Winston Hunter    Letter from TIME     15-Apr-1993   Profoundly sorry, best wishes
What does Winston Hunter give as the reason for TIME's regretting its use of the Wallowing Photograph?  Was it that the caption was incorrect and slanderous?  Was it that TIME had acted irresponsibly?  No, the reason for TIME's regret was that the Wallowing Photograph had generated "debate and uncertainty."  Thus, there is no admission of wrongdoing, only an admission that TIME regretted that a lot of people were yelling, from what TIME could tell gratuitously.

TIME is "profoundly sorry" for what?  For an incorrect and slanderous caption?  For spreading hatred against Ukrainians?  No, TIME is profoundly sorry that the Wallowing Picture and its caption had somehow mysteriously marred an otherwise valuable article.  Thus, the regret is not for the loss that TIME inflicted on Ukraine and on the Ukrainian people, but rather for the loss that had been inflicted on TIME.

TIME never intended to single out Ukrainians for negative attention, and will never so intend.  From this, Ukrainians might take heart that their future defamation, though it might be relentless, will nevertheless be as unintentional as was TIME's.


Winston Hunter
Editorial Offices
Time Inc.

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  April 15, 1993
Ludomir Prytulak, Ph.D.

Dear Dr. Prytulak:

Thank you for your letter concerning the World War II photograph and accompanying caption that were included in our February 22 article about wartime rape.  Prompted by your comments, and by those of many other readers whose response was similar to yours, our editors directed a reexamination of the photograph's history, the circumstances in which it was taken, and the accuracy of the caption identifying its content.  The April 19 issue of TIME includes a box in the Letters column summarizing our findings.

As will be apparent, the debate and uncertainty surrounding the photograph are sufficient for us to conclude that its inclusion in the February 22 article was inappropriate.  We are, of course, profoundly sorry that this picture and its caption marred what we felt was an otherwise valuable article.  We wish to reassure you, moreover, that it was not our intention--nor would we ever wish it to be--to single out Ukrainians for negative attention: as the article made it clear, wartime rape has, sadly, affected just about every nation in the world.

We appreciate your patience as we sought to resolve this issue, and we are grateful to you for your help in alerting us to it in the first place.

Winston Hunter