Jordan   Letter 06   19-Jul-1996   Allowing a fabulist on 60 Minutes

July 19, 1996

Michael H. Jordan
Chairman, Westinghouse Electric Corporation
11 Stanwix Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
USA         15222

Dear Mr. Jordan: When I began reading Simon Wiesenthal in late 1994, I was naive enough to imagine that my discovery that he had a credibility problem was an original one.  Since that time, however, I have learned that Mr. Wiesenthal's lack of credibility is widely known and openly acknowledged.  For example, on April 28, 1996, I received a letter from a Jewish faculty member at an American University, from which I quote the following:

I do not doubt for a moment ... that Simon Wiesenthal is a fabulist which is the fancy literary word for an unmitigated liar.  My father (an Auschwitz inmate) told me many terrible stories about Wiesenthal's role after the war in the Austrian DP camps.  Wiesenthal is of the same ilk as Elie Wiesel: a secular saint, he can make the most absurd claims without fear of exposure.

Now the question that I would like to add to the ones that I have already addressed to you is the following: How did it come to pass that in 1994 a reputable investigative journalism show featured as its star witness someone who is widely known to be shall we say a "fabulist"?

And from this question springs a second one: How does it come to pass today that a reputable investigative journalism show, having learned that it has been victimized by a "fabulist," refuses to take any corrective action?

Yours truly,

Lubomyr Prytulak

cc: Ed Bradley, Steve Kroft, Morley Safer, Lesley Stahl, Mike Wallace, Simon Wiesenthal