he is wrong.  Rather, Richard Glazar is correct when he refers to Thursday October 11 in his letter to Norman Moscowitz of a few days earlier.

The two deletions below that are marked "[12 character blank]" and "[13 character blank]" can exactly be filled with " October 10 " and " October 11, ".  Incidentally, one sees the carelessness with which the OSI performed its censorship when one notices that two of the dates (month and day) were deleted, whereas the third mention of a month and day (which happened to be in error) was not deleted.  This undeleted month and day together with the dates in the earlier Glazar letter mentioned in the preceding paragraph permit inference of the two deleted dates.

Also, the earlier Glazar letter does not mention Demjanjuk, and so would have permitted the OSI to argue that the writer of that letter was unrelated to the Demjanjuk case.  However, the Moscowitz letter below does specify that a "cc:" of the Moscowitz letter was to go into the "Demjanjuk case file," revealing that the visiting witness is a Demjanjuk-related witness.  Thus, either the OSI provided hotel accomodation for two unrelated out-of-town witnesses and their wives, and Norman Moscowitz interviewed two different witnesses on Thu 11 Oct 1979, or else we are talking about one witness Richard Glazar of Bern, Switzerland, Treblinka surviver, and evidently bringer of testimony which proved unwelcome to the OSI because it was exculpatory to John Demjanjuk.

The connection of the letter below to other documents on the Ukrainian Archive is that it constitutes document 19 out of 19 in EXHIBIT A which was attached to Edward W. Nishnic's letter of 2 Feb 1989 to members of the US Senate and House of Representatives.  Also, this same letter below is referred to as "document 377" in the John Broadley letter of 24 Dec 1988 to US Attorney General, Richard Thornburgh, the number "377" appearing hand-written and circled on the lower-right in the photocopy of the letter which is in possession of the Ukrainian Archive.


Address Reply to the
Division Indicated
and Refer to Initials and Number

[Letter identification
number deleted here]


September 25, 1979

[Name and address
of recipient have
been deleted here]

Dear [Name deleted here]

This letter is to confirm our telephone call earlier today.

I have made reservations for a double room for you and your wife at the Holiday Inn, [49 character blank here] for Wednesday night, [12 character blank, deleted material is conjectured to be " October 10 "] and Thursday night [13 character blank, deleted material is conjectured to be " October 11, "] 1979.  I suggest that, if convenient, you fly from New York into Washington National Airport, the closest of the area's airports to Old Town Alexandria.

Please do not hesitate to call me either at my home or office if you have any questions or if any problems arise after you arrive in Washington.  Otherwise, I shall expect to meet you here at my office sometime on Thursday morning, October 14.

Let me thank you for your willingness to change your plans in order to accomodate us.  I look forward to meeting you.

Yours very truly,


Norman A. Moscowitz, Trial Attorney
Office of Special Investigations
Criminal Division
1375 K St., N.W., Rm. 222
P.O. Box 28603
Washington, D.C.   20005

cc:  Nazi War Criminal WF
     Demjanjuk case file