Letter 03   04-Jul-2002   Mike Wallace's Dark Secret
Mike Wallace
Steven Rambam admirer and patron,
Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes
"Steven Rombom was a particularly tragic example of the sort of psychopaths Kahane attracted to the JDL.  The violence-prone youth, who, according to court records spent eight years in psychiatric institutions from the age of six, joined the JDL when he was twelve years old over the frantic objections of his doctors and social workers." — Robert I. Friedman

04 July 2002

Mike Wallace
60 Minutes, CBS Television
51 W 52nd Street
New York, NY
USA       10019

Mike Wallace:

On 02-Feb-1997, and again on 20-Jul-1997, you broadcast the 60 Minutes story, Canada's Dark Secret.  Perhaps you will take the trouble to read my comments on this broadcast below, so as to help you decide whether any correction or retraction is called for.

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You Trusted Steven Rambam

How many confessions did Steven Rambam tape?

The gist of your story is that Steven Rambam managed to tape-record confessions of Nazi war crimes from Canadians.  How many confessions, exactly, did Rambam claim to have tape-recorded?  The claim that I have taken to citing, and which I will continue to cite until it is explicitly withdrawn, originates from the Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) — the claim of fifty taped confessions:

Working with two reporters for the Jerusalem Post, detective Steven Rambam of New York secured taped confessions from some 50 suspected Nazi war criminals.  He handed over copies of the tapes, as well as additional documentation, to the RCMP and CJC War Crimes Committee Chair Professor Irving Abella.
A larger segment of the original article is available at Publicity Stunt 4: Rambam-Abella Fifty Confessions Hoax.  The original article itself was posted on the Canadian Jewish Congress web site at www.cjc.ca/Rambam.htm, but is no longer available at that location.

But how many taped confessions did you yourself claim on 60 Minutes?  The answer is that you made no claim: you never disclosed how many people Steven Rambam claimed to have interviewed, nor how many of the interviewed he claimed to have tape recorded, nor how many of the tape-recorded he claimed confessed to war crimes — the sort of astonishing lack of precision that sets off warning bells that deception is in progress.

Occasions on which the number of confessions should have been inserted were offered instead with a gaping hole where that number should have been, as for example in the following statement made by York University history professor Irving Abella:

Prof. ABELLA:  It's a remarkable story that somebody can walk across the border with a telephone book and a list and find  [       ]  war criminals that our Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been unable to find for 50 years.
Canada's Dark Secret, CBS News, 60 Minutes, 20-Jul-1997, p. 8 (perimeter of gaping hole delineated with red brackets).

Surely somebody on the 60 Minutes investigative team asked Steven Rambam this most fundamental of all questions — How many confessions did you actually tape? — and yet whatever answer Steven Rambam gave to this most fundamental of all questions was kept from your 30-million-plus viewing audience.

Blinded by the glare of this omission though we are, and discouraged by our inability to see through it though we may be, let us nevertheless attempt to grope our way forward.

What is your strongest piece of evidence?

Reading through your broadcast from beginning to end searching for any concrete detail that would substantiate Steven Rambam's claim of having elicited confessions of Nazi war crimes, the best that I am able to find is snippets from a tape recording of one of these confessions.  And what can this be except the single best confession out of the entire fifty — the most detailed, the most credible, the most convincing?  So, let us take a look at this very best of the fifty confessions that Steven Rambam audiotaped.

— 1 —

Mr. STEVEN RAMBAM (Private Investigator):  The vast majority of the people who we selected from the list of 1,000 to pursue are people who, with their own hands, killed Jews — shot them, stabbed them, beat them to death.  Now there are also a number of these war criminals who, while for the most part they may not have pulled the trigger, they coordinated the rounding up and the execution of thousands of Jews.

WALLACE:  How do you coordinate the rounding up and — and — and murder of thousands of Jews?

(Photo of Kenstavicius)

Mr. RAMBAM:  (Voiceover) If you are Antanas Kenstavicius...

— 2 —

WALLACE:  (Voiceover) Yeah.

Mr. RAMBAM:  (Voiceover) ... you are the police chief of the Svensionas region of Lithuania.

WALLACE:  (Voiceover) Ah.

Mr. RAMBAM:  Now you take groups of Jews about a kilometer away to the Jewish graveyard where a ditch has been dug, you strip them naked, you have them hold hands in groups of 10 and you shoot them in the back with rifles.

WALLACE:  How do you know all this?

Mr. RAMBAM:  Because he confessed.  He confessed in detail on tape.

(Footage of Kenstavicius' home; Kenstavicius and wife)

WALLACE:  (Voiceover) At Kenstavicius' home in Hope, British Columbia — these pictures shot by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation — Rambam says that he secretly recorded Kenstavicius and his wife describing how they watched the Nazis execute more than 5,000 Jewish men, women and children.

(Excerpt from audiotape)

Mr. ANTANAS KENSTAVICIUS:  You command them to lay down.  The Jews would come and lay down.

Mr. RAMBAM:  They wouldn't — they wouldn't fight?  They just laid down?

Mr. KENSTAVICIUS:  No.  No.  No.  Nobody fight.

Mrs. KENSTAVICIUS:  Like sheep — quiet.  I don't know.  No screaming.  They was like sheep.

Mr. KENSTAVICIUS:  And then coming the commander, they shoot, 'bang' and they fall down.  Sometimes they repeat, 'Palk, palk,' and they fall in the ditch.

(End of excerpt)

Mr. RAMBAM:  And very matter of factly, he's detailing these murders.  And at a certain point in the conversation, he — he looks at me and he says...

Mr. KENSTAVICIUS:  (From audiotape) Then 9 November, 1:00, we be finished.  No more Jews.
Canada's Dark Secret, CBS News, 60 Minutes, 20-Jul-1997, pp. 1-2 (red emphasis added)

Concerning the above very best one of the fifty confessions, there do appear to be certain flaws:

  1. Inconsistent descriptions.  Steven Rambam summarizes Kenstavicius's description of the victims that "you have them hold hands in groups of 10 and you shoot them in the back with rifles."  Steven Rambam knows this because Kenstavicius "confessed in detail on tape."  So, we wait to hear the corroborative confession in detail on tape ... and we wait, and it never comes.  What Kenstavicius says next is quite different — just a few lines later in your broadcast, Kenstavicius portrays the victims as being shot lying down rather than standing: "You command them to lay down.  The Jews would come and lay down."  And to cap off our disappointment with the confession-in-detail that we have been promised but that does not arrive, a few lines farther still, Kenstavicius now describes the victims as "falling in the ditch" after being shot, which could only happen if they had been standing.  Perhaps Rambam's command over the material was shaky, and perhaps Kenstavicius's mind wandered, and perhaps 60 Minutes spliced together statements so as to give the impression of a continuous narrative but without caring about the incongruity produced — whatever its origin, though, the presence of clashing descriptions damages credibility.

  2. Who did what and who saw what?  One would have to hear the entire audiotape to understand what exactly Kenstavicius is describing.  Among the possibilities are:

    1. Kenstavicius is describing things that he had heard about, that were common knowledge, that were passed around — but that he had never seen.

    2. Kenstavicius witnessed such scenes as a passive, non-participating witness.

    3. Kenstavicius participated in the sense that he attended in uniform, but he played no active role, and attended under coercion and even a threat of death which extended to his family.

    4. Kenstavicius took an active role in the executions.

    Although Rambam wants us to believe that what we are hearing is the fourth alternative above — a confession of guilt — in fact nothing that 60 Minutes allows us to hear of Kenstavicius's words permits us to distinguish between the four alternatives above.  Reference as to who is doing the killing do occur on three occasions, and they usually point to someone other than Kenstavicius, or at best are equivocal:

    1. "You command them to lay down.  The Jews would come and lay down."  How are we to understand this statement?  It does not say "I commanded them to lie down," or "My men commanded them to lie down," or "We commanded them to lie down."  "You" can have the meaning of "one", in this case expressing the general principle that when Jews were commanded to lie down, they did so: "If you command them to lie down, they lie down," equivalent to "One commands them to lie down, and they lie down," or "Anyone who commanded them to lie down was obeyed," or "If you yourself were to command them to lie down, they would do so."

    2. "And then coming the commander, they shoot, 'bang' and they fall down.  Sometimes they repeat, 'Palk, palk,' and they fall in the ditch."  It appears that the two blue "they" refer to the shooters, and the two red "they" refer to the victims.  But "they" shoot is not the same as "I" shoot, and not the same as "we" shoot.  It appears, rather, that a "commander" needed to arrive on the scene, and it was only then that the shooting started, and this commander was not Kenstavicius himself, and Kenstavicius did not arrive with the commander.

    3. "Rambam says that he secretly recorded Kenstavicius and his wife describing how they watched the Nazis execute more than 5,000 Jewish men, women and children."  This is your own statement, not theirs.  But here you have the "Nazis" doing the executing, which might reasonably be taken to mean members of the German armed forces, which excludes Kenstavicius.

      And on top of that, what is Kenstavicius's wife doing at this scene of carnage?  I have rendered "Mrs" in the boxed quote above in red emphasis, because in reading the transcript of your broadcast, it is easy to assume that it is Mr Kenstavicius alone who is doing the talking, and to overlook that little "s" in "Mrs" that is capable of radically altering our perception of what is happening.  As well, I render "and his wife" in the same boxed quote using the same red emphasis.  Was it the custom in Lithuania, then, for a police official to bring his wife along with him as he went about his duties?  Or was Mrs Kenstavicius herself a police official together with her husband?  What may be more probable than either of these is that if Mrs Kenstavicius joins in describing scenes of killing, then she must be describing scenes that she understands to be true because they were widely circulated, but that she had not actually witnessed.  Furthermore, the words "they watched" are your own, and probably gratuitous — if either Mr or Mrs Kenstavicius had said "I watched" or "we watched," then you would have let us hear these words from their own lips for ourselves, and that as you do not let us hear these words from their own lips for ourselves, I expect that Mr and Mrs Kenstavicius never uttered them.

      It does not quite make sense, either, that if Mr Kenstavicius witnessed the events, but Mrs Kenstavicius only heard about them, that she would be intruding her second-hand information during the course of her husband's first-hand testimony.  Either she is an intrusive woman inappropriately interjecting her hearsay into her husband's eyewitness account, or else she is offering her contribution as an equal, reporting along with her husband the rumors that they both had heard.

      The statement that Mr and Mrs Kenstavicius watched 5,000 Jews being killed is your own, not theirs.  Here too I have to assume that if they said anything as precise and powerful as that number 5,000, you would have broadcast them actually saying it.  As you don't broadcast them actually saying it, I am inclined to believe that they didn't say it.

  3. Context-stripped concluding snippet.  Mr Kenstavicius ends with "Then 9 November, 1:00, we be finished.  No more Jews."  I see in the box quote above that this is a statement which does not follow directly the other Kenstavicius material.  It was uttered at some other time, then, in who knows what context.  Perhaps that other context is that Mr Kenstavicius is quoting someone else's words, as perhaps the words of the German commander, so that the more complete, and better-punctuated, statement might have been something like:

    Mr. KENSTAVICIUS:  The German Commander said, "Soon we be finished."  Then 9 November, 1:00 — "We be finished.  No more Jews."
    Something that Mr Kenstavicius might have said.

    What is demonstrated above is that a ten-word snippet without context lacks credibility, as alternative contexts can be imagined which give the snippet alternative meanings.

    I also wonder at the rendering of "1:00" in the transcript above.  What could have been Mr Kenstavicius's actual words?  Could he have said "One colon zero zero"? — That seems implausible.  Or could he have said, "One o'clock"? — And if he did, why does the transcript not say "One o'clock"?  Here is a tiny incongruity which adds a tiny increment to our distrust of the transcript.

The words of Mr and Mrs Kenstavicius can only be understood by reading them in context, and yet 60 Minutes presents them without context; and these words can only be trusted if they have been unedited, but 60 Minutes interjects a Steven Rambam statement into the midst of the Kenstavicius statement indicating that some editing has taken place.  What is needed is for all the Steven Rambam tapes to be released, with transcripts, so that the question can finally be answered once and for all of exactly how many confessions they really do contain.

Any other evidence?

The rest of your broadcast wandered off into irrelevancies:

If the above is a demonstration of how annoyed people can become when you annoy them, then you certainly drive home your point.  However, if we force our minds to attend to the paramount question of whether Steven Rambam has elicited confessions of Nazi war crimes, or whether you have in your follow-up harassment, it does not escape notice that your attention has digressed from war crimes to warts.

