"The sick thing about the Ukranian Gustapo is that they really enjoyed to kill and torture people." — David Katz

Development of the Ukrainian Archive
suspended pending funding

The work of the Ukrainian Archive has barely begun.  Many topics of vital importance to Ukraine remain to be broached.  Topics that have been broached need to be buttressed and amplified.  Every day the world media publishes information which it would strengthen Ukraine to disseminate more widely, or publishes disinformation which it would strengthen Ukraine to refute.

Is the Ukrainian Archive needed?  Most definitely, yes!  A relentless outpouring of disinformation concerning Ukraine has resulted in opinions resembling the following becoming widespread and entrenched:

There were three sections of the German political scene.  The Gustapo, the German Nazis, and the Wermacht.  The Gustapo of the Nazi party were mainly Ukranian.  The Ukranians were the most sadistic killers out of all the people in the Nazi party.  They were the biggest criminals in the world.  They worked for the German Nazis and took orders from them to kill Jews, but the sick thing about the Ukranian Gustapo is that they really enjoyed to kill and torture people.  They went above and beyond what they asked to do because they liked to kill.  After the war, the whole world boycotted Germany and German-made products.  I felt bad for the common German people because they were not the real murderers, it was the Ukranians.  I wish the world to know how sadistic the Ukranians were.  It seems that Germans get all the bad publicity from World War II and I never hear stories about how criminal the Ukranians were.  My objective is to shed light on this little-known truth.

by David Katz
on his home site at:
which on 4Jun98 had been visited 27,044 times

If misinformation such as the above, and the variations — whether on a personal home site with bad grammar and spelling, or in a glossy brochure with impeccable grammar and spelling, or over a prestigious television broadcast — are worth refuting, then the Ukrainian Archive is worth supporting.  Refutation can be seen to be already taking place in a diversity of forums other than the Ukrainian Archive, but only sporadically, here and there, in a piecemeal and unsystematic fashion, and usually timidly, bowing more to political correctness than to truth.  It is only in the Ukrainian Archive that refutation begins to be bold, comprehensive, systematic — and thus, effective.

For readers whose first language is not English, it might be useful to have pointed out that the correct spelling of "Gustapo" is "Gestapo," of "Wermacht" is "Wehrmacht," and of "Ukranian" is "Ukrainian"; that "enjoyed to kill and torture" is ungrammatical and should have been "enjoyed killing and torturing"; and that "they went above and beyond what they asked to do" should have been "they went above and beyond what they were asked to do."

And for readers who don't know any history, it might be useful to point out that the "Gustapo of the Nazi party were mainly Ukranian" is factually in error and that in fact there were no Ukrainians at all within the Gestapo; and that the accusation of energetic Ukrainian participation in torture and killing flies in the face of the historical record, as is amply documented within the Ukrainian Archive, as for example in The Ugly Face of 60 Minutes.

David Katz, then, can be seen to be taking his fledgling steps toward earning his right to stand with the leading calumniators of Ukraine, himself at the moment excelling in bad spelling and grammar, but only equalling the leading calumniators in ignorance and hatred, leading calumniators such as Yitzhak Arad, Dov Ben-Meir, Yaakov Bleich, Alan Dershowitz, Sol Littman, Robert Magocsi, Morley Safer, Neal Sher, Elie Wiesel, and Simon Wiesenthal.  The reader wishing to see the full list of documents in which these names appear on the Ukrainian Archive can do so using the Internal Search Engine, linked within the present sentence and on the UKAR home page as well.

Much ground has been lost in the fight for Ukrainian truth, and much effort will be needed to regain this ground.  As a measure of how bad things have gotten, consider the following statement:

Also, the Jews back in World War II were sick in other ways.  They led sick moral lifestyles.  They cared nothing about fidelity and often switched wives with their friends.  They slept with different people every night.  I think that just says more about who they were as a people that they do the things they did.

I suppose that there might be wide agreement that the above is an expression of ignorant anti-Semitism.  I suppose that such a statement would receive near-unanimous condemnation and wide efforts at suppression were it presented in a public forum.  However, no one has made this statement.  A similar statement was made — by the same David Katz as above, at a later point on his web site, but Katz's statement has "Ukranians" addicted to wife swapping instead of Jews.  One hypothesizes that the only way David Katz could be so confident as to make such statements publicly is that he has heard them all his life, and thus has little doubt that they are true.  On top of that, perhaps, he must be aware that although Jews enjoy some measure of protection against such calumny, Ukrainians do not, so that even if he knows that his statements are false, he also knows that no repercussions will follow his making them.

Thus, given the number and unflagging energy of Ukraine's calumniators, there is no end of work for Ukraine's defenders.  However, the resources for this work are at present unavailable, and so for the time being development of the Ukrainian Archive must be suspended.

Thanks to the many supporters and contributors.  Hope to work with you again down the road.

Lubomyr Prytulak