Judge James R. Dunn dispenses justice to Defendant Lubomyr Prytulak

Material Concerning
James R. Dunn

Judge on the Los Angeles Superior Court

Who Presided Coram Non Judice
Over the Show Trial Rambam v Prytulak BC271433

and who once set a record for

• most highly educated California Air National Guardsman to fail
to rise above Airman First Class after four years
(or to hear him tell it, after eight years)

and who may have set the triple records of

• American judge with the longest refusal to evaluate his own jurisdiction
(12 months)

• LA Superior Court judge with the longest refusal to read JDO v Superior Court
(4 years and 2 months)

• American judge who has spoliated the largest proportion of defendant documents

James R. Dunn
Material delivered directly to James R. Dunn is in red
Material hard copied to James R. Dunn is in blue
Material relevant to James R. Dunn is in black
Material sent to James R. Dunn and spoliated by him is marked by  §
Four documents most important to Rambam v Prytulak are marked [1][5]

03-Apr-2002   Barry A. Taylor: Motion-to-Quash-A
27-May-2002 § James R. Dunn:   Motion-to-Quash-B
14-Jun-2002 § James R. Dunn:   What Happened to my Motion-to-Quash-B?
29-Aug-2002 § James R. Dunn:   Motion-to-Quash-C
09-Sep-2002   John A. Clarke:  What happened to my Motion-to-Quash-C?
13-Sep-2002 § James R. Dunn:   Prytulak-Reply-C
20-Sep-2002   John A. Clarke:  Court door slammed in my face
25-Sep-2002   James R. Dunn:   Motion-to-Quash-D  [2]
27-Sep-2002   James A. Bascue: Might this be obstruction of justice?
07-Oct-2002   James A. Bascue: Chaos or Over-Billing in Los Angeles Superior Court Fees?
11-Oct-2002   Bill Lockyer:    Misconduct in the Los Angeles Superior Court
05-Nov-2002   James A. Bascue: Please protect my submission
05-Nov-2002 § James R. Dunn:   Prytulak-Reply-D3  [1]
13-Nov-2002   Gary Klausner:   Finding the right judge for Rambam v Prytulak
14-Nov-2002   Gary Klausner:   A sixth document destroyed?
21-Nov-2002 § James R. Dunn:   Prytulak-Reply-D7  [4]
22-Nov-2002   Gary Klausner:   You are unfit for office
24-Nov-2002   Gary Klausner:   Relevance of Rampart Scandal to Rambam v Prytulak
26-Nov-2002   Gary Klausner:   Did you fire the Serpico of the Bench?
28-Nov-2002   Gary Klausner:   The LASCJA Slush Fund Scandal
02-Dec-2002 § James R. Dunn:   Prytulak-Request-For-Minute-Order
04-Dec-2002   Gary Klausner:   Did James R. Dunn read before shredding?
07-Dec-2002   Gary Klausner:   Condemnation and Interpleader (C&I) Trust Fund Scandal
08-Dec-2002   Gary Klausner:   Does filing-fee over-billing dwarf other Court misappropriations?
09-Dec-2002   Gary Klausner:   Did want of Judge Dunn minute order lead to killer's release?
11-Dec-2002   Gary Klausner:   Is Gregory Taylor the Jean Valjean of Los Angeles?
17-Dec-2002   Gary Klausner:   The Role of Gun Planting in Los Angeles Justice
06-Jan-2002   Gary Klausner:   Does Lance Ito Define the Upper Limit?
10-Jan-2003   John A. Clarke:  Transcript Order
20-Jan-2003 § James R. Dunn:   Three Documents Call for a Reply  [3]
29-Jan-2003   James A. Bascue: Eight Puzzling Years in James R. Dunn Biography
03-Feb-2003   John A. Clarke:  Lubomyr Prytulak is Denied Transcripts
04-Feb-2003   Gary Klausner:   Twenty Worst Judges: Estimating the Lower Limit
13-Feb-2003   John A. Clarke:  Third Request for Transcripts
18-Feb-2003   John A. Clarke:  Fourth Request for Transcripts
20-Feb-2003   James A. Bascue: Knee-Jerk Impulse to Cover Up?
26-Feb-2003   Alan Dershowitz: Here's How They Get You in Los Angeles
12-Mar-2003   Carolyn B. Kuhl: Judge James R. Dunn Misrepresents His Military Record
14-Mar-2003   Carolyn B. Kuhl: But what about those missing documents?
26-Mar-2003   James R. Dunn:   Your $25,000 error
28-Mar-2003   James R. Dunn:   All complained-of material has been removed
11-Apr-2003   James R. Dunn:   Appear and you shall not be heard
16-Apr-2003   James R. Dunn:   I've been waiting 27 days!
23-Apr-2003   James R. Dunn:   You think you can sabotage my appeal?
05-Jun-2003   James R. Dunn:   Please return two missing money orders
07-Jun-2003   James R. Dunn:   Unlawful interference with the reviewing court
07-Jun-2003   Gary Kurtz:      Please send me a copy of the Rambam Book of Exhibits
28-Jun-2003   James R. Dunn:   Kurtz controls all extant copies
05-Jan-2004   Prytulak wins in California Court of Appeal  [5]