Maybe Steven Rambam taped zero confessions?

That Kenstavicius's best confession of all turns out to be no confession at all, and that coverage of four other targets of investigation contents itself with digression, encourages the hypothesis that Steven Rambam taped zero confessions.

The impression of zero confessions is supported by the observation that not a single one of Steven Rambam's taped interviews has ever been relied upon in any proceeding, criminal or civil or administrative, in any country, and not a single one has even been disclosed to the public, with your broadcast of edited snippets from a single interview constituting the longest peek that the public has been allowed.

I find further encouragement for my distrust of the claim of Fifty Confessions, or indeed of any confessions, in the statement of Paul Vickery, director of the justice department's war crimes unit, that the Steven Rambam information "was of very little, if any, assistance" (Vancouver Sun, 21-Apr-1997, p. A1) — in other words, that it contained not fifty confessions, but zero confessions.

And I find still further encouragement for my distrust of the claim of Fifty Confessions, or any confessions at all, in the following comment in the North Shore News:

60 Minutes ran a tape made by a private eye, Steve Rambam, who claimed to have tricked Kenstavicius and others into making confessions.

Rambam turned over six such "confessions" to the RCMP war crimes squad.  Whether they included the alleged Kenstavicius statement is not clear.  But the police were not impressed.

Sgt. Pierre Bisson has been quoted in the Western Jewish Bulletin as saying: "There was no admission from the interviewees, contrary to what Mr. Rambam said."  It was also stated that Rambam had "exaggerated the so-called confessions he had obtained."
Doug Collins, North Shore News, 17-Mar-1997, at www.nsnews.com/issue/w031797/doug.html

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Just Who Is This Steven Rambam That You Trusted?

How reliable is this Steven Rambam upon whom you reposed implicit trust, and who you invited your 30-million-plus viewers to trust, and who pretended to have taped many confessions when in fact he had taped none?  You yourself were forced to acknowledge that he fell short of sainthood:

WALLACE:  (Voiceover)  Rambam's passion for Jewish causes landed him in prison some 20 years ago because, as a member of the Jewish Defense League protesting the Soviet treatment of Jews, he was convicted of transporting bomb-making materials across state lines.
Canada's Dark Secret, CBS News, 60 Minutes, 20-Jul-1997, p. 5.

Steven Rambam is a violence-prone psychopath and JDL bomber

Rabbi Meir Kahane
Robert I. Friedman
Robert I. Friedman
But what you fell short of acknowledging is that Steven Rambam (formerly Rombom) is a violence-prone psychopath who had been confined to psychiatric institutions for eight years during his youth, and who a few years after emerging from his confinement led a wave of terrorist attacks within the United States, as documented by Robert I. Friedman in his book The False Prophet: Rabbi Meir Kahane, From FBI Informant to Knesset Member:

— 182 —

For nine months in 1975 and 1976, JDL extremists calling themselves the Jewish Armed Resistance attempted to emulate past glories.  In New York, pipe bombs exploded outside the Iraqi Mission to the UN, the Polish Consulate, and the Amtorg office.  Shots were also fired into the Soviet residential complex in the Bronx; into the homes of two Soviet diplomats in suburban Maryland; and into the Soviet Mission to the UN, piercing two fifth-floor windows in the Ukrainian section.  On May 2, 1976, in the early morning hours before a march for Soviet Jewry in Manhattan, five low-yield pipe bombs caused minor damage to the American Communist Party national headquarters, two midtown banks that did business with the Soviet Union, a Russian-language bookstore, and a subway exit near the United Nations Library.  On June 23, 1976, vehicles belonging to Pan American Airlines were destroyed by incendiary bombs.  In Washington, D.C., a bomb blew a hole in the retaining wall at the State Department, shattering several plate glass doors and windows, causing more than $15,000 in damage.  A JDL spokesman announced that the explosion was to protest the "sellout of Israel to Sadat."

The flurry of activity stopped when the FBI arrested twenty-one-year-old Steven Ehrlich, seventeen-year-old Steven Rombom, and Thomas Macintosh, a thirty-six-year-old convert to Judaism, as they drove across the Goethals Bridge between New Jersey and Staten Island with four pounds of gunpowder.  Macintosh, who turned state's witness, testified against his friends and also implicated thirty-five-year-old JDL leader Russel Kelner and one other person in the spate of Jewish Armed Resistance terror bombings.  The JDL men were subsequently convicted and

— 183 —

received prison sentences.  According to government documents, at least two dozen people were investigated for their roles in the JAR bombings, including Kahane, who was named as an unindicted co-conspirator.

Steven Rombom was a particularly tragic example of the sort of psychopaths Kahane attracted to the JDL.  The violence-prone youth, who, according to court records spent eight years in psychiatric institutions from the age of six, joined the JDL when he was twelve years old over the frantic objections of his doctors and social workers who called JDL officials, begging them not to allow Rombom to get involved in the militant organization.  Following Rombom's conviction, his mother spun into a deep depression.  His father, Abraham, wrote to the judge pleading for his son's early release from prison, saying that "my marriage has been completely ruined.  There is no interest in marital relations on the part of my wife.  I cannot talk to her about any subject but Steven."  As late as 1985, Rombom, who now works in New York as a private investigator, was handling security on the East Coast for Rabbi Kahane.

JAR activities in Washington, D.C. ceased after William Perl, the seventy-year-old architect of Kahane's Arab deportation plan, was convicted of conspiring to shoot into the homes of two Soviet diplomats in Hyattsville, Maryland.  Perl claimed at his November 1976 trial that he was lured into the plot by a man named Levtov, who pretended to be an Israeli intelligence agent.  In fact, the man turned out to be an undercover operative for the FBI.  Perl received a two-year suspended sentence and a $12,000 fine.  At the request of the FBI, one of Perl's sons was picked up by police in Italy in connection with the JAR crime spree but was subsequently released for lack of evidence.

The trials depleted both the JDL's bank account and manpower.  According to Pechter, as many as forty JDL members in New York were involved in the Jewish Armed Resistance bombings.  As soon as Rombom and his cronies were arrested, dozens of JDL members and their families fled to Israel.  In the meantime, attorneys' fees ran into the tens of thousands of dollars.  "There were many people who carried out violence for the JDL because they were dedicated and devoted to Kahane," said Pechter.  But Kahane, by then out of prison and barnstorming

— 184 —

for money, disavowed the JDL bombers, even though he had sanctioned their terrorist activities, according to Pechter and several other ex-JDL officials.

As Kahane wrote JDL board member Larraine Schumsky:

As far as the JDL people facing trial are concerned, I made it clear that I will devote a weekend to raise money for them.  Let me again say that I consider their actions terribly harmful to Jews (not just stupid, though that certainly is the case).  Let me tell you why:

... assuming that the charges against Russ, Rombom, and Macintosh are true (which I pray they are not), then we are dealing with the idiocy and irresponsibility of people acting 1) on their own; 2) despite the fact that they know that all active JDL members have to be idiots to think that they can be open members of a group that is watched by the FBI and at the same time James Bond underground operatives; 3) amateurs who were certain to be caught and doing things that five years after the big events no longer carry the same weight; 4) thrust on us the burden of destroying all our plans and projects for the vital things that must be done today by mortgaging our funds, our people, our resources to help them.

What happens tomorrow when some other kid decides to do a crazy and senseless act?  Are we always to be bogged down in these things that we not only did not order and plan but which are not good or vital now?  ...  And why didn't JDL empty its treasury every time we knew that there was a Jew in Israel who needed a kidney machine or faced death (which is almost daily)?

JDL has to keep existing and planning projects and actions that are 1) important and 2) sensible.  It cannot die because of every other need, let alone insane act.  And so I will help them and especially Bill Perl.  But since JDL has now reached a point where it not only does not do things that have to be done but begins to hurt my efforts to do things that should be done, I wish to get out of an ... obligation to help.

Dismayed JDL board members were too cowed by Kahane to demand that he do more to help his jailed comrades.
Robert I. Friedman, The False Prophet: Rabbi Meir Kahane, From FBI Informant to Knesset Member, Lawrence Hill Books, Brooklyn, NY, 1990.

Robert Friedman's statement above that Steven Rambam is a "tragic example of the sort of psychopaths Kahane attracted to the JDL" and that he was a "the violence-prone youth, who, according to court records spent eight years in psychiatric institutions from the age of six" is an accusation that is impossible for someone evaluating Steven Rambam's credibility to avoid, as it has been published by Robert I. Friedman not only in his 1989 Village Voice article, Oy vey, make my day and in his 1990 book, The False Prophet, but also has been widely repeated on the Internet for several years, and on at least one occasion supported on the Internet with the documentation below (shown first in the form of the image originally posted, and immediately below that in more legible text).  Your research staff should have little difficulty tracking down what proceeding this page was taken from, and what further information was contained on earlier and later pages:



and as I recall his testimony, had no more than an hour and a half of contact with Mr. Rombom, that they were not, both Mr. Jaffe in his statement and the psychiatrists, satisfied with the environment at home.

Because of my position here I cannot reiterate at great length.  Your Honor is, suffice it to say, familiar with Mr. Rombom's rehabilitation from his viewpoint, which is what is critical to his rehabilitation.  He is in a home of loving parents.  Whatever emotional difficulties psychiatrists reading reports, not interviewing the people directly, as Dr. Bryskin did not, feel exists at home, as Dr. Collins has pointed out, Mr. Rombom has been separated from his home too long and for too many years, almost half his life from his home.  And that from a psychiatrict point of view and from a humane point of view I don't believe that can be used as a basis for removing him from the community.

Your Honor, I would like to read to you three lines concerning a prognosis for rehabilitation of Mr. Rombom, and I quote: "As to extended extensive psychotherapy from which he can benefit does not require institutionalization, but he will need a plan for structure, social and academic experience concomittant with his treatment activity."

60 Minutes viewers might have been interested to learn
Just how long a sentence was Steven Rambam exposed to, and how long did he actually serve?

The number and seriousness of Steven Rambam's crimes would have exposed him to a potential sentence exceeding one hundred years if he had been tried as an adult, as the prosecution argued that he should be:

The government filed an information on August 5, 1976, charging Rombom with fourteen acts of juvenile delinquency, including unlawful possession and interstate transportation of firearms and explosives, and assaulting foreign officials and guests of the United States.  Eleven of the acts charged would be felonies punishable by ten years imprisonment, or more, if committed by an adult.  The government was, therefore, entitled to move to transfer him to adult status.


At the time the information was filed, Rombom was approximately 17½ years old.  The maximum penalty he could receive as a juvenile would be 3½ years, or until he reaches the age of 21.  18 U.S.C. § 5037(c).  If, however, Rombom were tried and convicted as an adult, he would be subject technically, but not realistically, to a maximum term of imprisonment well over a hundred years.
UNITED STATES of America v. Steven Paul ROMBOM, Defendant.  No. 76 Cr. 719-LFM.  United States District Court, S. D. New York.  Oct. 22, 1976, pp. 1295-1300, p. 1297.

As Steven Rambam actually served only 20 months, it may be supposed that he either had the good fortune to be tried as a juvenile (if it can be considered good fortune to be taught the lesson that serious crime can receive light punishment), or else that he "copped a plea" as suggested below — or perhaps both.

The JDL men were subsequently convicted and sent to prison.  Rombom copped a plea to transporting explosives across a state line and spent some 20 months in a federal prison in Tallahassee.
Robert I. Friedman, Oy vey, make my day: Fear and loathing in the Jewish underground, Village Voice, 22-Aug-1989, pp. 15-18, p. 16.

Apparently Steven Rambam projected the image not of a youth whose sin was to have allowed himself to be led astray by his seniors, but rather the image of someone more ominous or intractable or incorrigible:

"Defendant Rombom needs long psychiatric treatment in a disciplined and structured environment," said his probation report.  "Recommended against early release."
Robert I. Friedman, Oy vey, make my day: Fear and loathing in the Jewish underground, Village Voice, 22-Aug-1989, pp. 15-18, p. 16.

60 Minutes viewers might have been interested to learn
What the U.S. attorney's office thought of Steven Rambam's complaint of homosexual rape:

In 1977 Rombom filed an affidavit with a federal court stating he had been the victim of two homosexual rapes in the Tallahassee prison and should be accorded an early release because he had been rehabilitated.  Former Congressman Mario Biaggi, a major JDL supporter, wrote a letter to the warden on Rombom's behalf.  According to an affidavit filed by the U.S. attorney's office, Rombom manufactured the rape incident to win early release.
Robert I. Friedman, Oy vey, make my day: Fear and loathing in the Jewish underground, Village Voice, 22-Aug-1989, pp. 15-18, p. 16.

