Lubomyr Prytulak   Letter   08-Mar-1993   Delaying renewal of membership
March 8, 1993

Burnill F. Clark
Pacific Coast Public Television
Box 48250
Vancouver, BC   V7X 1T3

Dear Mr. Clark:

I am delaying the renewal of my Channel Nine membership until Channel Nine takes steps to disavow and correct the disinformation contained in the program on John Demjanjuk which it broadcast.

Mr. Demjanjuk's innocence has been evident from the beginning of his trial even to his prosecutors who in the United States are currently under investigation for prosecutorial misconduct involving the suppression of exculpatory evidence.  At the time of your broadcast, Mr. Demjanjuk's innocence had been so clearly established that his ultimate acquittal was a certainty — and yet the program which you aired over the objections of the Ukrainian community gave not the slightest hint that any doubt or controversy attached to his case.  The truth of the matter which you could have seen at the time had you cared to look and which you are still duty-bound to acknowledge today is that Mr. Demjanjuk's trial was a show trial by a kangaroo court and that the program in question was propaganda.  The only story on Mr. Demjanjuk that will stand the test of time is that he is this century's Alfred Dreyfus.

Until the misdeed of that broadcast is set right—and there are a number of documentaries that have been aired by other channels that are capable of setting it right — I will view Channel Nine as having wronged both John Demjanjuk and the Ukrainian people and will refuse to support it.

Sincerely yours,

Lubomir Prytulak