Edgar Bronfman Senior  Letter 01  31-Mar-2000  Edgar the Terrible of Seagram
"As the broken bodies, disintegrated families, disease and affliction are tallied in America and the world, we have but one question to ask the undertaker: 'Have we reached six million yet?' " — Blacks and Jews web site

March 31, 2000
Edgar M. Bronfman
The Seagram Company, Ltd.
1430 Peel Street
Montreal, Quebec H3A 1S9

Edgar M. Bronfman:

The calls for apology and restitution that the press reports so incessantly would be commendable were they applied equitably to those who have the most to apologize for and who have the greatest restitution to make.  However, when such calls overlook many among those who have committed equivalent crimes, then these calls will tend to be viewed as hypocritical and avaricious.  Worse, when such calls overlook those who have committed even greater crimes and stolen even more money, and focus only upon the second- or third-echelon malefactors, then these calls will all the more tend to be viewed as hypocritical and avaricious.

Thus, the people who head movements calling for apology and restitution — the Jewish people — might wish to free themselves from the suspicion of hypocrisy and avarice by themselves apologizing and offering restitution for at least the following crimes, for which I have provided links to corroborative information:

Crimes that JEWS might consider apologizing and offering restitution for

(1) Jewish crimes under Communism which dwarf the crimes that the Nazis committed against the Jewish people:

Jewish war crimes    www.ukar.org/mclell07.html
Jewish conquest of the Slavs    www.ukar.org/shapov01.html
The murderers among us    www.ukar.org/littma02.html
Who did Israel Roitman murder?    www.ukar.org/safer14.html
The Wiesenthal-Safer Calumny    www.ukar.org/safer13.html
The Lviv Massacre    www.ukar.org/zayas01.html
Larger crimes committed by NKVD and KGB    www.ukar.org/kuzio01.htm

(2) Jewish collaboration with the Nazis during WW II which considerably exceeds that of other peoples whom Jews habitually accuse of collaboration, such as Ukrainians:

Jewish war crimes    www.ukar.org/mclell07.html
Let's hunt war criminals together    www.ukar.org/littma01.html
Jewish Ghetto Police    www.ukar.org/mclell17.html
Ghetto policeman Mitso Rosenbek    www.ukar.org/littma12.html
Israeli treatment of a Nazi collaborator    www.ukar.org/mclell13.html
Spying on the Polish partisans    www.ukar.org/07diary.html
Prisoner with two pistols    www.ukar.org/10twopis.html
One out of 40 escaped shooting    www.ukar.org/safer08.html
Excerpts from Jews NOT Zionists    www.ukar.org/jewsnot1.html

(3) Jewish torture and murder of German prisoners following WW II:

Jewish war crimes    www.ukar.org/mclell07.html

(4) Jewish war crimes in the Middle East:

Jewish war crimes    www.ukar.org/mclell07.html
Philip Roth as Political Analyst    www.ukar.org/phroth01.html
How the Middle East was won    www.ukar.org/london01.html
Massacred in cold blood    www.ukar.org/zayid01.html
Making the desert bloom    www.ukar.org/zayid01.html/fahel01.html
Israel Executed 49 Egyptian soldiers    www.ukar.org/cohn01.html
The new torturers    www.ukar.org/cohn02.html
Don't kill my son!    www.ukar.org/mclell11.html
Israelis murder POWs    www.ukar.org/mclell12.html
Breaking Palestinian hands    www.ukar.org/mclell25.html

(5) Jewish staging of show trials:

Frank Walus: Polish victim of Jewish hate    www.ukar.org/walus.html
John Demjanjuk: Ukrainian victim of Jewish hate    www.ukar.org/demlinks.html
Deschênes Commission: Mischief or Paranoia?    www.ukar.org/littma05.html

(6) Jewish crimes in Ukraine today:

