Israel Roitman   Our View   05-May-1998   Former SMERSH agent boasts of war crimes
When a Jew publishes an account boasting of brutally beating and murdering a Ukrainian, and more especially boasting that this was only the first of many such crimes, the press ignores him, as do Canada's war crimes prosecutors.

Who may have been behind the Christie Street vandalism?

Maybe Globe and Mail readers

Upon the Christie Street Ukrainian Cultural Center in Toronto being vandalized on the night of 20-21June99, speculation arose as to who might be responsible.  A temporal correspondence was noted between the vandalism and the publication of a piece of anti-Ukrainian hate literature written by Andrew Cohen and published in the Globe and Mail of 21June1999 which edition would have been available on the night of 20-21Jun99 and it was wondered whether the Andrew Cohen article might have incited some Globe and Mail readers to vigilante action.

Or maybe the Our View crowd

The possibility considered on the present page is that some Toronto-based anti-Ukrainian group may have been responsible, with the Andrew Cohen article either not involved at all, or at worst serving only as a pretext for the expression of an already-existing hostility.  That at least one such anti-Ukrainian group exists in Toronto is suggested by the following 05May98 article written by Israel Roitman (or possibly Roytman or even Rojtman) and published by the semi-monthly Toronto-based, Russian-language periodical Our View, whose address, circulation, and other characteristics can be found by clicking on the "Roitman 01" link below.  The periodical's statement that "It is distributed to Russian speaking offices and stores" throughout the Toronto area, and also in Washington (I assume "Washington, D.C.") is not completely accurate, as it is also perhaps even mainly distributed to Ukrainian speaking offices and stores.

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A translation of most of the first page of the article appears farther below.

Implications for war crimes prosecutions

Arrogance! Arrogance! Arrogance!

One cannot help noting that if a Ukrainian had published an account boasting of brutally beating and murdering a Jew during WW II, and more especially boasting that this was only the first of many such crimes, then it cannot be doubted that he would be splashed across front pages as yet another Ivan the Terrible, and targeted for investigation by Canadian war crimes prosecutors.  However, no Ukrainian has published such an account.  Rather, a Jew has, and his victim has been a Ukrainian.

When a Jew publishes an account boasting of brutally beating and murdering a Ukrainian, and more especially boasting that this was only the first of many such crimes, the press ignores him, as do Canada's war crimes prosecutors.  To have murdered this one, and many other, Ukrainians, the Jew takes as his right; to proclaim it with impunity, he takes as his privilege.  To a mind so steeped in self-righteousness, daubing a Ukrainian building with paint might appear to come nowhere near approaching the limits of what was permitted him under Canadian law.  To a mind so dominated by ethnocentrism, applause might be expected for his beating and murdering a Ukrainian beast, and not censure for his sadism toward a combatant who happened to be fighting on the side that was opposed to Stalin.  Israel Roitman finds it so inconceivable that his readers might deviate from the doctrines of a defunct Soviet empire that he expects these readers to accept that the Ukrainian victim is a "veritable beast" even though Roitman knows nothing about the victim other than that he was on the anti-Soviet side of the conflict, and expects his readers to accept that he himself is not a "veritable beast" even while he confesses to his participation in a sadistic orgy which ends in murder.

What's the real story?

A German (a member of an occupying force) alone among Ukrainians (the people occupied) does not ring true.  Also, a Banderite is a partisan who would not want to attract attention to himself by wearing military insignia.  He would no more broadcast his affiliation than would a member of the French resistance one never knows who can be trusted, anyone is capable of turning you in, the fewer people in on the secret the better.  Who knows what the truth behind Israel Roitman's story really is?  Possibly, Israel Roitman was seized with a passion to boast of his sadistic accomplishments, but knew enough to clothe them in what in his circles passes for political correctness.  Possibly the murdered victim was a Ukrainian farmer who was captured alone and wearing no insignia, and whose beating and murder were used to warn other Ukrainian farmers not to aid the Banderites operating in the area.  Possibly to increase the trauma on Ukrainians, the Ukrainian farmer's wife and children were forced to watch his torture and murder.

Tell us more about yourself, Israel Roitman

One wonders that the editors of Our View, seeing no fault in Israel Roitman, do not invite him to give us his fuller story.  Mr. Roitman tells us that the torture and murder that he describes on the pages of Our View was the first of many, and we would now like to know exactly how many.  Perhaps only ten.  But maybe a hundred.  Or maybe he found yourself in his element in Soviet intelligence, and maybe he continued on after the war, and so that the total number of Ukrainian beasts that he tortured and killed both during the war and in the decades following was closer to a thousand?  And if the very first time he got his hands on a Ukrainian beast he beat his face to a pulp and then shot him, wallowing in his "accumulated rage and hatred" until it was spent in exhaustion, then what did he do to keep boredom from setting in the second time, and the tenth time, and the hundredth time?  If after those students had asked him "Did you also kill people?" and in reply he "smiled sadly" what if they had gone on to ask him "And did you also gouge out eyes, and cut off genitals?" Would he then also have replied by "smiling sadly"?

And tell us about the membership of SMERSH

And Our View readers might also be interested in knowing what was the ethnic composition of this SMERSH ("Death to Spies") of which Israel Roitman was a member.  Perhaps it approximates the membership of the Cheka-GPU-NKVD in Ukraine, whose senior membership had six Jews, two Russians, one Ukrainian, and one Other out of every ten.

