War Criminals:  Can Neal Sher Help Find Them?

Neal Sher, clicking produces document from which caption is taken @  There is no indication that the Soviets have said (to witnesses), "You have to say this or you have to say that." Neal Sher
Lubomyr Prytulak letters to Neal Sher:

@ Letter 01  15-Sep-1997  What role in four improprieties?
@ Letter 02  16-Sep-1997  Please reply to charges
@ Letter 03  24-Feb-1998  Koziy testimony coerced
@ Letter 04  27-May-1998  Astonishing misrepresentation?
@ Letter 05  08-Sep-1998  Suppression of exculpatory evidence
@ Letter 06  15-Oct-1998  The Ivan who never was
@ Letter 07  17-Dec-1998  Why not contemporary war crimes?
@ Letter 08  24-Feb-1999  Accept responsibility for the Dueck case?
@ Letter 09  29-Aug-1999  Did Dougherty confess his affidavit was false?
@ Letter 10  09-Feb-2001  Aren't animated gifs beneath you?

Letters written by Neal Sher:

@ Letter  01  17-Jan-1989  OSI has no report on Glazar


Anne McLellan: Clicking produces document from which caption is taken Anne McLellan: Clicking produces document from which caption is taken @  Action on war crimes is obviously of special concern to the Jewish community.  But it is also important for anyone concerned with the integrity of our justice system. Anne McLellan
Letters Concerning Anne McLellan:

@ Paul Martin  04-Apr-2004  Disenfranchising Ukrainians, Germans, and Lithuanians

Lubomyr Prytulak letters to Anne McLellan:

@ Letter 01  14-Nov-1997  Sher does not provide answers
@ Letter 02  18-Nov-1997  Lied through their teeth
@ Letter 03  19-Dec-1997  A bomb exploded at his doorstep
@ Letter 04  30-Dec-1997  Shot in the chest
@ Letter 05  10-Jan-1998  Its work was sloppy
@ Letter 06  06-Feb-1998  Japanese Rape of Nanking
@ Letter 07  20-Feb-1998  Jewish war crimes
@ Letter 08  21-Feb-1998  Are courts weapons?
@ Letter 09  25-Feb-1998  Are you violating Canadian Charter?
@ Letter 10  27-Feb-1998  Police and Camp Guards blameless?
@ Letter 11  28-Mar-1998  Don't kill my son!
@ Letter 12  30-Mar-1998  Israelis murder POWs
@ Letter 13  31-Mar-1998  Israeli treatment of a Nazi collaborator
@ Letter 14  01-Apr-1998  Jews might attack Jews
@ Letter 15  02-Apr-1998  Jews do attack Jews
@ Letter 16  04-Apr-1998  Deluged by war crimes
@ Letter 17  17-Apr-1998  Jewish Ghetto Police
@ Letter 18  22-Apr-1998  Japanese cannibalism
@ Letter 19  05-May-1999  Who defeated the Nazis?
@ Letter 20  31-May-1999  War crimes prosecutions in 2050
@ Letter 21  05-Oct-1999  Requests to Prosecute and to Alert
@ Letter 22  18-Jan-2000  American-French atrocities after WW II
@ Letter 23  29-Mar-2000  Breaking Palestinian hands
@ Letter 24  15-May-2000  Please raise your War Crimes Unit pay
@ Letter 25  27-Jun-2004  Anne McLellan shrugs off Will Zuzak's complaint of minority-group persecution

Statements by Anne McLellan:

@ Anne McLellan  Speech  13-Nov-1997  Criminal prosecutions impractical
@ Anne McLellan  Letter  09-Oct-1998  Regardless of time and place


@ Gillette  LA Times  27-Apr-1986  Did Soviets manufacture evidence?
@ Gillette  LA Times  27-Apr-1986  Impossible to treat them worse
@ Gillette  LA Times  28-Apr-1986  The main witness was a joke


@ Irving ABELLA, CJC War Crimes Commission Chair
@ Yitzhak ARAD, leading expert witness in Jewish show trials
@ Alan DERSHOWITZ, Harvard Law School professor
@ Sol LITTMAN, Canada's top Nazi hunter and mastermind behind Canada's Deschênes Commission
@ Paul MARTIN, Canadian Prime Minister (2003-2004)
@ Moshe RONEN, National President of the Canadian Jewish Congress
@ Eli ROSENBAUM, Director of the US Office of Special Investigations


