War Criminals:  Can Neal Sher Help Find Them?

Neal Sher, clicking produces document from which caption is taken @  There is no indication that the Soviets have said (to witnesses), "You have to say this or you have to say that." � Neal Sher
Lubomyr Prytulak letters to Neal Sher:

@ Letter 01  15-Sep-1997  What role in four improprieties?
@ Letter 02  16-Sep-1997  Please reply to charges
@ Letter 03  24-Feb-1998  Koziy testimony coerced
@ Letter 04  27-May-1998  Astonishing misrepresentation?
@ Letter 05  08-Sep-1998  Suppression of exculpatory evidence
@ Letter 06  15-Oct-1998  The Ivan who never was
@ Letter 07  17-Dec-1998  Why not contemporary war crimes?
@ Letter 08  24-Feb-1999  Accept responsibility for the Dueck case?
@ Letter 09  29-Aug-1999  Did Dougherty confess his affidavit was false?
@ Letter 10  09-Feb-2001  Aren't animated gifs beneath you?

Letters written by Neal Sher:

@ Letter  01  17-Jan-1989  OSI has no report on Glazar


Anne McLellan: Clicking produces document from which caption is taken Anne McLellan: Clicking produces document from which caption is taken @  Action on war crimes is obviously of special concern to the Jewish community.  But it is also important for anyone concerned with the integrity of our justice system. � Anne McLellan
Letters Concerning Anne McLellan:

@ Paul Martin  04-Apr-2004  Disenfranchising Ukrainians, Germans, and Lithuanians

Lubomyr Prytulak letters to Anne McLellan:

@ Letter 01  14-Nov-1997  Sher does not provide answers
@ Letter 02  18-Nov-1997  Lied through their teeth
@ Letter 03  19-Dec-1997  A bomb exploded at his doorstep
@ Letter 04  30-Dec-1997  Shot in the chest
@ Letter 05  10-Jan-1998  Its work was sloppy
@ Letter 06  06-Feb-1998  Japanese Rape of Nanking
@ Letter 07  20-Feb-1998  Jewish war crimes
@ Letter 08  21-Feb-1998  Are courts weapons?
@ Letter 09  25-Feb-1998  Are you violating Canadian Charter?
@ Letter 10  27-Feb-1998  Police and Camp Guards blameless?
@ Letter 11  28-Mar-1998  Don't kill my son!
@ Letter 12  30-Mar-1998  Israelis murder POWs
@ Letter 13  31-Mar-1998  Israeli treatment of a Nazi collaborator
@ Letter 14  01-Apr-1998  Jews might attack Jews
@ Letter 15  02-Apr-1998  Jews do attack Jews
@ Letter 16  04-Apr-1998  Deluged by war crimes
@ Letter 17  17-Apr-1998  Jewish Ghetto Police
@ Letter 18  22-Apr-1998  Japanese cannibalism
@ Letter 19  05-May-1999  Who defeated the Nazis?
@ Letter 20  31-May-1999  War crimes prosecutions in 2050
@ Letter 21  05-Oct-1999  Requests to Prosecute and to Alert
@ Letter 22  18-Jan-2000  American-French atrocities after WW II
@ Letter 23  29-Mar-2000  Breaking Palestinian hands
@ Letter 24  15-May-2000  Please raise your War Crimes Unit pay
@ Letter 25  27-Jun-2004  Anne McLellan shrugs off Will Zuzak's complaint of minority-group persecution

Statements by Anne McLellan:

@ Anne McLellan  Speech  13-Nov-1997  Criminal prosecutions impractical
@ Anne McLellan  Letter  09-Oct-1998  Regardless of time and place


@ Gillette  LA Times  27-Apr-1986  Did Soviets manufacture evidence?
@ Gillette  LA Times  27-Apr-1986  Impossible to treat them worse
@ Gillette  LA Times  28-Apr-1986  The main witness was a joke


@ Irving ABELLA, CJC War Crimes Commission Chair
@ Yitzhak ARAD, leading expert witness in Jewish show trials
@ Alan DERSHOWITZ, Harvard Law School professor
@ Sol LITTMAN, Canada's top Nazi hunter and mastermind behind Canada's Deschênes Commission
@ Paul MARTIN, Canadian Prime Minister (2003-2004)
@ Moshe RONEN, National President of the Canadian Jewish Congress
@ Eli ROSENBAUM, Director of the US Office of Special Investigations