60 Minutes viewers might have been interested to learn that
Steven Rambam was arrested for beating trick-or-treaters with a baseball bat, and then unlawfully imprisoning them:

And now we come to Steven Rambam at the age of 24, with it being evident that his psychiatric institutionalization and his federal imprisonment have not persuaded him to abjure violence.  This clipping was posted on a Jewish Defense Organization web site; it would seem to be from a New York newspaper dated approximately 01-Nov-1983:

2 nabbed

Two reputed Jewish Defense League members were arrested yesterday on charges of grabbing three teenage trick-or-treaters on a Brooklyn street, assaulting them with baseball bats and fists and imprisoning them in a car, police said.

Ronald Kahn, 30, of E. 17th St., and Steven Rombom, 24, of E. 18th St. were charged with unlawful imprisonment and assault after they were identified by the trick-or-treaters as two of their four assailants, police said.  The other two are still being sought, police said.

The teenagers were grabbed by a group of men near Congregation Beth Torah Synagogue, 1060 Ocean Parkway, about 10:30 p.m.  They were beaten and thrown from a car at E. Eighth St. and Avenue I, said police who took them to Kings County Hospital.  They were treated there for scrapes and bruises.

Washington Cemetery, across the street from the synagogue has been a target of Halloween vandals in the past, according to area residents.


Robert I. Friedman provides the detail that it was Steven Rambam himself who organized the group that carried out the beating and the imprisonment.  In view of Steven Rambam's reputation as a "head breaker" (a depiction acknowledged by Rambam in the section below), it should not be surprising that complainants decided to drop their charges (as witnesses can be seen doing in the discussion of JDL assassinations further below), and perhaps not surprising either that in a contest between a Jew who represents himself as protecting Jewish property and goys who the Jew portrays as intending to vandalize Jewish property, a Jewish newspaper should come down on the side of the Jew:

In 1983 Rombom was arrested in Brooklyn for allegedly beating three youths who were apprehended in front of a Brooklyn synagogue on Halloween night by members of a patrol organized by Rombom to combat vandalism against Jewish institutions.  The charges against Rombom were later dropped.  Rombom says the complainants dropped the charges after admitting that they had misidentified him as the man who beat them.  A report in the Long Island Jewish World by a reporter who was with Rombom on the night of the alleged attack confirms Rombom's account of the incident.
Robert I. Friedman, Oy vey, make my day: Fear and loathing in the Jewish underground, Village Voice, 22-Aug-1989, pp. 15-18, p. 16.

60 Minutes viewers might have found that
Steven Rambam's claim to being a Nazi hunter clashes with his boast of having the reputation of a "head breaker":

The strapping, strutting, gun-toting Rombom, a 32-year-old private investigator from Brooklyn, concedes that he is "perceived as a head-breaker."
Robert I. Friedman, Oy vey, make my day: Fear and loathing in the Jewish underground, Village Voice, 22-Aug-1989, pp. 15-18, p. 16.

60 Minutes viewers might have been interested to learn that
When Steven Rambam pretended to be an Israeli paratrooper, he was diagnosed as a "classic bullshitter":

A few years ago, Rombom replied to an ad for the International Association of Airborne Veterans looking for bona fide American paratroopers to participate in a jump with the Israeli air force.  Rombom signed on falsely claiming he was a veteran of the Israeli paratroop corps.  "The man is a classic bullshitter," says one of the jump's organizers, who added that when he tried to jump the following year, he was told to get lost.
Robert I. Friedman, Oy vey, make my day: Fear and loathing in the Jewish underground, Village Voice, 22-Aug-1989, pp. 15-18, p. 16.

60 Minutes viewers would better understand Mordechai Levy's fear of Steven Rambam if you had told them
How Steven Rambam treated Mordechai Levy to a bowl of soup:

Not to mention how readily Rambam falls into the role of a crazed bully:

Later that year Rombom slammed a steaming bowl of soup into Levy's head at Bernstein's on the Lower East Side.  Rombom has admitted the attack in a phone conversation.  Author Dennis King, who was sitting at the table, says that Rombom then threatened King because he was friends with Levy.  King says he was threatened by Rombom a second time in a phone call last June 26.
Robert I. Friedman, Oy vey, make my day: Fear and loathing in the Jewish underground, Village Voice, 22-Aug-1989, pp. 15-18, p. 16.

We may take the above as an example of why Mordechai Levy feared the worst, and started shooting down into Bleecker Street from the roof of his building, when Rambam-Rubin-Klebanoff were trying to gain entry into his residence (as we shall see further below).

60 Minutes viewers would better understand Mordechai Levy's fear of Irv Rubin if you had told them
How Irv Rubin kept treating Mordechai Levy as his personal punching bag:

In order to understand the Bleecker Street shoot-out described further below and which Steven Rambam helped provoke, it will be necessary to see the event through Mordechai Levy's eyes, and what Mordechai Levy saw coming at him that day was not just Steven Rambam from whom he had reason to fear physical harm, but also Irv Rubin, from whom he also had reason to fear physical harm:

But, according to Rubin, the independent-minded Levy had a habit of launching violent actions on his own.  Rubin says he finally beat up Levy so severely that he spent two weeks in the hospital.
Robert I. Friedman, Nice Jewish boys with bombs: The return of the JDL, Village Voice, 06-May-1986, pp. 21-26, p. 22.

Rubin, who had long suffered the ignominy of playing second fiddle to the king of Jewish militants, Rabbi Meir Kahane, wasn't keen on letting the young upstart with a scraggly beard and unkempt clothes upstage him.  After repeated taunts and threats, Rubin told me in 1985 that he beat Levy so severely he was hospitalized.  Rubin now denies he beat Levy.
Robert I. Friedman, Oy vey, make my day: Fear and loathing in the Jewish underground, Village Voice, 22-Aug-1989, pp. 15-18, p. 15.

Levy claims that following the talk show [in which he accused Irv Rubin of drug dealing, money laundering, and extortion], Rubin and four associates tailed him to his mail drop, where they savagely beat him.  Rubin denies it.  "Rubin knocked me in the head with a pipe, knocked me in the face, busted my glasses," Levy says.  "Then one of them tried to shove me into a car."  After the incident, according to another West Coast Jewish militant, Rubin was heard to gloat that if Levy ever returned to L.A., he would be sent back to New York in "a pine box."
Robert I. Friedman, Oy vey, make my day: Fear and loathing in the Jewish underground, Village Voice, 22-Aug-1989, pp. 15-18, p. 16.

"Irv Rubin has a history of pistol-whipping me."
Mordechai Levy in Robert I. Friedman, Oy vey, make my day: Fear and loathing in the Jewish underground, Village Voice, 22-Aug-1989, pp. 15-18, p. 15.

It is only with an understanding of the Rambam-Rubin abuse of Mordechai Levy that 60 Minutes viewers would have been able to understand
The Bleecker Street shoot-out:

JDL Chairman, Irv Rubin
JDL Chairman, Irv Rubin
In the following narrative, Steven Rambam emerges more sinned against than sinning; however, if our purpose in reviewing this material is not to prove that Steven Rambam is the most deranged participant in every encounter, but only to evaluate whether you had reason to view him with a measure of distrust, then Rambam's participation even in the lesser role of provocateur is indicative of irresponsibility, even if he had not intended to assault or murder JDO leader Mordechai Levy (of which we can't be sure), and even if he had not been stalking writer Robert Friedman to "teach him a lesson" (of which we can't be sure either).

What Steven Rambam and his friends, Irv Rubin and Allan Klebanoff, can be seen to be guilty of below is frightening an armed and unstable — not to mention rationally apprehensive — man, Mordechai Levy, to the point that he started shooting in what he saw as his attempt to protect his own life, with an outcome that was not totally unpredictable — he wounded an uninvolved bystander.

It is important to keep in mind that when Mordechai Levy was approached by Steven Rambam and his two collaborators, Levy had been alerted that Rambam was armed and planning violence against writer Robert Friedman, from which it would not have been unreasonable for Levy to fear that he might have been targetted as well:

— 267 —

Jewish Defense Organization Chairman Mordechai Levy was an accident waiting to happen.  By his own account, the paunchy, twenty-seven-year-old loner had spent more than a decade moving in and out of the often violent world of radical fringe groups, supplying information to intelligence agencies and Jewish organizations, including the FBI and the Anti-Defamation League.  But throughout the summer of 1989, nothing obsessed Levy more than his increasingly bitter feud with two rival Jewish militants — West Coast JDL boss Irv Rubin and convicted JDL terrorist Steven Rombom.  When these two — together with Allan Klebanoff, a bearded, hulking, twenty-seven-year-old Israeli army veteran from Haifa — came to the JDO's fortresslike Greenwich Village headquarters to serve Levy with court papers stemming from a libel action, something in the tightly wound Levy apparently snapped.

"Mor-dy, Mor-dy, we've got something for you," the militants sang in taunting voices described by eyewitnesses as something out of the movie Nightmare on Elm Street.  Levy, who had an arsenal of licensed weapons in his office, scrambled to the roof and sprayed the street with a burst of semiautomatic rifle fire, wounding a retired air conditioning repairman as he sat in a parked van.  "They were really provoking the guy," said repair-

— 268 —

man Dominic Spinelli, who was taken to the emergency room at St. Vincent's Hospital in Manhattan.  Spinelli said that the three men knocked at Levy's door and, after receiving no answer, began to throw stones at the windows and to shout "'Come on Mordechai, we know you're in there.'  I guess the guy just got mad and started shooting."

Around midnight on Wednesday August 9, 1989, just twelve hours before the shoot-out in Greenwich Village, I received a call from Levy, with whom I have discussed Jewish militant activities over the years.  "I'm sorry to call so late but it's an emergency," he said, panting into my phone answering machine.  "Pick up.  Listen, Rubin is in New York with Rombom.  They are fucking looking for you."  Levy, more hyperkinetic than usual, said that the men had staked out The Village Voice offices, where I sometimes work, waiting for a chance to "teach me a lesson" for writing a book about Meir Kahane that they were sure they would not like.  "Rombom is armed," warned Levy.  "They are looking for you.  Call me any time, day or night."

Both Rombom and Rubin were later to tell me that Levy's midnight call was just one more delusion produced by a very, very sick mind.  And they say they posed no threat to Levy when they were met with rifle shots from a Ruger Mini-14.

Moments after the shooting, Bleecker Street, where Levy lived and worked, looked like a war zone.  Dozens of heavily armed police, backed by an armored personnel carrier and a bomb disposal robot, had cordoned off the neighborhood as the JDO leader was holed up in his office, phoning friends for advice.  FBI agent Larry Wack finally convinced Levy to surrender.

As Levy, looking sad and extremely frightened, was led in handcuffs to a waiting unmarked police car, he told reporters, "They were trying to kill me."  Wild as it may seem, he's not alone in that belief.  "I think Rubin and Rombom went to Levy's to rub him out," said a well-known Jewish militant in New York.

But FBI sources investigating the shooting are more skeptical: "These guys cry wolf so much you never know what's really happening," said an FBI official.  "Think of what might have happened: Rombom and Rubin could have left Bleecker Street in a body bag."

Levy is currently awaiting trial for the attempted murder of Rubin and Rombom.  Not surprisingly, Levy's attorney is none other than Bertram Zweibon, JDL co-founder and now one of

— 269 —

Meir Kahane's bitterest enemies.  If the shooting on Bleecker Street has the overtones of comic opera, it is also just one more example of Kahane's soiled legacy.  Ostensibly founded to defend Jews, the JDL has degenerated into little more than a racketeering enterprise made up of warring, brutish loons who use anti-Semitism as an excuse to sow fear in the Jewish community and to raise money for themselves.
Robert I. Friedman, The False Prophet: Rabbi Meir Kahane, From FBI Informant to Knesset Member, Lawrence Hill Books, Brooklyn, NY, 1990 (blue font added).  A more detailed account of the Bleecker Street shoot-out is available in Friedman's Village Voice article of 22-Aug-1989 titled Oy vey, make my day.