And tell us how you got into Canada

And finally, perhaps Israel Roitman could give his readers some background information as to how he managed to get into Canada.  Did he plead that he was fleeing Ukrainian anti-Semitism?  Did he ever disclose to Canadian immigration authorities that he had been a member of SMERSH?  Perhaps he ingratiated himself with Canadian officials by telling them stories of how he beat Ukrainians to a pulp before shooting them?  Under the leadership of Jean Chretien, and with Anne McLallan running the Department of Justice, perhaps regaling immigration officials with just such stories is just the ticket to gaining speedy admission into Canada.  Such information would not only be of interest to the general reader, but would also be of practical utility to other former members of Soviet secret police agencies who might be thinking of emigrating to Canada.

What can Anne McLellan be thinking?

One wonders whether in any of her ongoing prosecutions, Canadian Justice Minister, Anne McLellan, has evidence of war crimes as strong as is presented below.  Probably not, because Anne McLellan's war crimes unit has turned its attention from war crimes to immigration infractions.  Non-Jewish East Europeans, particularly Ukrainians, are her favorite targets.  In the recent release of a judgement acquitting Latvian Eduards Podins, the public is apprised of the shocking information that his worst crime was that of managing a store in a Latvian prison during German occupation and nothing worse than that!  To Jews, in contrast, Anne McLellan grants immunity.  To Jews she grants immunity from prosecution for the most egregious war crimes, and the idea of her prosecuting any Jew for an immigration infraction speculated to have taken place more than half a century ago is laughable, as is the idea of her prosecuting a Jew for managing a store under German occupation.  In Canada such singular treatment is reserved for Ukrainians along with other East Europeans.  Why should Anne McLellan's war crimes unit waste time prosecuting a self-confessed Jewish assassin when it can more profitably prosecute a Ukrainian who no more than wore a German uniform, and for this reason alone is conjectured to have lied to get into Canada, or a Latvian who managed a cigar store?

Ukrainians have little voice in Jean Chretien's Jewish-influenced administration

To some, the above might appear as no more than a curious anomaly.  To others, it might look like a corruption of Canada's justice system.  To a few who have no patience with euphemism, it might look like the placing of Canada's justice department into the hands of Jews.  The day that Anne McLellan drops her persecution of Ukrainians for unproven, half-century-old immigration infractions, and starts prosecuting real war crimes like those of SMERSH thug Israel Roitman below, or those detailed in my many letters to her is the day that Ukrainians can begin to believe that the current Chretien government has stopped viewing them as second-class citizens.

by Israel Roitman

Our View


Once, on the occasion of a talk with students, I was asked: "Did you also kill people?"

What could I answer?  It remained only to smile sadly, and my memory recalled the first cruelty.  Afterward, there were many more, but the first is unforgettable.

It happened, if memory serves, in the Zolochiv region which lies along the Ternopil-Lviv highway (Western Ukraine).  The military SMERSH ("Death to Spies", as military counter-intelligence was named during the war) instructed us intelligence officers to investigate the cause of death of one of our sabotage units.  On the second or third day, we came upon the tracks of the perpetrators who were responsible for the death of our comrades, and caught them relaxing in broad daylight in a large house on a forest farmstead.  There were three men sitting around a table with moonshine and snacks: a thin, tall German, a heavily-armed policeman, and a fat-faced, unshaven Banderite [Ukrainian fighting for Ukrainian independence] wearing a service cap with a yellow-light blue [colors of the Ukrainian flag] cockade and some kind of stripes sewn on his sleeve.  It goes without saying: a merry band.

We had to shoot the policeman right there in the house, his abundance of weapons not helping him a bit.  We took the German and the Banderite out into the yard.  The Banderite, a huge man with long hands large as shovels, just stood there with a crooked smile.  On his unshaven face, his eyes darted nervously about like gimlets.  Evidently, the worsening situation was completely unexpected by him and he didn't know what to do, and couldn't hit upon any course of action.  Of course, under different circumstances, he could have tossed us boys around like puppies, but this time the inveterate beast could not do so: we were the ones with the weapons.

Oh, yes!  By that time, we had seen a lot of these nationalists, as they were contemptuously called, the "Samostiynyks" ["Independents"] (the motto of the Ukrainian Nationalists was "For an Independent Ukraine").  These were veritable beasts, worse than some Fritzes [Germans].

Volodka Seliverstov hit him first, in the solar plexus.  The Banderite groaned, gripped his stomach with his hands, and doubled over like a folding knife.  Then followed a knee upper-cut to the face.  A sobbing was heard and the Banderite started falling backwards.  But we didn't let him fall.  There were five of us.  We stood in a small circle and knocked him from one to another.  We struck silently with backhand blows, putting into them all our accumulated rage and hatred.  We struck viciously, probably like hunters striking huge and especially dangerous maddened beasts.  By the time the Banderite's face was turned into a bloody-hairy pulp, we were exhausted.  The Banderite slumped to his knees, then fell flat on his face.  We shot him.  The German, we delivered safely across the front line and turned him over to the SMERSH people.  (We followed the same practice afterwards.  When police, Banderites, Vlasovites, or Germans fell into our hands, we usually delivered the latter untouched, but the traitors we executed ourselves on the spot.)