The Plundering of Ukraine    www.ukar.org/97100351.html
Slave trade in Slavic women    www.ukar.org/specter01.html
Who is Leonid Wolf?    www.ukar.org/korsha02.html
Who did Leonid Wolf murder?    www.ukar.org/safer15.html
World's most dangerous gangster    www.ukar.org/friedm01.html
George Soros buys Ukraine    www.ukar.org/soros01.html
The rise of the Russian criminal state    www.ukar.org/satter01.html
Mostly Jewish seven super-tycoons    www.ukar.org/margol02.html
Crimes carried out from Israel    www.ukar.org/reinfe01.html
Israel launders Ukrainian money    www.ukar.org/kokhav01.html

(7) Jewish spreading of hate propaganda:

Jerzy Kosinski: The Painted Bird    www.ukar.org/kosins.html
Sol Littman: Tryzub and Swastika Speech    www.ukar.org/littma.html
Morley Safer: The Ugly Face of Freedom    www.ukar.org/safer.html
Time Magazine: Traditions of Disinformation    www.ukar.org/lvivrape.html
Bill Gladstone: The Holocaust of 1648    www.ukar.org/gladst01.html
Simon Wiesenthal: Grand Calumniator of Ukraine    www.ukar.org/wiesen.html
Yitzhak Arad: Expert witness against Ukrainians    www.ukar.org/arad.html
Rabbi Bleich: Saturday curse against Khmelnytsky    www.ukar.org/bleich.html
Alan Dershowitz: Slanderer of John Demjanjuk    www.ukar.org/dersho.html

(8) Jewish secret tax:

What I Found in my Pantry    www.ukar.org/tax02.html

(9) Jewish cruelty to animals:

Is Jewish ritual slaughter inhumane?    www.ukar.org/ronen02.html

(10) Jewish assassination of Symon Petliura:

Symon Petliura Introduction    www.ukar.org/petliu00.html

(11) Jewish work to suppress freedom of speech:

Where might vigilante action come from?    www.ukar.org/fauris01.html
Controlling belief by throwing acid    www.ukar.org/fauris02.html
Juvenile tactics, totalitarian goals    www.ukar.org/littma24.html

Crimes that YOU might consider apologizing and offering restitution for

And since you are the leader of the movement calling for apology and restitution, then to avoid the personal accusation of hypocrisy and avarice, you might wish to offer your personal apology and restitution for the harm that you have inflicted through your alcohol supply business.

There have been worse holocausts:

How many Years of Potential Life Lost (YPLL) can be attributed to the Jewish Holocaust of WW II?  If six million Jews each lost an average of 30 years of life, then that makes 180 million YPLL; or if one million Jews each lost an average of 20 years of life, then that makes 20 million YPLL.  Let us say, then, that the Jewish Holocaust was responsible for between 20 and 120 million YPLL.  According to either estimate, this is a holocaust of gargantuan proportions — and yet it is not the only holocaust that there has ever been, nor is it the biggest.  Let us consider another one.

The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) web site presents data indicating that from 1977 to 1997 inclusive, the "YPLL alcohol-related traffic crash deaths" totals 12.4 million.  (If you add all the numbers in the column, you will get 12,354,092.)  However, a little thought reveals to us that any grand total YPLL in which alcohol was a contributing factor must be considerably higher:

(1) as traffic-crash deaths are only one of the kinds of accident deaths caused by alcohol, then adding other kinds of accident deaths (falls, drownings, poisonings, electrocutions, whatever) to the YPLL would push our total YPLL higher;

(2) as alcohol causes death not only through accidents, but also through murders and manslaughters and suicides, then a total YPLL which adds murders and manslaughters and suicides to accident deaths must be much higher;

(3) as alcohol causes death also through disease, adding disease-caused YPLL would raise the total YPLL even higher;

(4) as alcohol has been causing deaths for longer than 1977 to 1997, then the YPLL from any greater interval must inevitably push total YPLL higher still;

(5) as these figures are from the United States alone, and as alcohol has been taking YPLL in places outside the United States, then a grand total YPLL which encompassed regions outside the United States must be higher still.