@ Louis Nizer      What to do with Germany?   1944  A modest proposal
@ Moravia          Two Women                  1958  Image of a Ukrainian collaborator
@ Serbyn           Ukraine during WW II       1986  Public is misinformed about war crimes
@ Rosenbaum        Letter to CJC       02-Feb-1987  World Jewish Congress monitors Ukrainians
@ Philip Roth      Operation Shylock          1993  Philip Roth as Political Analyst
@ Staff Writer     Ukrainian Weekly    13-Jun-1993  On the brink of collapse
@ Kuzio            Ukrainian Weekly    03-Oct-1993  Larger crimes committed by NKVD and KGB
@ Cohn             Toronto Star        08-Oct-1995  Executed 49 Egyptian soldiers
@ Prytulak         InfoUkes            01-Aug-1997  War Criminals (Neal Sher: Have gun, will travel)
@ Prytulak         InfoUkes            26-Aug-1997  New York Times ad
@ Prytulak         InfoUkes            06-Sep-1997  War crimes (Neal Sher � still a viable candidacy?)
@ Prytulak         InfoUkes            11-Sep-1997  Bogutin extradition (a NON-action item)
@ Prytulak         InfoUkes            20-Sep-1997  Disband the OSI!
@ Vienneau         Toronto Star        08-Dec-1997  A fire in the belly
@ Noël             Canada v. Dueck     23-Dec-1997  Punitive and neutral triple-F rules
@ Kuropas          Ukrainian Weekly    04-Jan-1998  No Judenrat member was ever accused
@ Odynsky          Globe and Mail      05-Jan-1998  The RCMP arrive unexpectedly
@ Prytulak         InfoUkes            08-Jan-1998  Want war criminals? � Try the Rape of Nanking!
@ Editor           Globe and Mail      14-Jan-1998  An uneasy feel to it
@ Bindman          Vancouver Sun       26-Jan-1998  Corrupters, and not facilitators, of justice
@ Bindman          Vancouver Sun       23-Feb-1998  Bogutin may lose citizenship
@ Worthington      Toronto Sun         26-Mar-1998  Thank Sher for his interest
@ Prytulak         Hypotheses          01-Apr-1998  CBS's new Kennedy assassination theory
@ Staff            London Times        27-Apr-1998  How the Middle East was won
@ Staff            CNEWS               28-Apr-1998  Neal Sher should be sent packing
@ Ismail Zayid     Globe and Mail      02-May-1998  Massacred in cold blood
@ Issa Fahel       Vancouver Sun       06-May-1998  Making the desert bloom
@ Worthington      Toronto Sun         12-May-1998  Bigger fish to fry?
@ JC               RFE/RL              12-May-1998  Holocaust Survivor Defends Lileikis
@ Samyn/McArthur   Winnipeg Free Press 25-May-1998  Neal Sher: Someone from another country
@ Martin Cohn      Toronto Star        16-Aug-1998  The new torturers
@ Joan Acocella    The New Yorker      06-Apr-1998  MPD and the Jewish Holocaust
@ Mary Radewych    Toronto Star        26-Oct-1998  Would be no conviction
@ Schlaepfer       Toronto Star        26-Oct-1998  Get right teachers
@ Walter Halchuk   Toronto Star        29-Oct-1998  We should have Holodomor classes
@ Moorehead        Toronto Star        29-Oct-1998  Perhaps Littman should return to school
@ Prytulak         NOT Toronto Star    03-Nov-1998  Deschênes excoriates Wiesenthal and Littman
@ Prytulak         UKAR Editorial      09-Nov-1998  Which Holocaust should Canada memorialize?
@ Kirk Makin       Globe and Mail      22-Dec-1998  No war crime component
@ Kirk Makin       Globe and Mail      20-Feb-1999  For crimes not committed
@ Editorial        Globe and Mail      23-Feb-1999  Pursuing Johann Dueck
@ Letters          Globe and Mail      24-Feb-1999  Four letters to the editor
@ John Martin      Globe and Mail      03-Mar-1999  Misplaced revenge is not so sweet
@ Odynsky Defense                      19-Mar-1999  Wasyl Odynsky Defense Fund
@ Slepokura/Lemieszewski National Post 02-Aug-1999  Two letters on war crimes
@ Will Zuzak       To Anne McLellan    15-Dec-1999  Regarding Bill C-19
@ Victor Ostrovsky                      March 2000  A Message From Hell
@ Robert Fisk      Independent         24-May-2000  Israel withdraws from Lebanon
@ Phil Reeves      Independent         24-May-2000  Brutal cells of Khiam
@ Robert Fisk      Independent         25-May-2000  Inside a torturers' den
@ Amira Hass       Ha'aretz            01-Nov-2000  The mirror does not lie
@ Edward Stourton  BBC                 03-Nov-2000  Israel accused of war crimes
@ Marie Colvin     Sunday Times        05-Nov-2000  Two boys gunned down in cold blood
@ Lubomyr Prytulak                     08-Dec-2000  The show trial of Michael Seifert
@ Israel Shamir                        25-Dec-2000  Flunking the lousiness test
@ Mazur & Kurlak   Open Letter         10-Jan-2001  Another attack on the Galicia Division
@ Israel Shamir                        27-Jan-2001  Rape of Dulcinea
@ Israel Shamir                        17-Feb-2001  Kid Sister
@ Lamis Andoni/Sandy Tolan             21-Feb-2001  Shoot to Maim
@ Israel Shamir                        25-Feb-2001  Galilee Flowers
@ Israel Shamir                        03-Mar-2001  Joseph Revisited
@ Israel Shamir                        18-Mar-2001  The New Complaint of Portnoy
@ Israel Shamir                        30-Mar-2001  Deir Yassin Day
@ Roberta Strauss Feuerlicht           02-Apr-2001  The Fate of the Jews
@ Story in pictures                    06-Apr-2001  Mutato nomine de te fabula narratur
@ Israel Shamir                        09-Apr-2001  The Third Dove
@ Israel Shamir                        24-Apr-2001  Mamilla Pool
@ Ahmed Amr                            18-Jul-2001  Sharon's Willing Media Collaborators
@ Israel Asper                         18-Jul-2002  Does brain damage help explain Israeli barbarism?
@ Israel Asper                         23-Jul-2002  Sixth explanation of Israeli barbarism?
@ Paul Martin                          10-Mar-2004  What kind of Justice Minister have you appointed?
@ Paul Martin                          14-Mar-2004  American war crimes
@ Paul Martin                          15-Mar-2004  Paul Martin: Italian War Crimes
@ Paul Martin                          16-Mar-2004  Still more Jewish war crimes
@ Paul Martin                          04-Apr-2004  Disenfranchising Ukrainians, Germans, and Lithuanians
@ Paul Martin                          27-Apr-2004  Irwin Cotler Leadership in the Deschenes Commission Witch Hunt
@ Paul Martin                          02-May-2004  Comparing American-British with Ukrainian war crimes
@ Ed Morgan                            16-May-2004  A recent war-atrocity story debunked
@ Paul Martin                          19-May-2004  What David Zimet tells us about Irwin Cotler