Organizations of which Steven Rambam was a leader have been involved in assassinations

Alex Odeh
Robert I. Friedman's writing supplies two indications that Steven Rambam played a leading role in the JAR:

  • Friedman explicitly assigns Rambam a leading role, though his use of "a" instead of "the" in his reference to Rambam as "a seventeen-year-old leader of the JDL terrorist faction known as the Jewish Armed Resistance" leaves in ambiguity whether he intends to represent Rambam as the supreme leader of the JAR, or only as one of several leaders.

  • Higher above we saw another Friedman statement suggesting that Rambam played a leading role: "According to Pechter, as many as forty JDL members in New York were involved in the Jewish Armed Resistance bombings.  As soon as Rombom and his cronies were arrested, dozens of JDL members and their families fled to Israel."  If the JAR members being arrested are referred to as "Rombom and his cronies," this surely also places Rambam in a position of leadership.

What we are interested in below is demonstrating that the JAR in which Steven Rambam at one time played a leading role became at a later time an organization that conducted assassinations.

— 249 —

The FBI was impressed by the sophisticated nature of the pipe bomb that killed Odeh, a trip wire device rigged inside his office door.  "A timer on the bomb gave the terrorists one minute to set the device and close the door," said the police official.  According to the FBI, the bombings of Odeh, Sprogis, and Soobzokov were carried out with similar devices.  "Other characteristics that were similar in the three bombings indicate either the bomb-makers had the same teacher or the same group or person did it," said former FBI official Thomas L. Sheer, who headed the Joint FBI/NYPD Task Force on Terrorism.  "Each bomb has a signature," he explained.  "Do you remember how in The Little Drummer Girl the terrorist twisted a wire inside the bomb in a certain way?  That was his signature.  These bombs have signatures too."

The FBI quickly created a JDL task force in California and New York to investigate the bombings.  At its head was Larry Wack, an unconventional agent in a rigidly conservative profession, who has worked on a series of sensational international terrorist cases, including the search for the assassins of Orlando Letelier, the former Chilean ambassador to America who was blown to bits on September 21, 1976, in a Washington, D.C. car bombing.  (In 1976, Wack also received his first exposure to the JDL when he was assigned to monitor the phone calls of Steven Rombom, a seventeen-year-old leader of the JDL terrorist faction known as the Jewish Armed Resistance.  Remarks that Rombom made during wiretapped conversations led to the arrest of the entire JAR underground.)
Robert I. Friedman, The False Prophet: Rabbi Meir Kahane, From FBI Informant to Knesset Member, Lawrence Hill Books, Brooklyn, NY, 1990 (the chapter title is Who Killed Alex Odeh?).

Robert Friedman's statement above does not intend to connect Steven Rambam to the assassination of Alex Odeh, as Odeh had both his legs blown off, and died two hours later, in Santa Ana, California, on 11-Oct-1985 whereas the above reference to Steven Rambam heading the terrorist faction JAR is dated 1976.  But neither can this discrepancy in dates be taken to mean that Rambam was uninvolved in this bombing to kill, or in two others that same year — those of Soobzokov and Sprogis:

Tscherim Soobzokov, 67 years old, who had served in the Waffen SS, had the case against him dropped by the Office of Special Investigations (OSI) for lack of evidence, for which sin the JDL set off a bomb (15-Aug-1985) at his home in Paterson, NJ, which inflicted massive injuries to Soobzokov's lower body (from which he died on 06-Sep-1985, the date that Sprogis was bombed), and which also injured his wife, daughter, four-year-old grandson, and a neighbor.

Elmars Sprogis, 73 years old, was not hurt in the bomb blast (06-Sep-1985) that went off at his home in the Long Island community of Brentwood, NY, but a 23-year-old passerby lost a leg.  Sprogis's JDL-defined sin was that of having been exonerated by a federal appeals court of having persecuted Jews in his native Latvia.

But to return now to the consideration of whether Steven Rambam could have been connected to these three bombings, we note that among Steven Rambam's occupations in 1985 was working for JDL founder Rabbi Meir Kahane on the East Coast:

As late as 1985, Rombom, who now works in New York as a private investigator, was handling security on the East Coast for Rabbi Kahane.
Robert I. Friedman, The False Prophet: Rabbi Meir Kahane, From FBI Informant to Knesset Member, Lawrence Hill Books, Brooklyn, NY, 1990, p. 183.

At first it might appear that by 1985, Kahane's connection to the JDL must have weakened, as he moved to Israel in 1971 and was elected to the Knesset in 1984.  On the other hand, though, there is evidence that Kahane continued to dominate the American JDL:

Though Kahane stepped down as head of the JDL last August [1985], Vancier told me "he's still the spiritual leader of the JDL and we are in very close touch with him.  We support him very strongly, and he guides us in many things we do."
Robert I. Friedman, Nice Jewish boys with bombs: The return of the JDL, Village Voice, 06-May-1986, pp. 21-26, p. 26.

Kahane's attachment to the JDL was more than just nostalgic or ceremonial — he needed the JDL as a source of funds:

Rubin says he agreed to the arrangement because Kahane was exploiting the JDL.  "After all these years of promoting Kahanism, we're entitled to something."  Kahane gets all the money and headlines, he says, "yet we don't even get a bone ... I couldn't even get enough money to go to Kansas City to hassle Farrakhan."
Robert I. Friedman, Nice Jewish boys with bombs: The return of the JDL, Village Voice, 06-May-1986, pp. 21-26, p. 21.

More specifically, with respect to the bombings of Soobzokov, Sprogis, and Odeh, the FBI believed "Manning, Fuchs, and Green and at least one other person conducted a year-long bombing spree in 1985" (p. 19 of the Friedman article cited just below) and what particularly suggests Kahane's guiding role in this bombing spree is not only (1) that the three named suspects were American Kahane followers living in the West-Bank settlement of Kiryat Arba in Israel, but also (2) Kahane's proximity to the crimes, as can be seen in the first block quote below, and (3) the existence of witnesses connecting Kahane to the bombings, as can be seen in the second block quote below:

Federal law enforcement sources say that Kahane was seen in the U.S. with the suspects not long before two of the blasts, including the Odeh bombing.
Robert I. Friedman, Did this man kill Alex Odeh? On the trail of the JDL terrorists, Village Voice, 12-Jul-1988, pp. 19-21, p. 21.

Further complicating the FBI's investigation has been the reluctance of potential witnesses to testify before a grand jury.  One reason for this reticence is that a number of grand jury witnesses have been threatened, making it hard for the FBI to persuade them to come forward, according to government sources familiar with the investigation.  The FBI is said to have one informant whose testimony can link Kahane to planning sessions that took place before two of the 1985 bombings, including the murder of Alex Odeh.  The informant, however, refuses to testify publicly.
Robert I. Friedman, The False Prophet: Rabbi Meir Kahane, From FBI Informant to Knesset Member, Lawrence Hill Books, Brooklyn, NY, 1990, p. 254.

It would appear, then, that Rabbi Meir Kahane played a leading role in at least two of the three bombings, and so that if in 1985 Rambam was working for Kahane on the East Coast, then Rambam could easily have played some role in the bombings as well, and more particularly in the bombings of Soobzokov and Sprogis as these were on the East Coast.  At least, we may wonder whether Steven Rambam knows more about any of the bombings than he has as yet disclosed, and at the very least, we may ask whether it would not have been prudent for you to avoid bestowing trust on someone who might have any connection to a string of assassinations and assassination attempts, even if this connection was indirect.

Before trusting him, 60 Minutes viewers might have benefitted from learning that
Maybe it is Steven Rambam who has adopted the ideology of a terrorist:

The statement below seems to be that of someone who looks very much like Steven Rambam condoning the bombing of Elmars Sprogis of Long Island:

One JDL member from Brooklyn who served two years in a federal prison on bomb-making charges, puts it this way: "If you're a Jewish activist and read a story in The New York Times about the success of Kahane and the underground in Israel, you say 'fine, let's do it here too.'  There's not much difference between a Jew from Kiryat Arba driving into Hebron to blow up an Arab and a Jew from Brooklyn driving to Long Island to blow up a Nazi.  The Jewish underground in Israel has set the stage for the Jewish underground in America."
Robert I. Friedman, Nice Jewish boys with bombs: The return of the JDL, Village Voice, 06-May-1986, pp. 21-26, p. 26.

Top Rambam Psychopath Abella Farber Sims Lying Locals Deschenes Masochism Help Secret Bottom
You Trusted Irving Abella

Irving Abella's status as a faculty member at York University likely helped convince many of your 30-million-plus viewers that what he was saying must be true:

WALLACE: (Voiceover)  After World War II came the Cold War and Canada was worried about Communists.  The Nazis had fought the Communists, so Nazis, even war criminals apparently, had an easy time emigrating to Canada; this according to Canada's York University history Professor Irving Abella.

Professor IRVING ABELLA (York University):  We know that one of the ways of getting into the country of Canada during this period was by showing the SS tattoo.  This proved that you were an anti-Communist.

WALLACE:  And what was the chore of the SS?

Prof. ABELLA:  The SS was obviously the — charged with the responsibility of murdering Jews, so it was no question that these were war criminals.
Canada's Dark Secret, CBS News, 60 Minutes, 20-Jul-1997, pp. 3-4.

Steve Rambam with Irving Abella
CJC facilitated the exchange of information dealing with suspected Nazi war criminals in Canada between private investigator, Steven Rambam, who gathered the material, and officials from the RCMP.
Photograph and caption were found on the CJC web site at www.cjc.ca/warcrim.htm

However, few of your viewers would have known enough history to recognize that the Abella statement is contradicted by the historical record, as for example by Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals researcher Alti Rodal who documented that SS membership in general, and possession of the blood-type tattoo in particular, served as criteria for forbidding entry into Canada, as you can read in my letter to Irving Abella of 18-Mar-2002 titled Irving Abella SS-Tattoo Hoax.

In addition, Irving Abella encourages the confusion of the concentration-camp-managing-SS with the combat-Waffen-SS, which is a misconception so standardly disseminated by Jews, and which has been refuted so often, that weariness tempted me to let it pass without comment when I saw Abella making it — though in the end I did muster the energy to write this one sentence.

The accompanying photograph serves to demonstrate that in the propagation of the Fifty-Confessions Hoax, York University professor Irving Abella (that's him on the right) and violence-prone psychopath Steven Rambam (in the middle) are no strangers to each other, but rather are shoulder-to-shoulder comrades-in-hoax, flogging their latest creation to the Canadian public through the agency of the Canadian Jewish Congress as shamelessly as they flogged it to 30-million-plus viewers world-wide through the agency of 60 Minutes.

It remains to be answered whether

Top Rambam Psychopath Abella Farber Sims Lying Locals Deschenes Masochism Help Secret Bottom
You Trusted Bernie Farber

Prior to finding employment with the Canadian Jewish Congress in various capacities, Bernie Farber claims to have been a social worker:

I am employed by Canadian Jewish Congress ("CJC"), Ontario Region, as the Executive Director.  Prior to my employment by CJC I was a social worker with the Ottawa Jewish Community Centre, before working with the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa-Carleton.  When I first joined CJC I was employed as the Director of Research.
Witness Statement of Bernie M. Farber www.holocaustdenialontrial.com/evidence/wsf.html

However, I am unable to find any statement of what fields Bernie Farber concentrated on in his studies, or what degrees he has earned.  I am unable to find any reference to books that Bernie Farber has written, or articles in professional journals.  All I have been able to come across is a couple of letters to the editor which not only fall short of testifying either to his scholarship or to his command of history, but rather testify to his lack of either.  I also have seen allusions to a couple of newspaper articles that Bernie Farber either authored or co-authored.

In the fields of history or law or the history of Canadian litigation, then, Bernie Farber must be considered to be a layman.  He comes with no credentials.  He lacks expertise.  His output has been unprolific.  The question arises, therefore, of exactly what qualifies Bernie Farber to get up in front of 30-million-plus viewers and instruct them what Canadian government policy has been toward prosecuting Nazi collaborators, as he does below?

(Footage of Bernard Farber)

WALLACE: (Voiceover) Bernard Farber, director of the Canadian Jewish Congress, says once the killers made it to Canada, the government, in effect, let them live there happily ever after.

Mr. BERNARD FARBER (Director, Canadian Jewish Congress): The fact is, Mr. Wallace, the Canadian government never really appeared to give a damn about prosecuting Nazi war criminals, going after them, finding them.  They were not interested in it.  They had no compunction to just say, "Forget it.  We're just — this is not something we — that we want to get involved with."