Thus, it cannot be doubted that if we considered YPLL from all alcohol-related causes over a longer time interval and over a greater area, then the figure of 12.4 million YPLL would be dramatically higher, and that it would undoubtedly dwarf even the higher of our two estimates of the YPLL in the Jewish Holocaust.  Consider, to clinch this point, that as much of the killing during the Jewish Holocaust involved the consumption of alcohol on the part of the killers, then a good chunk of the Jewish Holocaust YPLL would have to be included within the Alcohol YPLL.  The Jewish Holocaust was a brief and circumscribed holocaust; the Alcohol Holocaust is an enduring and widespread holocaust which subsumes the Jewish Holocaust.  Alcohol is not merely a separate evil — it is a contributor toward every other kind of evil.

Thus, to the question "What caused the Jewish Holocaust?" the answer must be that the Jewish Holocaust had a large number of causes, and that among these was the drinking of alcohol, the product that you have dedicated your life to selling.  Without the consumption of alcohol to deaden conscience, the Jewish Holocaust may have become greatly reduced in scale.

At the same time, if we wished to compute an Alcohol YPLL not merely in which alcohol was a contributing factor, but was the sole cause, then this vast Alcohol YPLL — that we have been imagining above but have not actually computed — would have to be taken down several notches.  That is, if alcohol is a factor in what I am calling the "Alcohol YPLL," it is not the only factor, which is to say that even in the total absence of alcohol, accidents would still take place, as would disease, as would murders and manslaughters and suicides, as would wars and ethnic cleansings — only they would all take place on a reduced scale.  Thus, the very large total Alcohol YPLL that we might arrive at if we were to perform the computations suggested above cannot be blamed entirely upon alcohol; and furthermore although Seagram is a leading supplier of alcohol, it is far from the only supplier.

Nevertheless, taking all of the above considerations into account, and before venturing to perform any of the computations suggested above, we are able to arrive at the following conclusions with a high degree of confidence:

(1) Alcohol is responsible for a YPLL so vast that it easily qualifies as an Alcohol Holocaust which dwarfs the Jewish Holocaust.

(2) Even if Seagram contributes only a small fraction to that total Alcohol Holocaust, this contribution is still so substantial that Seagram alone can take credit for a Seagram Holocaust.

Ivan the Terrible vs. Edgar the Terrible — which is worse?

Thus, a first impression reveals little difference between Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka and Edgar the Terrible of Seagram — each one cut short a vast number of lives, or to maintain consistency with our discussion above, each one can be held responsible for a large YPLL.  On top of that, for each single Year of Potential Life Lost, there might be ten additional man-years utterly devastated by the Jewish Holocaust or by the Alcohol Holocaust, and there might be a hundred additional man-years whose enjoyment was markedly lowered by either of these holocausts.

There are three chief differences between Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka and Edgar the Terrible of Seagram, which must be acknowledged.  (1) The causal chain between Ivan the Terrible and his victims was short, such that Ivan could hear their screams, and was splattered by their blood; whereas the causal chain between Edgar the Terrible and his victims is longer, and their splattered brains and cirrhotic livers never make it past the front doors of his corporate offices.  (2) Ivan the Terrible knew exactly who his victims were, whereas selection of Edgar the Terrible's victims involves a random component, such that exactly who these victims will prove to be is not knowable in advance with the same certainty.  (3) Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka is a myth created in the imaginations of a tiny handful of Jews claiming to be Treblinka survivors, and in fact the evidence that the Treblinka pictured by Demjanjuk's Israeli prosecutors ever existed was absent from the trial, and continues missing to this day; in contrast to which, although the death and destruction caused by Edgar the Terrible of Seagram cannot be quantified precisely, the gargantuan proportions of this death and destruction is impossible to doubt.  Although the first two differences above place a slightly heavier burden of guilt on the shoulders of Ivan the Terrible, the third difference above — that Ivan the Terrible is fictitioius and Edgar the Terrible is real — clinches the argument that Edgar the Terrible of Seagram is far worse than was Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka.

