No free press, no democracy


@ Arthur Hays Sulzberger editorial: Dictators and the Press
@ Declaration of Chapultepec

In the United States:

@ Ongoing attempts to use the Los Angeles Superior Court to suppress Internet publication
@ Jonathan Rauch: Kindly Inquisitors

In Canada:

@ Ongoing attempt to use the Canadian Human Rights Commission to suppress Internet free speech
@ Canada Losing Free Speech: Alan Borovoy INDEX
@ Canada Losing Free Speech: Kenneth Hilborn INDEX
@ Canada Losing Free Speech: Ian Hunter INDEX
@ Canada Losing Free Speech: Rory Leishman INDEX
@ Sol Littman       Letter 23    23-Nov-1999  Juvenile tactics, totalitarian goals
@ Irving Abella     Letter 01    26-Apr-2000  Are you for criminalizing dissent?
@ F. David Radler   Letter 01    08-Dec-2000  The show trial of Michael Seifert
@ F. David Radler   Letter 02    25-Dec-2000  Flunking the lousiness test
@ F. David Radler   Letter 03    16-Sep-2001  Brain worms, dust clouds, World Trade Center
@ Kenneth Hilborn   Western News 23-Jan-2003  Academic Freedom and Canadian Law
@ Leonard Asper     Letter 01    27-Mar-2004  Do you wage war on Ukrainians?

In Ukraine:

@ CPJ                               03-May-1999  Leonid Kuchma's police state press
@ Ukrainian Weekly                  16-May-1999  Hosni Mubarak of the Slavic world?
@ Jaroslav Koshiw      Kyiv Post    20-May-1999  Freeing the Ukrainian press
@ Marko Levytsky       Kyiv Post    20-May-1999  Attempt to control TV and radio
@ STV employees        InfoUkes     06-Jun-1999  Coup d'etat in Ukraine
@ Editorial            The Day      20-Jul-1999  President Kuchma should stand trial
@ Yana Moiseyenkova    The Day      20-Jul-1999  Inspection mania
@ Peter Byrne          Kyiv Post    22-Jul-1999  Leonid Kuchma strangles press
@ Hryhoriy Omelchenko  RFE/RL       28-Jul-1999  Kuchma contract on my life
@ Lubomyr Prytulak                  30-Jul-1999  Ukrainian assassins: Come forward!
@ Peter Byrne          Kyiv Post    29-Jul-1999  Another step toward dictatorship
@ Michael Ignatieff    New Yorker   02-Aug-1999  Advantages of dictatorship
@ Agence France Presse              06-Aug-1999  Enriching Russian mafia gangs
@ Peter Byrne          Kyiv Post    12-Aug-1999  U.S. supports move toward dictatorship
@ Natalia Vikulina     The Day      17-Aug-1999  Leonid Kuchma birthday present
@ Ann Cooper           CPJ          23-Sep-1999  Official harassment of STB TV
@ Ann Cooper           CPJ          28-Oct-1999  Kuchma censors four newspapers
@ Reuters                           31-Oct-1999  Kuchma scuttles debate
@ CPJ                               24-Mar-2000  Report on Ukraine
@ Ann Cooper           CPJ          12-Apr-2000  Kuchma must investigate assault
@ Leonid Kuchma        Letter 03    08-Sep-2000  Is this your work?
@ Leonid Kuchma        Letter 05    19-Sep-2000  Gongadze vanishes in Kuchma's Ukraine
@ Ann Cooper           CPJ          02-Nov-2000  Georgy Gongadze disappearance
@ Leonid Kuchma        Letter 07    16-Nov-2000  Where is Heorhy Gongadze's head?
@ Kyiv Post                         28-Nov-2000  Kuchma bug transcript
@ Leonid Kuchma        Letter 08    28-Nov-2000  They've got you on tape!
@ Leonid Kuchma        Letter 09    29-Nov-2000  The Dutch listen to your voice
@ Leonid Kuchma        Letter 10    13-Jan-2001  The rules of probability
@ Leonid Kuchma        Letter 11    15-Jan-2001  A tradition of heroism
@ Leonid Kuchma        Letter 12    16-Jan-2001  Chornovil dies in crash with KamAZ
@ Leonid Kuchma        Letter 13    17-Jan-2001  Censorship-killing of Igor Grouchetsky
@ Leonid Kuchma        Letter 14    08-Feb-2001  The NYT proclaims your crimes
@ Leonid Kuchma        Letter 15    23-Feb-2001  Beyond evil stupid
@ Leonid Kuchma        Letter 16    26-Feb-2001  Fifty Melnychenkos are coming to get you
@ Leonid Kuchma        Financial T  02-Mar-2001  Soros says Kuchma must step down
@ Yulia Tymoshenko     Financial T  14-Mar-2001  Yulia Tymoshenko writes from prison
@ Leonid Kuchma        Letter 17    25-Mar-2001  False tissue sample?
@ Leonid Kuchma        Letter 18    14-Jun-2001  Episode 25
@ Leonid Kuchma        Letter 19    19-Jun-2001  Be nice to Oleg Liachko!
@ Leonid Kuchma        Letter 21    21-Jun-2001  Please nullify illegal ownership of media
@ Leonid Kuchma        Letter 22    22-Jun-2001  What do your stolen billions buy?
@ Leonid Kuchma        Letter 23    29-Jun-2001  Another contract killing in Kuchma's Ukraine
@ Leonid Kuchma        Letter 24    08-Jul-2001  Ihor Alexandrov's blood on Kuchma's hands
@ Leonid Kuchma        Letter 31    03-Jan-2004  Was Heorhy (Georgi) Gongadze tortured?
@ Leonid Kuchma        Letter 32    05-Jan-2004  What Next for a Predator of Press Freedom?
@ Leonid Kuchma        Letter 33    13-Jan-2004  Oleh Yeltsov shot with rubber bullets