@ Louis Nizer      What to do with Germany?   1944  A modest proposal
@ Moravia          Two Women                  1958  Image of a Ukrainian collaborator
@ Serbyn           Ukraine during WW II       1986  Public is misinformed about war crimes
@ Rosenbaum        Letter to CJC       02-Feb-1987  World Jewish Congress monitors Ukrainians
@ Philip Roth      Operation Shylock          1993  Philip Roth as Political Analyst
@ Staff Writer     Ukrainian Weekly    13-Jun-1993  On the brink of collapse
@ Kuzio            Ukrainian Weekly    03-Oct-1993  Larger crimes committed by NKVD and KGB
@ Cohn             Toronto Star        08-Oct-1995  Executed 49 Egyptian soldiers
@ Prytulak         InfoUkes            01-Aug-1997  War Criminals (Neal Sher: Have gun, will travel)
@ Prytulak         InfoUkes            26-Aug-1997  New York Times ad
@ Prytulak         InfoUkes            06-Sep-1997  War crimes (Neal Sher still a viable candidacy?)
@ Prytulak         InfoUkes            11-Sep-1997  Bogutin extradition (a NON-action item)
@ Prytulak         InfoUkes            20-Sep-1997  Disband the OSI!
@ Vienneau         Toronto Star        08-Dec-1997  A fire in the belly
@ Noël             Canada v. Dueck     23-Dec-1997  Punitive and neutral triple-F rules
@ Kuropas          Ukrainian Weekly    04-Jan-1998  No Judenrat member was ever accused
@ Odynsky          Globe and Mail      05-Jan-1998  The RCMP arrive unexpectedly
@ Prytulak         InfoUkes            08-Jan-1998  Want war criminals? Try the Rape of Nanking!
@ Editor           Globe and Mail      14-Jan-1998  An uneasy feel to it
@ Bindman          Vancouver Sun       26-Jan-1998  Corrupters, and not facilitators, of justice
@ Bindman          Vancouver Sun       23-Feb-1998  Bogutin may lose citizenship
@ Worthington      Toronto Sun         26-Mar-1998  Thank Sher for his interest
@ Prytulak         Hypotheses          01-Apr-1998  CBS's new Kennedy assassination theory
@ Staff            London Times        27-Apr-1998  How the Middle East was won
@ Staff            CNEWS               28-Apr-1998  Neal Sher should be sent packing
@ Ismail Zayid     Globe and Mail      02-May-1998  Massacred in cold blood
@ Issa Fahel       Vancouver Sun       06-May-1998  Making the desert bloom
@ Worthington      Toronto Sun         12-May-1998  Bigger fish to fry?
@ JC               RFE/RL              12-May-1998  Holocaust Survivor Defends Lileikis
@ Samyn/McArthur   Winnipeg Free Press 25-May-1998  Neal Sher: Someone from another country
@ Martin Cohn      Toronto Star        16-Aug-1998  The new torturers
@ Joan Acocella    The New Yorker      06-Apr-1998  MPD and the Jewish Holocaust
@ Mary Radewych    Toronto Star        26-Oct-1998  Would be no conviction
@ Schlaepfer       Toronto Star        26-Oct-1998  Get right teachers
@ Walter Halchuk   Toronto Star        29-Oct-1998  We should have Holodomor classes
@ Moorehead        Toronto Star        29-Oct-1998  Perhaps Littman should return to school
@ Prytulak         NOT Toronto Star    03-Nov-1998  Deschênes excoriates Wiesenthal and Littman
@ Prytulak         UKAR Editorial      09-Nov-1998  Which Holocaust should Canada memorialize?
@ Kirk Makin       Globe and Mail      22-Dec-1998  No war crime component
@ Kirk Makin       Globe and Mail      20-Feb-1999  For crimes not committed
@ Editorial        Globe and Mail      23-Feb-1999  Pursuing Johann Dueck
@ Letters          Globe and Mail      24-Feb-1999  Four letters to the editor
@ John Martin      Globe and Mail      03-Mar-1999  Misplaced revenge is not so sweet
@ Odynsky Defense                      19-Mar-1999  Wasyl Odynsky Defense Fund
@ Slepokura/Lemieszewski National Post 02-Aug-1999  Two letters on war crimes
@ Will Zuzak       To Anne McLellan    15-Dec-1999  Regarding Bill C-19
@ Victor Ostrovsky                      March 2000  A Message From Hell
@ Robert Fisk      Independent         24-May-2000  Israel withdraws from Lebanon
@ Phil Reeves      Independent         24-May-2000  Brutal cells of Khiam
@ Robert Fisk      Independent         25-May-2000  Inside a torturers' den
@ Amira Hass       Ha'aretz            01-Nov-2000  The mirror does not lie
@ Edward Stourton  BBC                 03-Nov-2000  Israel accused of war crimes
@ Marie Colvin     Sunday Times        05-Nov-2000  Two boys gunned down in cold blood
@ Lubomyr Prytulak                     08-Dec-2000  The show trial of Michael Seifert
@ Israel Shamir                        25-Dec-2000  Flunking the lousiness test
@ Mazur & Kurlak   Open Letter         10-Jan-2001  Another attack on the Galicia Division
@ Israel Shamir                        27-Jan-2001  Rape of Dulcinea
@ Israel Shamir                        17-Feb-2001  Kid Sister
@ Lamis Andoni/Sandy Tolan             21-Feb-2001  Shoot to Maim
@ Israel Shamir                        25-Feb-2001  Galilee Flowers
@ Israel Shamir                        03-Mar-2001  Joseph Revisited
@ Israel Shamir                        18-Mar-2001  The New Complaint of Portnoy
@ Israel Shamir                        30-Mar-2001  Deir Yassin Day
@ Roberta Strauss Feuerlicht           02-Apr-2001  The Fate of the Jews
@ Story in pictures                    06-Apr-2001  Mutato nomine de te fabula narratur
@ Israel Shamir                        09-Apr-2001  The Third Dove
@ Israel Shamir                        24-Apr-2001  Mamilla Pool
@ Ahmed Amr                            18-Jul-2001  Sharon's Willing Media Collaborators
@ Israel Asper                         18-Jul-2002  Does brain damage help explain Israeli barbarism?
@ Israel Asper                         23-Jul-2002  Sixth explanation of Israeli barbarism?
@ Paul Martin                          10-Mar-2004  What kind of Justice Minister have you appointed?
@ Paul Martin                          14-Mar-2004  American war crimes
@ Paul Martin                          15-Mar-2004  Paul Martin: Italian War Crimes
@ Paul Martin                          16-Mar-2004  Still more Jewish war crimes
@ Paul Martin                          04-Apr-2004  Disenfranchising Ukrainians, Germans, and Lithuanians
@ Paul Martin                          27-Apr-2004  Irwin Cotler Leadership in the Deschenes Commission Witch Hunt
@ Paul Martin                          02-May-2004  Comparing American-British with Ukrainian war crimes
@ Ed Morgan                            16-May-2004  A recent war-atrocity story debunked
@ Paul Martin                          19-May-2004  What David Zimet tells us about Irwin Cotler