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@ Lubomyr Prytulak: The Ugly Face of 60 Minutes

The above critique covers most of the defects of the CBS 60 Minutes broadcast The Ugly Face of Freedom of October 23, 1994.  The documents below typically discuss topics covered in the above critique, although in some cases, the letters introduce significant new material.  An external link to an InfoUkes page on the topic appears at the bottom of the present page.

@ Transcript of 60 Minutes' "The Ugly Face of Freedom"

Historical Background:

@ Symon Petliura: Morley Safer got him wrong too
@ de Zayas: The Lviv Massacre

Recent Developments:

@ Judge Ginsburg   U.S. Court of Appeals  11-Aug-1998  Serafyn vs. FCC
@ Jeannine Aversa  Associated Press       12-Aug-1998  FCC must review 60 Minutes Segment

Statements Made by Others:

@ Rabbi Lincoln  Ukrainian Weekly   30-Oct-1994   A New York rabbi's response

Gullibility of the media:

@ Jerzy Kosinski (1933-1991)        Grand Calumniator of Poland
@ T.R. Reid      Washington Post      09-May-1997  60 Minutes gullibility
@ Buzz Bissinger Vanity Fair        Sep 1998  Old Liars, young liar

Related media fabrications:

@ Jeffrey Goldberg  Globe and Mail     06-Feb-1993  Fabricating history
@ Mark Steyn        National Post      15-May-2000  CBS fabricates news

Letters to Mike Wallace, host of Sharks Don't Get Cancer:

#01  01-May-2000  Broadcasting Jewish stereotypes
#02  04-Jun-2002  Eating the shark god
#03  04-Jul-2002  Mike Wallace's Dark Secret

Material concerning Mike Wallace:

Ed Coll: Does Mike Wallace have a sloppy streak?
NewsMax.com: Mike Wallace used fake memo

Letters to Don Hewitt, Executive Producer of 60 Minutes:

#01  24-Apr-2002  A Car Possessed by Demons
#02  17-Jul-2002  Canada's REAL Dark Secret

Letters to 60 Minutes Protégé, Steven Rambam:

#01  13-Mar-2002  Steven Rambam shakedown for $25,000
#02  25-Mar-2002  The Jewish show trial of Julius Viel
#03  22-Jul-2002  Smart to lie to the LA Superior Court?
#04  06-Aug-2002  Top 25 Investigators of the Century Hoax
#05  23-Aug-2002  Should Edmund Pankau be off the list too?
#06  31-Aug-2002  The Invisible Ink of the Internet

Letters to Morley Safer, host of The Ugly Face of Freedom:

#01  28-Dec-1994  Please explain silence
#02  19-Mar-1996  Contempt for the viewer
#03  24-May-1998  Your name inevitably comes up
#04  05-Dec-1998  Press responsibility and accountability
#05  09-Apr-1999  Who blew the hands off Maksym Tsarenko?
#06  20-Apr-1999  What kind of people run 60 Minutes?
#07  21-Apr-1999  Does drinking wine promote longevity?
#08  26-Apr-1999  One out of 40 escaped shooting
#09  15-May-1999  Who murdered Volodymyr Ivasiuk?
#10  17-May-1999  Who murdered Volodymyr Katelnytsky?
#11  30-Jun-1999  Who murdered Vadim Boyko?
#12  01-Jul-1999  Who murdered Borys Derevyanko?
#13  04-Jul-1999  The Wiesenthal-Safer Calumny
#14  25-Jul-1999  Who did Israel Roitman murder?
#15  27-Jul-1999  Who did Leonid Wolf murder?
#16  23-Oct-1999  Fifth anniversary commemoration
#17  28-Oct-1999  CBS must produce its evidence
#18  05-Apr-2000  Flip side of French drinking
#19  22-Aug-2000  Revolution in information technology
#20  07-Nov-2000  Poison in your mouth

Correspondence with Raul Hilberg, leading historian of the Jewish holocaust:

#01  15-Sep-1997  Invitation to deny the Lviv Massacre
#01 reply 15-Dec-1997  Lviv Massacre implicitly denied

Letters to Michael H. Jordan, Chairman of Westinghouse Electric Corporation:

#01  06-Mar-1996  Answering 16,000 pieces of mail
#02  07-May-1996  Confusion concerning the Lviv Massacre
#03  14-May-1996  Nowhere is the SS so openly celebrated
#04  12-Jul-1996  Levitas letter to Za Vilnu Ukrainu
#05  18-Jul-1996  Genetic anti-Semitism
#06  19-Jul-1996  Allowing fabulists on 60 Minutes
#07  19-Aug-1996  Loud laughter greeted this ingenuous objection

Letters to Yaakov Dov Bleich, Hassidic rabbi of Kyiv, witness on The Ugly Face of Freedom:

#08  23-May-1998  Please substantiate or retract

Letters to Simon Wiesenthal, Grand Calumniator of Ukraine:

#14  04-Sep-1997  The Forgotten Bodnar
#15  08-Sep-1997  The Elusive Lviv Massacre
#16  09-Sep-1997  Shifting Date for the Lviv Massacre
#18  11-Sep-1997  Questions Concerning the Waffen SS
#19  12-Sep-1997  Testimony of Erwin Schulz
#20  13-Sep-1997  Jews Killing Ukrainians in Lviv
#21  14-Sep-1997  Altered Dates of Death
#23  23-Sep-1997  The Pious Executioners
#24  18-Jan-1998  Reversing victim and victimizer

External Links:

@ InfoUkes page:   CBS 60 Minutes Program: The Ugly Face of Freedom