Canada's Dark Secret, CBS News, 60 Minutes, 20-Jul-1997, p. 4.

As might be expected from someone lacking expertise, the statement that Bernie Farber does make is incorrect.  As just one of many demonstrations of Canada's good-faith desire to keep itself Nazi-free, we will see further below Canada creating and funding the Deschenes Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals which patiently wrote its 966-page public report, even when the Jewish representatives who engineered the creation of the Commission proved unable to contribute anything better to its work than evidence that ranged from trumped-up to flimsy.

How trumped up, and how flimsy?  You can see for yourself in my letter to Sol Littman of 25-Sep-1999 titled Public Mischief or Querulous Paranoia? where you will have occasion to experience for yourself the frustration that Commissioner Deschenes felt at having Jews inundate him with evidence of war criminality of this quality:

CASE NO. 247.  This individual was brought to the attention of the Commission by the Canadian Jewish Congress, whose source of information was a private citizen.  There was no specific allegation of involvement in war crimes made against the individual.  [...]  The Commission was advised by the German Military Service Office [...] that it had a record of a person with the same name as the subject, which indicated that he was a pilot in the Allied Air Force and had been taken prisoner by the Germans.
Jules Deschenes, Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals, Minister of Supply and Services Canada, 1986, p. 428.

CASE NO. 269.  This individual was brought to the attention of the Commission by the Canadian Jewish Congress, whose source of information was a private citizen.  It was alleged that this individual is a physician whose physical description resembles that of the notorious war criminal Dr. Mengele.  [...]  Personal data of the subject taken from various documentation reveal the following in comparison with the information contained in the Commission file with respect to Dr. Mengele:

Year of Birth

195-215 lbs
Oval (from Photo)
Dr. Mengele

Medium build
In addition, the picture of the subject appearing in the various documents received, does not suggest that he resembles Dr. Mengele.  All other search responses were negative.
Jules Deschenes, Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals, Minister of Supply and Services Canada, 1986, pp. 444-445.

CASE NO. 526.  This individual was brought to the attention of the Commission by the Canadian Jewish Congress, whose source of information was a private individual.  It was alleged that the subject under investigation might be Dr. Josef Mengele.  [...]  The Department of External Affairs reported that it had a record in respect of the individual, but that the individual had been born in 1928 in Canada [...][...]  Furthermore, the subject's name is not one of the aliases used from time to time by Josef Mengele.
Jules Deschenes, Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals, Minister of Supply and Services Canada, 1986, p. 601.

Canada's Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals stands as an eternal disgrace to the Canadian Jewish Congress which gave it birth, and stands to the eternal shame of Jews who allow themselves to be represented by the irresponsible mediocrities who staff the Canadian Jewish Congress.  But to return to the point being made concerning Bernie Farber — Canada's Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals stands as testimony to how ready Canada is to indulge its Jewish citizens even in the most intemperate and ill-considered of their demands — which in the case of the Deschenes Commission was the demand of a pound of flesh from Ukrainians.

Top Rambam Psychopath Abella Farber Sims Lying Locals Deschenes Masochism Help Secret Bottom
You Trusted John Sims

What is the point, one wonders, in asking somebody to give evidence on a matter when his one brief sentence of evidence (14 words, if one counts a contraction as two words) is immediately followed by a second and longer sentence confessing ignorance (34 words):

(Footage of Canadian flag; John Sims)

WALLACE  (Voiceover):  Fact is for most of that time Canada wasn't even trying to find them.  John Sims, the Canadian justice official in charge of prosecuting war criminals, admitted that his government simply was not interested.

Mr. JOHN SIMS  (Canadian Justice Official)It's true that Canada did virtually nothing for decades after the Nuremberg trials.


Mr. SIMS:  I can't really say.  I'm not a — I'm not a historian, and — and I'm going to leave it to the historians in your country and mine to — to debate that.
Canada's Dark Secret, CBS News, 60 Minutes, 20-Jul-1997, pp. 4-5 (red and blue font added).

It stands neither to John Sims's credit for making it, nor to yours for broadcasting it, but it would seem that in the above exchange, a word count suggests that his contribution is 29% information and 71% confession of ignorance.

It is even less to the credit of either of you that the 29% is less information than it is disinformation.  In the first place, the truth of the Sims statement cannot be evaluated, as he does not specify what he means by "after the Nuremberg trials."  In fact, the Major War Criminals trial began in 1945 and ended in 1946, but other Nuremberg trials started later, the last one concluding in 1949 — so that "after the Nuremberg trials" could mean anything from "after 1946" to "after 1949."  Why anyone would want to get up in front of an audience of 30-million-plus and make statements so vague as be incapable of evaluation is beyond me.  For the sake of argument, however, let us assume that John Sims meant "after 1948," for reasons that will become apparent below.

The truth of the matter is that Canada engaged in vigorous prosecution of Nazi war criminals after the war, and that when Canada stopped, it was in response to a Commonwealth initiative emanating from England.

First, Canada did prosecute vigorously:

One hundred and seventy-one cases were actually investigated.  [...]  At the outset, the Canadian Forces launched their own prosecutions and held their own public trials in Aurich, Germany.  The army tried General Kurt Meyer who was sentenced to death by shooting.  [...]  The RCAF prosecuted six accused in three separate trials: Neitz, Jung, Schumacher, Weigel, Ossenbach and Holzer.  According to the Honourable A. A. Cattanach, who acted in the three cases as judge advocate, the six accused were found guilty, and the following sentences were meted out: three sentences of death by shooting, one life imprisonment, and two jail sentences of 15 years and 10 years each.


Now in the final report of the Army's War Crimes Investigation Section, dated 30 August 1947, one can read:

As of June 1947 (...) Some 14 accused were about to be tried, 16 were in custody and under investigation, and there were 10 accused still at large and the object of search.
[...]  [I]t appears reasonably certain that further trials were held under the responsibility of the British authorities, involving the alleged authors of war crimes committed against Canadian military personnel.  Documents P-98 and P-100, from the British Ministry of Defence, show that at least six other trials took place with no less than 28 accused.  The following sentences were handed down: 11 sentences to death; four to imprisonment: 20 years, 15 years, and two for seven days; 12 acquittals; and one accused had not been found.  Seven other cases were closed, either due to insufficient evidence or due to the disappearance of the accused.
Jules Deschenes, Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals, Minister of Supply and Services Canada, 1986, pp. 25-26.

Second, Canada's termination of prosecution does not make Canada unique, but rather follows the Commonwealth lead, and places Canada within the mainstream of Commonwealth thinking:

By then — it was either late 1947 or early 1948 — the British were thinking of the political future of Europe [...][...]

On 13 July 1948, the British Commonwealth Relations Office sent a secret telegram to the seven Dominions (as they were then called): Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Pakistan and Ceylon.  It suggested essentially that:

(a) as many as possible of cases which are still awaiting trial should be disposed of by 31st August, 1948, [un-completed trials which began before that date would continue].

(b) In general, no fresh trials should be started after 31st August, 1948.  This would particularly affect cases of alleged war criminals, not now in custody, who might subsequently come into our hands.
The British government explained its proposal as follows:

3. In our view, punishment of war criminals is more a matter of discouraging future generations than of meting out retribution to every guilty individual.  Moreover, in view of future political developments in Germany envisaged by recent tripartite talks, we are convinced that it is now necessary to dispose of the past as soon as possible.

Jules Deschenes, Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals, Minister of Supply and Services Canada, 1986, pp. 26-27.

Contrary to the impression created by John Sims that Canada has been particularly negligent in Nazi-hunting, Canadian policy not only conformed to Commonwealth policy, but did not differ appreciably from the policy of several other Western countries to which the Deschenes Commission made comparison, including the United States.

To summarize the John Sims contribution to our understanding of the history of Nazi war crimes prosecutions in Canada — it is 29% disinformation and 71% confession of ignorance.  The disinformation lies in Sims implying that Canada prosecuted Nazis feebly, and that it stopped prematurely, when in fact Canada did prosecute them energetically until it concurred with the unanimous opinion of its allies that a point had been reached where resources could be better deployed elsewhere.

Top Rambam Psychopath Abella Farber Sims Lying Locals Deschenes Masochism Help Secret Bottom
Where Does Lying Stop And Truth Begin In The Rambam Interviews?

Steven Rambam lied shamelessly to the aging East Europeans that he interviewed:

— 2 —

WALLACE:  What was your cover? I mean, you didn't come — come in and say, "I am a private investigator and I'm going..."

Mr. RAMBAM:  Right.

WALLACE:  "...trying to find Nazi war criminals."

— 3 —

Mr. RAMBAM:  I didn't say, "I'm Steve Rambam, Jewish guy from New York.  Would you care to chat with me about all the Jews you killed?"


Mr. RAMBAM:  What I did say was, "I'm Salvatore Romano, and I'm a professor from St. Paul's University of the Americas.  We had established..."

WALLACE:  St. Paul's University?

Mr. RAMBAM:  "...University of the Americas."

WALLACE:  Where's that?

Mr. RAMBAM:  Belma Pond, Belize.  I am the — the faculty, the alumni and the — the current student body of that university.

WALLACE:  A non-existent university. And you would say...

Mr. RAMBAM:  I'd show them ID (holds up ID card), I would tell them that I was writing my doctoral thesis.

(Footage of Rambam holding St. Paul's sweatshirt; Efraim Zuroff; vintage footage of Nazis beating Jews; photo of man shooting family; Zuroff and Wallace)

WALLACE:  (Voiceover) And with his phony university sweatshirt, plus an engaging manner, Rambam says that he got many of his suspects to confirm just which units they served in during the war.
Canada's Dark Secret, CBS News, 60 Minutes, 20-Jul-1997, pp. 2-3.

But given this view of Steven Rambam's proficiency in lying, and his engaging manner that gains him credibility, being used to hoodwink his interviewees, then how are we to know whether he isn't deploying this same proficiency in lying, and this same engaging manner that wins credibility, to hoodwink us?

For example, perhaps Rambam is hoodwinking us by not disclosing what he really said to the people on whose doors he knocked.  Maybe what he said was "If at least one of you good people who suffered through WW II doesn't tell me some of the tall tales and urban legends that were floating around during the war about the mistreatment of Jews, then I'm not going to be able to write my thesis titled Tall Tales and Urban Legands of WW II, and I'm not going to be able to graduate.  Can't any of you remember hearing stories about what was happening to Jews?  Please, you'll be saving my life if you can remember anything!"  The result of which exhortation of the interviewees could have been their recollection of hearsay which (given that the tapes have never been released, and given 60 Minutes skill in creative editing) could readily be represented as confessions.

Furthermore, as we infer that one side of every dialogue — the Rambam side — was lying shamelessly, the question has to occur of how we can be sure that the other side — the interviewee — wasn't lying right back?  That is, how do we know that in reply to Rambam's plea that he needed stories in order to graduate, that the WW II survivors he was addressing didn't make up stories for his benefit?  Maybe Rambam encouraged the flow of stories with comments to the effect that he was studying in the Department of English literature, not History, so that what mattered was vivid stories, and not historical accuracy.  Or perhaps he said that he was studying the creation of rumors in times of stress, say for the Department of Sociology or Psychology, so that the interviewees were not being asked to disclose what they or anybody actually did during the war, but only what one heard people saying.

And so there really are very large obstacles to evidence of the sort that Rambam offers being taken seriously.  It really is important for a court to hear everything a witness has to say, from beginning to end, and everything said to the witness as well, and by direct observation of the entire scene so as to be able to estimate the degree to which the witness is being manipulated or misled or intimidated or coerced; and it really is important for a court to not be content with snippets of statements selected by some violence-prone Jewish psychopath for presentation on a Jewish television show.

Top Rambam Psychopath Abella Farber Sims Lying Locals Deschenes Masochism Help Secret Bottom
Were most of the Jews murdered by locals?

This comfortable story

It's surprising how much of the Canada's Dark Secret content is expressed by you alone, lacking all attribution, with perhaps some guest being edited in toward the end to give seeming agreement — but given 60 Minutes skill in editing, with the viewer not being quite sure what part of your statement the guest has really heard and is really bestowing his blessing on.  For example, the transcript contains the following passage which is at the same time both remarkable and unremarkable — remarkable for the magnitude of the lie that it contains, and unremarkable for that lie being so commonly repeated as to have acquired a comfortable familiarity:

WALLACE:  (Voiceover)  Rambam was given most of his Nazi names by Efraim Zuroff, who's been tracking war criminals for years at the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem.  Zuroff says the Nazis who migrated to Canada were mainly from Eastern Europe, where early in the war they roamed the countryside murdering Jews.  And he alleges that hundreds of these killers are still alive and well in Canada.

