Chetverikov   Letter to Spiritus   03-Dec-1986   Occidental Petroleum gets the Trawniki Identification Card
Unofficial translation from the original Russian of a covering letter which accompanied the handing over of the Trawniki ID card from the KGB to Occidental Petroleum, for ultimate transmission to Israel.  Requests for this card, and for a corroborative documentation that never did materialize, were addressed to the USSR from many directions, among them being the former director of the US Office of Special Investigations, Allan Ryan (30-May-1986); Prime Minister of Israel, Shimon Peres (Aug-1986); and novelist and Nobel Peace laureat, Elie Wiesel (03-Dec-1986 (which last date happens to be the same date as the ID card is actually being handed over to Occidental Petroleum, as documented below).

A comprehensive discussion of the Trawniki Identification Card can be found in the Lubomyr Prytulak letter to Alan Dershowitz of 14-May-2001.

Moscow, December 3, 1986

Dear Mr. Spiritus,

     At Mr. Armand Hammer's request we are sending herewith a document, received from the Procurator's Office of the USSR, which is an original identification card of Nazi war criminal I. N. Demjanjuk No. 1393, issued in the SS Training Camp Trawniki (attached).

     Please give this document to Mr. A. Hammer and advise him that no other documents on Demjanjuk's case have been found.

     The USSR Procurator's Office requests to inform Mr. A. Hammer of the necessity of safe keeping and return of the attached document to the Soviet Union when it ceases to be needed.

     Encl: Above mentioned document.



S. Chetverikov,
Deputy Head of the Department
of the USA and Canada
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR
Mr. Alan Spiritus,
Representative of the Local Office of
"Occidental Petroleum" in Moscow

Outgoing No. 755 / Department of the USA and Canada