TIME Magazine: Traditions of Disinformation
For the reader interested in understanding TIME's misuse of the Wallowing Photograph, but who does not have time to read all of the many documents below, I recommend reading the following three: (1) the TIME magazine falsification of Professor Struk's letter, (2) the Marco Levytsky article, and (3) the TIME magazine retraction and apology, all three of which are linked within this sentence, and all three of which are shown in blue in the index below.

The Wallowing Photograph can be examined by clicking any of the three thumbnail images below.

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@ Prytulak   Letter to TIME       19-Feb-1993  Provide me with details
@ Prytulak   Letter to Museum     19-Feb-1993  Interested in obtaining information
@ Editorial  Ukrainian Weekly     21-Feb-1993  Time's shoddy journalism
@ Prytulak   Letter to TIME       22-Feb-1993  With pedestrians strolling by
@ Struk      Ukrainian Weekly     28-Feb-1993  Shoddy research
@ Kuropas    Ukrainian Weekly     28-Feb-1993  I called TIME
@ Klid       Ukrainian Weekly     07-Mar-1993  Inserted to promote hatred
@ Vesslovsky Ukrainian Weekly     07-Mar-1993  A colossal amount of damage
@ Prytulak   Letter 1 to McManus  11-Mar-1993  Two equivalent affronts
@ Editorial  Ukrainian Weekly     14-Mar-1993  Has previously been published
@ Milburn    Ukrainian Weekly     14-Mar-1993  Of a generic nature
@ Stawnychy  Ukrainian Weekly     14-Mar-1993  Hatred and indignation strewn between
@ Struk      TIME                 15-Mar-1993  Repulsive to be sure
@ Struk      Two letters compared 15-Mar-1993  TIME falsifies Struk letter
@ Prytulak   Notes for letter     16-Mar-1993  What does the photo tell us?
@ Levytsky   Ukrainian News          Mar-1993  Staged for Nazi propaganda
@ Prytulak   Letter to Steiger    24-Mar-1993  It turns out that
@ Hunter     Letter from TIME     15-Apr-1993  Profoundly sorry, best wishes
@ Editorial  TIME                 19-Apr-1993  The picture's somewhat murky past
@ Prytulak   Letter 2 to McManus  21-Apr-1993  Restored my faith in TIME