We're talking basically about Lithuanians, Latvians, Ukrainians who simply were collaborators?

Mr. EFRAIM ZUROFF (Simon Wiesenthal Center):  In those areas, most of the Jews were murdered by the locals.
Canada's Dark Secret, CBS News, 60 Minutes, 20-Jul-1997, p. 3.

Is false

I haven't looked into the situation in Lithuania or Latvia, but I have in Ukraine, and I can tell you that the Wallace-Zuroff picture of local Ukrainians roaming the countryside murdering Jews clashes with the picture painted by individuals carrying credentials as historians somewhat stronger than your own, or than Efraim Zuroff's, or than Simon Wiesenthal's — as for example the picture painted by pre-eminent Jewish historian of the Jewish holocaust, Raul Hilberg:

From the Ukraine Einsatzkommando 6 of Einsatzgruppe C reported as follows:
Almost nowhere can the population be persuaded to take active steps against the Jews.  This may be explained by the fear of many people that the Red Army may return.  Again and again this anxiety has been pointed out to us.  Older people have remarked that they had already experienced in 1918 the sudden retreat of the Germans.  In order to meet the fear psychosis, and in order to destroy the myth ... which, in the eyes of many Ukrainians, places the Jew in the position of the wielder of political power, Einsatzkommando 6 on several occasions marched Jews before their execution through the city.  Also, care was taken to have Ukrainian militiamen watch the shooting of Jews.
This "deflation" of the Jews in the public eye did not have the desired effect.  After a few weeks, Einsatzgruppe C complained once more that the inhabitants did not betray the movements of hidden Jews.  The Ukrainians were passive, benumbed by the "Bolshevist terror."  Only the ethnic Germans in the area were busily working for the Einsatzgruppe.
Raul Hilberg, The Destruction of the European Jews, 1961, p. 202.

The picture painted by Raul Hilberg is not at all the one of Ukrainians enthusiastically slaughtering Jews that was painted by yourself and Efraim Zuroff:

The Slavic population stood estranged and even aghast before the unfolding spectacle of the "final solution."  There was on the whole no impelling desire to cooperate in a process of such utter ruthlessness.  The fact that the Soviet regime, fighting off the Germans a few hundred miles to the east, was still threatening to return, undoubtedly acted as a powerful restraint upon many a potential collaborator.
Raul Hilberg, The Destruction of the European Jews, 1985, p. 308.

Raul Hilberg is not the only historian testifying to the fact that the impetus for local participation was not spontaneous, but came from the Einsatzgruppen, and that the Einsatzgruppen were disappointed by the results.  Leo Heiman below, for example, reaffirms this, and adds the detail that the pogromists had a short attention span with respect to the German-inspired goal of killing Jews, being instead readily diverted by "looting and plunder."  "Lemberg," as you may be already aware, is Lviv:

The results of diligent Nazi efforts to organize "Ukrainian pogrom mobs" were disappointing....  According to official German documents introduced by the prosecution during the Eichmann trial, the Nazi commander of S.D. Einsatzgruppe "Kommando Lemberg" complained to his superiors that "...to rely on local people to take the law of retribution in their own hands, and themselves carry out final solution measures against Jews, is hopeless.  We organized several action groups, but they soon degenerated into ordinary pogrom mobs, more interested in looting and plunder than in energetic and forceful measures against Jews.  The number of Jews eliminated by mobs runs less than two thousand in my area of operations, and the damage done by mobs to property, as well as the disruption of order, does not justify this kind of action.  I have no choice but to employ my own men."
Leo Heiman, Ukrainians and the Jews, in Walter Dushnyck, Ukrainians and Jews: A Symposium, The Ukrainian Congress Committee of American, New York, 1966, p. 60.

Raul Hilberg discusses two motives for the Nazis to incite pogroms in Ukraine:

Why did the Einsatzgruppen endeavor to start pogroms in the occupied areas?  The reasons which prompted the killing units to activate anti-Jewish outbursts were partly administrative, partly psychological.  The administrative principle was very simple: every Jew killed in a pogrom was one less burden for the Einsatzgruppen.  A pogrom brought them, as they expressed it, that much closer to the "cleanup goal"....  The psychological consideration was more interesting.  The Einsatzgruppen wanted the population to take a part — and a major part at that — of the responsibility for the killing operations.  "It was not less important, for future purposes," wrote Brigadeführer Dr. Stahlecker, "to establish as an unquestionable fact that the liberated population had resorted to the most severe measures against the Bolshevist and Jewish enemy, on its own initiative and without instructions from German authorities."  In short, the pogroms were to become the defensive weapon with which to confront an accuser, or an element of blackmail that could be used against the local population.
Raul Hilberg, The Destruction of the European Jews, 1961, p. 203.

The Nazis had motives to incite Ukrainians to kill Jews, and they attempted to do so, but they failed.  With respect to Ukraine at any rate, Efraim Zuroff's statement that you broadcast to 30-million-plus 60 Minutes viewers that "most of the Jews were murdered by the locals" is a lie:

First, truly spontaneous pogroms, free from Einsatzgruppen influence, did not take place; all outbreaks were either organized or inspired by the Einsatzgruppen.  Second, all pogroms were implemented within a short time after the arrival of the killing units.  They were not self-perpetuating, nor could new ones be started after things had settled down.
Raul Hilberg, The Destruction of the European Jews, 1985, p. 312.

And is incomplete

A more complete picture of the truth would go beyond denying Zuroff's statement that "most of the Jews were murdered by the locals" to add at least three details:

  1. Simon Wiesenthal is not what he seems.  Simon Wiesenthal, whose name lends credence to Efraim Zuroff's statement, spent the war years as a Nazi collaborator, the bulk of his writing is fictional, and some of his graphic work is forged or misrepresented

  2. Jews collaborated more than Ukrainians.  One of the motives for Jews incessantly painting the false picture of Ukrainians as Nazi collaborators during the war is to distract attention from the much greater collaboration of which Jews were guilty:

  3. Jews killed Ukrainians much more than vice versa.  One of the motives for Jews incessantly painting the false picture of Ukrainians killing Jews during the war is to obscure the more common reality of Jews killing Ukrainians, as I have documented in several locations:

Top Rambam Psychopath Abella Farber Sims Lying Locals Deschenes Masochism Help Secret Bottom
You Misrepresent the Deschenes Commission

You make vague reference below to the findings of some sort of "national commission":

WALLACE:  But finally, 10 years ago after a national commission confirmed that Canada was still home for hundreds of war criminals, the Canadians did undertake to prosecute five of them.  But so long after the war with evidence hard to come by, they couldn't get convictions.  So now Canada is trying to do what the US has done: deport them.  The United States has deported more than 50 Nazis, but in 50 years Canada has deported just one.
Canada's Dark Secret, CBS News, 60 Minutes, 20-Jul-1997, p. 5.

But have Canadians and Americans been sufficiently brainwashed that they are ready to replace Western Justice with the Halacha?  Your comment reveals how profoundly out of touch you are with Western ideals of justice.  According to Western ideals, the lack of evidence against someone is a reason for the State to leave that person unmolested.  According to you, however, once Jews have targetted someone for persecution, then lack of evidence should not stand in the way, and the Justice System should be squeezed until it coughs up a Jewish-specified quota of lives destroyed.

Just what was that "national commission"?  If your researchers had been more industrious, they could have dug up what the name of that commission was, and when it published its report, and they could have written this information out on cards for you to read.  What your researchers would have discovered is that it was, in fact, the Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals, commonly referred to as the Deschenes Commission after its commissioner, the Honourable Jules Deschenes, whose 966-page Public Report was released on 30-Dec-1986.

Just what did the Deschenes Commission really confirm?  Since almost nobody has read the Deschenes Commission Report — you certainly haven't — Jewish leaders find themselves unchallenged when they make up stories about what the report said.  You, for example, feel free to say that it "confirmed that Canada was still home for hundreds of war criminals," which the Commission most emphatically did not confirm.

Had your researchers been more industrious, they could also have discovered exactly what it was that the Commission really did confirm.  One thing that the Deschenes Commission did confirm is that the Littman-Blumenthal Mengele Scare — Dr. Joseph Mengele was supposed to have attempted entry into Canada from Buenos Aires in 1962 — (one of the reasons that the Deschenes Commission was created) was a hoax:

[A]ll that [foremost Canadian Nazi hunter Sol] Littman could rely on was "speculation, impression, possibility, hypothesis".  Yet he chose to transmute them into statements of facts which he publicized [...]  This is a case where not a shred of evidence has been tendered to support Mr. Littman's statement to the Prime Minister of Canada on 20 December 1984 [...].
Jules Deschenes, Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals, Minister of Supply and Services Canada, 1986, p. 82.

Another thing that the Deschenes Commission did confirm is that the hysterical claims of thousands of Nazi war criminals in Canada — at one point Simon Wiesenthal claimed 6,000 — (the second major reason that the Deschenes Commission was created) collapsed down to a list of 217 names that Simon Wiesenthal was able to produce, putting the Commission to the trouble of discovering that the list was "nearly totally useless":

It is obvious that the list of 217 officers of the Galicia Division furnished by Mr. Wiesenthal was nearly totally useless and put the Canadian government, through the RCMP and this Commission, to a considerable amount of purposeless work.
Jules Deschenes, Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals, Minister of Supply and Services Canada, 1986, p. 258.

Another thing that the Deschenes Commission did confirm is that whenever Simon Wiesenthal was asked for substantiation of his accusations, he would go into hiding:

[T]he Commission has tried repeatedly to obtain the incriminating evidence allegedly in Mr. Wiesenthal's possession, through various oral and written communications with Mr. Wiesenthal himself and with his solicitor, Mr. Martin Mendelsohn of Washington, D.C., but to no avail: telephone calls, letters, even a meeting in New York between Mr. Wiesenthal and Commission Counsel on 1 November 1985 followed up by further direct communications, have succeeded in bringing no positive results, outside of promises.
Jules Deschenes, Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals, Minister of Supply and Services Canada, 1986, p. 257.

And yet another thing that the Deschenes Commission confirmed after exhaustive research was that in all of Canada in 1986, 20 individuals could be found who appeared to deserve further investigation.  By the time of your broadcast eleven years after that, many of these twenty had likely died.  A measure of the strength of the evidence against these 20, and against others that the Canadian Jewish Congress has been beating out of the bushes in the meantime, is that in the sixteen years since 1986, not a single one of them has been convicted of Nazi war crimes in criminal court, one has been deported, and several have been, and continue to be, harassed in civil court for conjectured immigration infractions.  Meanwhile, one cannot help noticing, Israeli snipers are putting bullets through the heads of Palestinian children on a daily basis, and nothing prevents these Jewish war heroes from immigrating to Canada and living among us with recollections of brain splatter dancing through their heads.  Of course I do not exclude from my indictment those apprentice snipers who, finding the head too small a target, resorted to alternatives:

Bernard Mills, a retired major in Britain's Special Forces and former director of UNRWA's Gaza office, said he [...] left UNRWA in the fall of 1989 because "if I had seen another Israeli officer shoot a small child in the stomach, I would have probably grabbed his gun and shot him."
Robert I. Friedman, Zealots for Zion: Inside Israel's West Bank settlement movement, Rutgers University Press, New Brunswik NJ, 1992, p. 203.

The Ukrainian Galicia Division, the target of undying Jewish hatred, came off cleared — even by this Jewish-constituted Deschenes Commission — of wrongdoing, as it always has been cleared in repeated investigations over the decades:

The members of the Galicia Division were individually screened for security purposes before admission to Canada.  Charges of war crimes against members of the Galicia Division have never been substantiated, neither in 1950 when they were first preferred, nor in 1984 when they were renewed, nor before this Commission.  Further, in the absence of evidence of participation in or knowledge of specific war crimes, mere membership in the Galicia Division is insufficient to justify prosecution.
Jules Deschenes, Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals, Minister of Supply and Services Canada, 1986, p. 12.  (Paragraph numbers and page citations removed)

Cleared — do you hear?  Not a single member of the Galicia Division has shot a single child in the head or the stomach or anywhere.  Not a single hand broken.  Not a single prisoner hung upside-down.  The crimes of the entire Galicia Division over its entire existence do not compare to the crimes of Jews in Israel on the quietest day in Israel's history.

