Yitzhak Arad: Expert witness in show trials against Ukrainians

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Born Isaac Rudnicki in 1926 in Sifrana, Poland (today part of Lithuania).  A fighter for thirty years, first as a Soviet partisan, then with the Palmach and the IDF.  In view of the atrocities that can be laid at the feet of all the organizations for which he has borne arms, one expects that Yitzhak Arad has much innocent blood on his hands, which in Israel is not so much a bar to high public office as a prerequisite.  Retired from the military in 1972 holding the post of Chief Education Officer with the rank of Brigadier General, and the same year given the administrative position of Director of Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, at which point it was recognized that his credentials as a terrorist-warrior needed to be bolstered by some credentials as a scholar.

And so Arad has been credited with a Ph.D. (on the subject of the Vilna Ghetto), but the year of receipt of the degree, the university which granted it, the thesis adviser who guided it, and where copies are available today these are things that are not widely reported.  In view of the abysmal quality of Yitzhak Arad's writing and courtroom testimony, it is hard to keep from wondering whether a fair summary of him is that his education was rudimentary, and that his Ph.D. is a sham created to bolster his image as Director of Yad Vashem and his credibility as expert witness in show trials.  His preference when testifying is to be given immunity from cross-examination, as he was in the Demjanjuk trial in Jerusalem in 1987.

Photographs and captions are from the autobiographical and uninformative and mercifully out of print: Yitzhak Arad, The Partisan: From the Valley of Death to Mount Zion, Holocaust Library, New York, 1979.  Listed as Chairman of the Advisory Board of this Holocaust Library is Jewish-holocaust fabulist Alexander Donat, and as a member of the board, Jewish-holocaust fabulist Elie Wiesel.

Chief Education Officer of the Israel Defense Forces

At the Hall of Names, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, March 11, 1979.
R. to l.: President Carter,Rosalyn Carter, Dr. Arad.

In the army as a colonel