John Demjanjuk:  The Trawniki ID Card

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The evidence that John Demjanjuk was Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka as charged by the U.S. Office of Special Investigations, and by the state of Israel can be divided into two categories: eye-witness and documentary.  An introduction to the question of the reliability of the eye-witness testimony can be found in the Ukrainian Archive in the last two of the three Ukrainian American Bar Association statements, of 24-Jun-1990 and 01-Jul-1990.  In turn, the documentary evidence, matching the eye-witness evidence in flimsiness, consisted of a single document the Trawniki Identification Card, which is discussed in my letter to Alan Dershowitz of 14-May-2001.  Reason to believe that there never was any Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka is plentiful, and is treated in the Lubomyr Prytulak letters to Neal Sher of 15-Oct-1998 and to Yitzhak Arad of 09-Mar-1999.

The Trawniki ID card can be examined by clicking any of the thumbnail images below, or clicking the links below the images.  After examining any full image, the fastest way of returning to the present page will be to click BACK on your browser.  The yellow grid offers coordinates which permit unambiguous reference to different parts of the ID card.  The convention adopted here is that AD3 stands for A3 through D3, or in other words, A3 and B3 and C3 and D3.  Similarly, A13 stands for A1 through A3, or in other words, A1 and A2 and A3.  OUTSIDE refers to the two surfaces that would face outward when the card was folded in half, and INSIDE refers to the two surfaces that would face inward.

Readers who become acquainted with the Trawniki ID card may want to test their memory of its details by spotting the changes made in an electronic forgery containing more than fifteen forged changes.


Trawniki ID (small outside)
small 599x413

Trawniki ID (medium outside)
medium 998x689

Trawniki ID (grid outside)
grid 955x705 A-I

Trawniki ID (large outside)
large 1837x1269


Trawniki ID (small inside)
small 598x387
Trawniki ID (medium inside)
medium 999x647
Trawniki ID (grid inside)
grid 957x693 J-R
Trawniki ID (large inside)
large 1921x1245