Thus, not only is your statement false that "a national commission confirmed that Canada was still home for hundreds of war criminals," but the wild claims, three coming from your lips (as if you were the expert witness and not merely the host), and one from those of Steven Rambam, alleging numbers of Nazi war criminals of at least one thousand are unfounded as well.  I emphasize in bold red each estimate of at least one thousand, and in blue the lie that these stale figures are anything new:

MIKE WALLACE, co-host:  Only now, a full half-century after the end of World War II, are we beginning to learn the truth about some bitter realities hidden from public view back then.  First, that the Swiss did very profitable business with the Germans during that brutal war and deprived the Nazis' Holocaust victims and their families of their rightful property.

Well, now comes Canada's dark secret: that Canada's government apparently welcomed thousands of Nazi war criminals into Canada at war's end, where they have lived comfortably and peacefully ever since.  And only now has Canada begun to acknowledge its complicity and its shame.
Canada's Dark Secret, CBS News, 60 Minutes, 20-Jul-1997, p. 1, Mike Wallace opening statement in the 02-Feb-1997 version of the broadcast (blue font and red emphasis added).

MIKE WALLACE, co-host:  For years we've known that some of the worst Nazi war criminals escaped to South America where they've lived in peaceful obscurity.  But it wasn't until this year that we learned that thousands of SS members, people who murdered civilians, women and children, had found safe haven in Canada where they were allowed to work and even to prosper undisturbed down the years.  When we broadcast this piece last February we reported that Canada has finally begun to acknowledge its complicity in allowing the killers to come to Canada — its complicity and its shame.
Canada's Dark Secret, CBS News, 60 Minutes, 20-Jul-1997, p. 1, Mike Wallace opening statement in the 20-Jul-1997 version of the broadcast (blue font and red emphasis added.)

WALLACE: Last week Rabbi Marvin Heir, dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, received word from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that they intend to investigate his list of more than 1,800 former Nazi SS members presently living in Canada who are still receiving their German military pensions.

Canada's Dark Secret, CBS News, 60 Minutes, 02-Feb-1997, p. 8 (red emphasis added).

Mr. STEVEN RAMBAM (Private Investigator): The vast majority of the people who we selected from the list of 1,000 to pursue are people who, with their own hands, killed Jews — shot them, stabbed them, beat them to death.  Now there are also a number of these war criminals who, while for the most part they may not have pulled the trigger, they coordinated the rounding up and the execution of thousands of Jews.
Canada's Dark Secret, CBS News, 60 Minutes, 02-Feb-1997, p. 1 (red emphasis added).

It is not merely the case that you could have done the research to learn what the Deschenes Commission really concluded, and that you could have done the research to discover that Simon Wiesenthal is a fraud, and that the bulk of statements issuing from institutions bearing his name are fraudulent, and that the accusations against the Galicia Division are groundless.  What is the case, rather, is that I have been placing this information before your eyes since 1994 — before the eyes of Morley Safer in particular, but as copies of many of my letters were sent to other members of the 60 Minutes team, and to other members of the CBS administration, then one has to say that I have been placing this information before the eyes of 60 Minutes, and before the eyes of CBS.

And I must add that this information has begged for your attention not only at the time that you received it in hard copy, but also over the years by remaining on the Internet, and by drawing attention to itself through search engines.  For example, Morley Safer cannot defend himself by claiming that he has been unaware of it, because a search for "Morley Safer" today finds ukar.org represented among the first ten hits on search engines such as All the Web, AltaVista, Euroseek, Excite, Go, Google, HotBot, Lycos, MetaCrawler, Teoma, WebCrawler, Yahoo.

And it is not Morley Safer alone who is being alerted to CBS errors, but in fact several of those who, directly or indirectly, have been responsible for them, as can be readily verified — for example, a Google search for any of the following names shows ukar.org among the top ten hits: Irving Abella, Yaakov Bleich, Jeffrey Fager, Bernie Farber, Don Hewitt, Michael H. Jordan, Eric Ober, F. David Radler, Steven Rambam, Moshe Ronen, Laurence Tisch.

The evidence is compelling that if anyone at CBS is unaware of 60 Minutes defects in covering WW II events in general, and Ukrainian-Jewish relations in particular, then he is willfully unaware.  More specifically, if you did not know what bad journalism you were perpetrating in your broadcast Canada's Dark Secret, it is because you did not want to know, and because you took pains to avoid finding out.

Top Rambam Psychopath Abella Farber Sims Lying Locals Deschenes Masochism Help Secret Bottom
The Steven Rambam Story That You Missed

The Steven Rambam story of tape-recording confessions of Nazi war crimes is clearly fraudulent, and should not have been broadcast.  A Steven Rambam story that could have been broadcast is what variety of masochism it could be that prompts Canada to allow Steven Rambam entry.  That is, Rambam's reasons for coming to Canada have been to perpetrate two enormous frauds — first the Fifty Confessions Hoax, and after that his blackmailing Adalbert Lallier into offering testimony of questionable veracity against Julius Viel.  Thus, Steven Rambam comes to Canada for the purpose of subverting justice and stirring up inter-ethnic animosity, and by doing so to incidentally promote himself from the rank of violence-prone psychopath to Wiesenthal-grade Nazi hunter.  In the course of his labors, Steven Rambam pauses at every opportunity to urinate on Canada's good name:

"If you are a war criminal, Canada is your refuge of choice.  That is for sure."
"Canada is where the Nazis are," Rambam says.  "Canada is the unknown haven for Nazis.  Everybody knows about Argentina, but nobody knows about Canada."
"Canada is a place of refuge for the scum of the earth."
"Canada has become an old-age home for Nazi war criminals.  The lesson is that if you killed Jews, you have nothing to fear living here," Rambam said.  [...]  "The Canadian government is fooling you, lying to you, when it says it is zealously pursuing war criminals," he said.
"People who killed 850,000 Jews came to Canada, and were welcomed with open arms."
Montreal Gazette, 27-Nov-1996, Final Edition, p. A14; Ottawa Citizen, 15-Jan-1997, p. A13; Ottawa Citizen, 03-May-1997, p. A1; Canadian Jewish News Internet Edition, 31-May-2001, http://www.cjnews.com/pastissues/01/may31-01/front3.asp; Canadian Jewish News, 11-Oct-2001, p. 32.

A story that would have given you a creditable 60 Minutes broadcast, then, is Why Does Canada Welcome Steven Rambam? — A Study in National Masochism

Top Rambam Psychopath Abella Farber Sims Lying Locals Deschenes Masochism Help Secret Bottom
Why Don't You Help Steven Rambam?

Now that Steven Rambam's project to promote himself to the status of Nazi-hunter is on the rocks, I wonder why those who encouraged him in this direction — people like yourself — do not offer him support.

If, for example, Rambam is being portrayed inaccurately or unfairly anywhere, then it is within your and Don Hewitt's power to broadcast a 60 Minutes story which exposes this inaccuracy and unfairness, and which portrays instead Steven Rambam's integrity and virtue.  I wonder not only that you and Don Hewitt do not do this for Steven Rambam, but that others who collaborated with him, who worked with him as a colleague and a friend, most particularly on the Fifty-Confessions Hoax, and later on the Jewish Show Trial of Julius Viel, do not now offer Steven Rambam assistance.  For example, given their dominant role within the Canadian Jewish Congress, it surprises me that Irving Abella, Moshe Ronen, and Bernie Farber do not extend the support to Steven Rambam that their access to the media, and their influence over government, empower them to extend.  Or, given that he is COO of Hollinger International, the world's largest newspaper empire, I wonder that F. David Radler does not command a hundred or so of his newspapers to carry articles exculpating Steven Rambam from involvement in fraud, and even going so far as to deny any fraud.

But no such help seems to be forthcoming — rather, Steven Rambam caught perpetrating two frauds is hung out to dry.  Those who encouraged him formerly, today turn their backs on him.

Your stepping forward in defense of Steven Rambam would be a service not only to him, but to his critics, like myself.  At the moment, with not a good word in his favor from those who know him best, Rambam critics searching for information which could assist them in balancing their criticism, find none.  Thus, if you are able to offer any defense for Steven Rambam, then you do not only him a disservice by not publishing it, but you do me a disservice as well.  If you send me any information which would assist me in upgrading my fairness and my accuracy with respect to Steven Rambam, or indeed with respect to any topic that I deal with on the Ukrainian Archive, you can be sure that I will publish your information immediately, and take whatever corrective action appears to be called for.

Top Rambam Psychopath Abella Farber Sims Lying Locals Deschenes Masochism Help Secret Bottom
Mike Wallace's Dark Secret

Immigration from the Slavic lands

The real reason that you broadcast Canada's Dark Secret may be hidden from most of your viewers, but not from those who understand that Israel's Achilles heel has always been its small population, and so that its foremost goal has always been to expand that population through immigration.  This has been true throughout Israel's history, was true at the time of your dual Canada's Dark Secret broadcasts in 1997, and continues to be true today:

As the Palestinian intifada (uprising) continues, Israel is conducting a second, more global campaign — to attract foreign Jewish settlement.

Shortly after becoming prime minister in 2001, Ariel Sharon set as his goal the task of attracting one million Jews to Israel in the next decade.

It was an ambitious target, not least since the influx of foreign Jews to Israel dropped as the intifada gained pace.
Raffi Berg, Israel's modern immigrants, BBC News Online, 18-May-2002 news.bbc.co.uk/low/english/world/middle_east/newsid_1948000/1948883.stm

The greatest reserve of people that can be persuaded to come to Israel has been, and continues to be, in the Slavic lands:

Since Israel was founded in 1948, more than a third of all immigrants have come from the FSU — nearly one million since 1989 alone.

There are 400,000 Jews still in Russia and although the exodus has slowed, the flow continues.
Raffi Berg, Israel's modern immigrants, BBC News Online, 18-May-2002 news.bbc.co.uk/low/english/world/middle_east/newsid_1948000/1948883.stm

From Ariel Sharon's point of view, the fund of potential immigrants can be viewed as larger than the BBC portrays it above simply through the recognition that Israel's body snatching has much to do with demographic manipulation, and little to do with religion:

In Russia, as in the US, there are probably at least some 20 million people entitled to become Israeli citizens.  One does not have to be Jewish.  It is enough if your daughter from a first marriage was married to an adopted grandchild of a Jew: you can go to Israel with your new family.  Ex-USSR republics are in dire straits, workers get no salary for months, many families send away their old folk to Israel, where they get a few thousand dollars upon arrival, a small pension and public housing, if they are lucky.

Majority of arrivals had no exposure to Judaism or Jewish culture in Russia and have no interest in it, either.  [...]

Now Prime Minister Ariel Sharon intends to import another million "Russian Jews." It is possible: if the American Jewish friends of Israel will put a harder squeeze on Ukraine, ten million Ukrainians may suddenly recover their "Jewish roots."
Israel Shamir, The State of Mind, www.israelshamir.net/english/stateofmind.htm

Is assisted by imagined or engineered anti-Semitism

However, there is no getting around the fact that there are many disadvantages to living in Israel, especially for Slavs:

The Israeli media described them as a bunch of criminals and prostitutes; they were required to sign contracts and promises in Hebrew they did not understand; their specialists swept streets or picked oranges.  Their rate of divorce skyrocketed; their children were pushed into drugs.  In 1991, Israel ceased to employ the Palestinians from the occupied territories, and yesterday’s elite of the Soviet Union was supposed to replace them doing low paid menial jobs.
Israel Shamir, The State of Mind, www.israelshamir.net/english/stateofmind.htm

And so, with the ample reasons for not moving to Israel, realization of the Zionist goal of massive immigration requires that some strong motive be added.  At least for the Jews targetted for immigration to Israel, there is a simple and fast and efficient, and time-honored, way of overcoming reluctance — and that is to raise the spectre of anti-Semitism:

In 1991, when Russia’s future was exceedingly obscure, Israel received a lot of young blood from there.  Israel supporters in the US media carried out a two-pronged campaign: they warned of forthcoming pogroms, and they promoted the idea of a beautiful easy life for immigrants in the US.  Whole issues of Newsweek and Time concentrated on the neo-Nazi Pamyat group and rampant anti-Semitism.  At that time, I reported for the Haaretz from Moscow, and interviewed Pamyat leaders for the paper.  I found this sinister organisation to number about as many members as the Flat Earth Society.  Still, Russian Jews would come to our countryside house to ask for protection in case of a pogrom.  I tried to calm them down, but I could not fight the mighty media machine alone.  Ten years later, I met a Russian Jewish lady writer in Jerusalem who told me that she had initiated the rumours of pogroms.

