Danylo Struk    Time     15-Mar-1993   Repulsive to be sure
Below is the edited and expurgated TIME version of the letter that Professor Danylo H. Struk wrote to TIME magazine.  However, an undistorted version of the same letter was published on 28 Feb 93 by The Ukrainian Weekly, and a comparison of the two versions demonstrates that the TIME version below has gutted Professor Struk's letter of its concrete accusations, and actually falsified it so as to make it appear to agree with the Wallowing Photograph's caption, whereas in reality the original letter expressed the strongest objection to it.
Rape: A Weapon of War

Your article deals with the horrors of rape as a policy of war.  Why then illustrate this piece with a photograph of a Jewish girl raped in Poland, which, though striking and horrible, describes an act--repulsive to be sure--quite outside the text?  I find the photograph an attempt to stir needlessly old animosities between Jews and Ukrainians.  The governments of Israel and Ukraine have made strides toward forgiving and forgetting, with intent to forge harmonious future relations.  It seems that someone at TIME is not too keen on Jewish-Ukrainian rapprochement.  How else can you explain the apparently Ukrainophobic attitude of the people who selected a picture tangentially, at best, relevant to the text, but full of reprehensible innuendo and inaccuracies?

Danylo H. Struk
Editor in Chief
Encyclopedia of Ukraine