Lubomyr Prytulak    Letter 02 to McManus     21-Apr-1993   Restored my faith in TIME
The following letter was my expression of a momentary euphoria and gratitude to TIME magazine when the Ukrainian side in this case, the side of truth in the Wallowing Photograph controversy seemed to have won from TIME a retraction and apology.  Other Ukrainians seem to have shared my feelings: for example, a Ukrainian Weekly editorial of 25 Apr 93 was titled "We've got the power" and ended with the words:

In short, then, TIME's outrageous handling of the "traditions of atrocity" photo propelled our community into swift, and effective, action.  We proved that we can be a force when we make ourselves heard, loudly and clearly.  (This was one time that our complaints about news media attitudes and the perceived anti-Ukrainian biases of other institutions around us were not kept internalized within our "ghetto.")  We demonstrated once again that the pen is a mighty weapon and we showed we know how to wield it.  The lesson of our community's battle with TIME is that we can succeed when we resolve to act.  Let us hope, then, that this resolve carries through to other issues and spurs us to continue effective action.

However, retrospection has led me to conclude that the euphoria and gratitude were not wholly justified, as I explain in my introduction to TIME's retraction.

April 21, 1993

Jason McManus
Editor-in-chief, Time
Time & Life Building
Rockefeller Center
New York, NY  10020

Dear Mr. McManus:

I found your April 19 issue doubly gratifying.  First, the "Wartime Atrocities" correction restored my faith in Time.  Second, the balanced presentation in Ukraine: A Nuclear Nation in Trouble (p. 38), shows that Time is aware of the Ukrainian perspective and unafraid to express it.

And a pat on the back to whoever thought up the blue-and-yellow dropped capitals and the echoing of the blue-and-yellow motif in the flags and the caption under president Kravchuk a perfect touch!

Sincerely yours,

Lubomir Prytulak