Although the devastation caused by Edgar the Terrible of Seagram could be pursued through complex computations in attempts to arrive at increasingly accurate estimates, even without such computations available to help win credence, this devastation is already believed by some:

But, could Edgar Bronfman really be that concerned about terrorism?  When one analyzes the figures compiled by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), maybe Americans (and particularly Blacks) ought to be more concerned about Bronfman.  According to NIAAA the estimated cost of alcohol abuse was $70.3 billion in 1985 and an astounding $85.9 billion in 1988.  The loss of productivity, expenditures on medical treatment, premature deaths and broken families are incalculable.  As the largest purveyors of alcohol in the world, what part of this human tragedy can we attribute to the Bronfman liquor dynasty?

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), in the United States, 75% of unintentional injuries and 50% of the 12 leading causes of death are directly or indirectly related to alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs.  The only age group in the United States whose life span is decreasing is young people between the ages of 15 and 24, much of this decrease is attributed to alcohol consumption.  The American Journal of Public Health reports that the density of liquor stores is directly responsible for increased aggression and crime.  Among the Native American the scourge is devastating.  Mortality rates for crashes and alcoholism are 5.5 and 3.8 times higher, respectively, among the Native Americans than among the general population.  Among Southwestern Plains Indians, 10.7 of every 1,000 children were born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome — born grasping for a Seagrams bottle!

With these gruesome realities about the poison that made them rich, what do the Bronfmans do?  They have broken a decades-long ban on TV hard liquor advertisements and will now entice the viewership to surrender their livers to Bronfman's American vision, staggering and blurred though it may be.

When the Bronfmans and their World Jewish Congress refer to our leader, the Honorable Louis Farrakhan as "dangerous" we must consider the source.  As the broken bodies, disintegrated families, disease and affliction are tallied in America and the world, we have but one question to ask the undertaker: "Have we reached six million yet?"
The above excerpt is taken from a pro Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan article on the Blacks and Jews web site, a copy of which has been placed on the Ukrainian Archive as well.

You do so create anti-Semitism

You deny that you create anti-Semitism:

I have been accused of creating anti-Semitism.  I know that’s true in Switzerland.  Jews don’t create anti-Semitism; anti-Semites create anti-Semitism.
From a speech delivered 12Mar98 and available on the Commonwealth Club of California web site.

However, it is clear that you are wrong.  You do create anti-Semitism.  You create anti-Semitism by living in a glass house and yet spending your day throwing stones.  You provoke anti-Semitism by having a beam in your own eye, and yet spending your day collaring passersby and demanding payment for the motes that you find in their eyes.  You incite anti-Semitism by taking leadership of the Jews, while lacking the moral integrity for leadership, and while practicing hypocrisy and avarice.

Had an Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka really existed, and were he alive today, then what an immense mistake it would be for Ukrainians to elect him as their leader! — He would expose Ukrainians to disgrace upon his crimes being brought to public attention.  Fortunately for Ukrainians, no such Ivan the Terrible exists, and none has been elected to leadership.  Unfortunately for Jews, however, Edgar the Terrible of Seagram does exist, and he has been elected to leadership, and for Jews to accept Edgar the Terrible of Seagram as their leader has been an immense mistake.  Edgar the Terrible of Seagram has no moral authority.  Too many people know that his empire is built on a Seagram Holocaust.  Jews should have known not to elect him to leadership; he should have known that by assuming leadership, he would bring discredit upon Jews.

On the other hand, from the point of view of the goal of inciting world-wide anti-Semitism so as to promote the herding of world Jewry to Israel, electing Edgar the Terrible of Seagram to leadership was a master stroke.

Lubomyr Prytulak