"You Israelis should erect a monument to me," she said.

"Certainly", said I, "Any particular reason?"

"I brought you a million Russians: I announced on Moscow Echo Radio that there will be a pogrom."

I hadn’t the heart to disabuse her: her announcements would have had no effect if Israel’s American friends hadn’t amplified them.  Anyway, the frightened and seduced Russians rushed for visas to the American embassy, and at that moment Israel requested the US should stop granting visas for the Russians.  The US gates have been closed, and all this mass of people on the move was forced to go to Israel.
Israel Shamir, The State of Mind, www.israelshamir.net/english/stateofmind.htm

And is too important to be left to chance

As becomes evident in the passage below, the stampeding of Jews to Israel does not result from the spontaneous initiative of unconnected individuals, but rather is the carrying out of a conspiracy orchestrated from Israel.  Although Robert I. Friedman does not mention it, one can wonder whether one of the stampede-provoking properties of the Mossad-JDL bombing and shooting campaign that he describes below was not to incite anti-Jewish feeling which Jews would experience as anti-Semitism:

— 182 —

Kahane first gained national attention in the turbulent summer of 1968 when he founded the JDL, declaring it would protect Jews from black street crime and anti-Semitism.  But the militant Brooklyn-born rabbi achieved international celebrity in the winter of 1969 when he seized on an issue largely ignored by the American Jewish establishment — the plight of Soviet Jews.  By 1970 the JDL's bombing and shooting attacks against Soviet embassies in America and Europe were so numerous that, according to confidential State Department documents, President Richard Nixon became concerned that Kahane would wreck the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks.  The JDL's campaign for Soviet Jewry gained the support of prominent union leaders, politicians, and wealthy Jewish philanthropists.  Little did they know that the JDL's guerrilla war against the Soviet Union was orchestrated by right-wing Mossad officers led by Israel's future prime minister Yitzhak Shamir.

The secret relationship was forged in December 1969 when Geula Cohen, who had just been elected to the Knesset as a member of Begin's Herut party, visited Kahane in his cramped JDL office on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue.  "Why are you wasting your time fighting the shvartzers?" asked Cohen, who had dropped out of Begin's Irgun underground in the 1940s to fight with Shamir's more extreme Stern Gang because she found Begin "too mild."

— 183 —

During the next few months, Cohen, Shamir, and a group of Mossad officers and Jewish businessmen helped lay the groundwork for the JDL's violent campaign to publicize the plight of Soviet Jewry.  Cohen and Shamir calculated that the selective use of violence against Soviet targets in America and Europe would inevitably strain U.S.-Soviet relations.  They predicted that rather than risk the breakdown of détente, the Soviet Union would be forced to alleviate the crisis by freeing hundreds of thousands of Jews, who would redress the demographic imbalance caused when Israel swallowed the occupied territories with its large Arab population.  (Since the founding of the state of Israel, one of Mossad's prime directives has been to help bring Jews to Israel.  It has operated underground networks in a number of countries, including the Soviet Union and Ethiopia.)
Robert I. Friedman, Zealots for Zion: Inside Israel's West Bank settlement movement, Rutgers University Press, New Brunswik NJ, 1992.

And neither was Steven Rambam a product of chance

Recognition that the Mossad orchestrates Jew-stampeding invites incredulity to your claim that the Fifty-Confessions Hoax was the spontaneous initiative of Steven Rambam, and was funded largely out of his own pocket:

(Footage of Canadian flag; Steven Rambam)

WALLACE: (Voiceover)  The traditional cold calm of Canada has been shaken by, of all things, a meddling American, an unorthodox private detective from Brooklyn named Steven Rambam.  For two years, mostly at his own expense, he's been tracking down Canada's alleged war criminals after getting their names from the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem.
Canada's Dark Secret, CBS News, 60 Minutes, 02-Feb-1997, p. 1.

A Brooklyn resident interviewing suspected Nazi war criminals who are distributed coast to coast in Canada would have to pay for transportation, lodging, food, long-distance telephone, and research costs, and this spread over two years, and this with Steven Rambam's background unblemished by either financial shrewdness or economic success — a picture that is not easily credited.  Surely this is a Mossad operation in which impecunious Steven Rambam plays the role of visible cog in a largely-hidden machine.  An investigative journalist of competence and integrity would at least have asked Rambam for particulars both of his expenses and his income, and would have probed for discrepancies between the two.

Also suggestive of a conspiracy masterminded from Israel is the admission (given by the Canadian Jewish Congress in the very first boxed quote at the top of the present letter) that Steven Rambam was not permitted to do his interviewing alone: "Working with two reporters for the Jerusalem Post, detective Steven Rambam of New York secured taped confessions from some 50 suspected Nazi war criminals."  In view of what we have just read about Mossad's interest in promoting the flow of immigrants to Israel, and in view of the lengths to which Mossad has shown itself willing to go to accelerate this flow, and in view of Steven Rambam's already having served in the Mossad bombing and shooting campaign of the 1970's, the possibility is called to mind that a more accurate rendering of what actually happened might be "Under the control of two Mossad agents from Israel, long-time Mossad stooge Steven Rambam of New York was amused to discover that his gratuitous claim of having secured taped confessions from some 50 old men went largely unchallenged."

I notice, by the way, that the admission that Steven Rambam was accompanied by two handlers (and is anybody likely to send out a violence-prone psychopath on a mission without handlers?) does not come from your 60 Minutes broadcast, but rather from the CJC.  It would appear, then, that in order to conceal from the public any hint that Steven Rambam was a Mossad operative, you not only stated that he worked on his own initiative and at his own expense, but you also gave the impression that he worked alone.

We begin to zero in on your Dark Secret

Your broadcast Canada's Dark Secret was not journalism or news or investigative reporting.  It satisfied no standards, it adhered to no logic, it exercised no caution, it relied on no evidence.  It strove for no accuracy or fairness or balance.  It strove for one thing only — to stampede Jews to Israel.

Stampeding Ukrainian Jews to Israel is what Morley Safer was doing in his Ugly Face of Freedom in 1994.  Stampeding Slavic Jews to Israel was the purpose behind the Steven Rambam bombings and shootings in the United States that landed him in prison.  Stampeding Jews to Israel from Canada and from Ukraine was what the Canadian Jewish Congress had in mind when it staged the Deschenes Commission.  Stampeding Jews to Israel from anywhere and everywhere was what Steven Rambam was doing in engineering the conviction of Julius Viel.

And stampeding Jews to Israel was again the aim of the Fifty-Confessions Hoax, of which your Canada's Dark Secret broadcast was the chief instrument of dissemination.

And all for nothing!  You continue fighting when the war has been lost.  You can see that you have lost by the quality of the people who remain to do your fighting, and by the incompetence of their efforts.

Mike Wallace INDEXallace.  First, yourself.  Is it likely that the man who, given the opportunity on Sharks Don't Get Cancer to expose eating shark powder as quackery, instead recommends it as a cancer cure, thereby sending thousands to their deaths and exposing CBS to a liability of billions of dollars — is it likely that such a man will be able to fight effectively for the Jewish people?  Not likely at all!  Given the choice, such a man will back the use of murder for purposes of Jewish real-estate acquisition in the Middle East rather than oppose it; will support the herding of Jews to the one spot on earth in which they are in greatest danger, rather than evacuating those already there to safety; will greet the stories of classic bullshitter Steven Rambam with credulity rather than the skepticism that the briefest glance at either his story or his curriculum vitae calls for.

Don Hewitt INDEXewitt.  Is it likely that 60 Minutes executive producer Don Hewitt will be able to fight effectively for the Jewish people? — Not likely, given his track record, marked for example by his catastrophic Out of Control, and his calamitous Sharks Don't Get Cancer, and his cataclysmic The Ugly Face of Freedom.  What is Don Hewitt capable of except adding the disastrous Canada's Dark Secret to his expanding collection of broadcasts that will go down in history for their ignorance?  Don Hewitt's flaw which leads him to produce one ruinous broadcast after another is that he is unable to probe beneath surface appearances — thus, when he shakes hands with Steven Rambam, and looks into his eyes, he takes in only the surface which is that of a nice Jewish boy, and he lacks the skill of penetrating to the head-breaker the lurks beneath.

Irving Abella INDEXbella.  And what can Irving Abella do for Jews, handicapped as he is by a judgement so flawed that he proposes that the SS blood-type tattoo had at one time guaranteed admission into Canada, and by a discernment so clouded that he confuses the SS with the Waffen SS?  What is Irving Abella capable of except standing shoulder-to-shoulder at every opportunity that offers with soup-in-your-face Steven Rambam, hawking together their Fifty-Confessions Hoax?

F. David Radler INDEXadler.  And we have seen F. David Radler's inability to answer criticism of his Vancouver Sun's coverage of the Jewish show trial of Michael Siefert.  What is a man who produces journalism of this pathetic quality, and who leaves his product so undefended — what is he capable of doing for the Jewish people except what he has done, which is to hire baseball-bat-thwacking Steven Rambam to pretend to do historical research on behalf of the Jewish people, and then to have his newspaper empire disseminate a misrepresentation of Rambam's findings?

Steven Rambam INDEXambam.  I will not attempt to compress Steven Rambam's defects into this inadequate space, as they are too numerous, and in any case too often alluded to above, and in any case again, so vivid as to cling to memory without need of refreshment.  What can psychiatric-institution-graduate Steven Rambam do for the Jewish people except what he has always done — which is to join the most evil of the causes at hand, and then apply his ineptness so as to bring his chosen cause to destruction, the prototype for which might be his leading the terrorist activities of the Jewish Armed Resistance, and then causing all its members to be arrested by blabbing about them over a telephone that was bugged by the FBI.  And in the same vein and true to form, he joins your Canada's Dark Secret Hoax, and through his many and loud and hyperbolic statements, he attracts to that hoax first attention and then skepticism and then incredulity, and then by provoking me with his vexatious law suit, he guarantees that my criticism of your Canada's Dark Secret Hoax will be elaborated and will be given wider dissemination, as in the present letter.  What is Steven Rambam capable of except sabotaging every enterprise that he joins, just as he is sabotaging yours today?

Moshe Ronen INDEXonen.  Moshe Ronen, asked publicly to explain what appear to be the two Jewish swindles of kosher certification and eruv proliferation, and even though holding the position of National President of the Canadian Jewish Congress, unable to say a word in defense of either.  Helpless as he is in the face of the simplest of questions addressing the misconduct of Jewish leaders, what chance has he of helping the Jewish people, as by closing down Steven Rambam?  What chance has Moshe Ronen of protecting the Canadian Jewish Congress from being sullied and contaminated by jailbird Steven Rambam's pranks?

Bernie Farber INDEXarber.  Bernie Farber, uncertain as to precisely what his promotion from social worker at the Ottawa Jewish Community Centre to Executive Director of the Canadian Jewish Congress does and does not empower him to do, boldly tests whether it might not empower him to play the role of historian in front of an audience of 30-million-plus.  Bernie Farber's answer to what he can do for the Jewish people is that he can throw his full support behind a scheme nominally headed by convicted-terrorist and intimate-of-assassins, Steven Rambam.

With the Zionist cause left in the hands of incompetents like the above WHARRRF Group of Seven, victory seems implausible, defeat looming.

Your specific Dark Secret, Mike Wallace, is that when violence-prone, bomb-setting, head-breaking, baseball-bat-thwacking, soup-throwing, homosexual-rape-fabricating, classic bullshitter, psychopath, and convicted terrorist Steven Rambam, a man with a more profound acquaintance with psychiatric institutions and federal prisons than with truth, was offered to you as a witness upon whom to build a story, and when Steven Rambam told you a tale so preposterous that anyone but a child should have been able to see that it was a lie, and when Steven Rambam proved unable to substantiate his story with evidence, you nevertheless presented him to your 30-million-plus viewers as a model of integrity whose researches were worth heeding.

Your general Dark Secret is that your loyalty is not to your viewers, not to your profession, not to the United States, and not to truth — your loyalty is to the demagogues who have hijacked the leadership of the Jewish people, who have created a state which is the most hated on earth, and who are pushing civilization to the brink of destruction.

Lubomyr Prytulak