Moshe Ronen  Letter 15  18-Feb-2001  People are laughing at you
The American corporate giant Procter & Gamble was instrumental in supplying Charmin toilet paper and other personal care products to the Third Reich, thereby facilitating the implementation of Hitler's extermination of European Jewry.

February 18, 2001
Moshe Ronen
National President
Canadian Jewish Congress
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Moshe Ronen:

In case you haven't noticed, people are laughing at you.  Below are three satires that I received in my email within a few days of each other.

Lubomyr Prytulak

Disinterment and Prosecution Proceedings Authorized

Updated 6:21 PM ET February 14, 2001

By George White, Associated Press Writer Chicago, Illinois (API) Federal Chicago-, New York- and Washington-based judges on Wednesday have given final approval to motions submitted by lawyers from the B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation League, the Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, Eli Wiesel, lawyers representing several US government law enforcement agencies, Deborah Lipstadt, and others, to begin disinterring bodies from various American cemetaries in order to place them on trial for war crimes committed during World War 2.  Similar agreements and approvals are being reached in various European nations.

Opponents to the motions cited the huge expenses involved which taxpayers would have to pick up from the disinterments, the hiring of medical professionals to maintain the cadavers in the courtrooms during trials which often last months or years, the costs of long incarceration or execution of the deceased accused, burial site expenses, and other sundries.  Numerous accusations of "anti-Semitism" were made against opponents, and a number of them quickly withdrew their objections.

Some of the accused who had been cremated will appear in courtrooms in urns containing their ashes, the urns to be carried from the defendant tables to the witness stand by heavily armed guards who are being assigned to protect the public from the dangerous accused.  Double- and triple-guard assignments will be employed to move actual cadavers around the courtrooms.

"It is important that the world see that justice has been served here," said Eli Wiesel, a prominent human rights activist and Holocaust expert.  "Age and life status are irrelevant.  The main thing is that these evil, murderous persons not be allowed to rest in peace for their crimes."  Marc Weiss of the Anti-Defamation League, a human rights organization based in Los Angeles, is reported to have said: "The costs objection is 100% irrelevant.  Citizens objecting to the millions spent on these necessary cases are obviously anti-Semitic haters.  We will be initiating investigations of these persons as well.  This kind of Jew-hatred cannot be tolerated in our free society!"

Deborah Lipstadt was particularly outspoken on the issue, and confident of guilty verdicts.  "We are advising congress and the courts to craft legislation banning the interment of the accused.  When they are found guilty, these criminals will then be executed and then their bodies placed in cells in various maximum security prisons under heavy guard.  Interment is NOT an option as these cases are special.  We owe it to humanity to imprison them forever."

A special "Holocaust tax" bill is currently wending its way through the US Congress, but is expected to be easily passed.  Thousands of accused are believed to be awaiting disinterment, and preliminary estimated costs of cadaver trials run as high as $60.7 million dollars.  Actual imprisonment of the executed cadavers are expected to cost taxpayers a further $378 million dollars per year.  Jewish citizens, racial minorities, women, and homosexuals will be exempted from paying these taxes.

Statements of approval of these long-overdue judicial and congressional measures have come in from state and federal officials.  A symbolic motion of approval is expected from the US Senate later this week, as well as a statement of approval from the President.  The Congress is also expected to set up oversight committees to ensure that the disinterments and trials proceed smoothly.  Additional federal subsidized funding is likely to be authorized.

The disinterments will begin Monday.

2001 Associated Press International.

ADL statement on Charmin/Holocaust book

Crime/Corruption News Keywords: ADL Charmin HOLOCAUST
Source: ADL Press Release
Published: 2/15/01
Posted on 02/15/2001 10:29:20 PST by Non-NewYorker

NEW YORK, Feb. 15 /U.S. Newswire/ The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today said that the revelation in a new book that the American corporate giant Procter & Gamble was instrumental in supplying Charmin toilet paper and other personal care products to the Third Reich, thereby facilitating the implementation of Hitler's extermination of European Jewry, "validates unequivocally that there were many who knew about and were complicit in the Final Solution, but chose to remain silent and put profits above responsibility and morality."

Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, issued the following statement:

It's time to squeeze the Charmin.

Just when we thought we knew all there was to know about the Holocaust, David Steinman, in Moon and Stars and Holocaust, provides us with shocking documentation that the American corporate giant was instrumental in facilitating the institutional infrastructure that undergirded Hitler's plan to wipe Europe free of Jewry.  In recent years the roles of various European and American corporations in aiding and supplying the Nazis have been exposed.  Now we have evidence that P&G, producer of Charmin (TM) toilet tissue and icon of American business, was complicit in the Final Solution, putting the profits it derived from sales of toilet paper, toothpaste and other toiletries above responsibility and morality.

We have been told that "nobody knew."  Nobody knew the extent of Hitler's plans for the Jews; nobody knew that the Third Reich could carry out the Final Solution; nobody knew that Final Solution was being implemented.  Now we know that not only did many know, but that some, like P&G, made it possible for the Final Solution to proceed apace.

It is horrifying that while the millions of Jews imprisoned in camps were worked to death and denied even the most basic human dignity of showering, their wardens were enjoying the softest tissues and most luxuriant facial scrubs American technology could provide.  Let there be no mistake: P&G "clean" money is dirty money.

"Everyone appreciates the comfortably clean feeling of Charmin," runs the P&G advertising slogan.  But everyone at P&G should feel uncomfortably dirty about the horrifying abrogation of human rights that forms this sordid chapter in its corporate history.  Making money by abetting the most monstrous regime in human history may have seemed good business at the time, but it is bad business today, and we intend to take every step to see that current leadership at P&G both renounces the actions of past leadership and moves forward in partnership with the Jewish community in a morally appropriate direction.  Return to the ranks of responsible corporate citizens requires nothing less.

While today's P&G clearly is not responsible for the actions of earlier directors and their hands-on relationship with the Nazis through German subsidiary PGD, today's P&G does owe the world a full accounting and restitution in order to remove the blot now tarnishing its corporate name.  America's icon of business owes it to itself, its employees, investors, customers, and, most importantly, to the memory of the six million Jews and millions of victims of the Nazis to come clean about its dirty role in the Holocaust.  We are certain that P&G will take whatever actions are fiscally and morally necessary to counter the public outrage generated by these surprising new revelations. The ADL will continue the fight for accountability as the Holocaust continues to reveal itself, providing an expanded historical account and important lessons for today and the future.


Feb. 3, 2001

TORONTO, Ont. (CP) In a landmark decision that has earned praise from Jewish community leaders and raised eyebrows among some conservative legal scholars, Judge Herschel Gold yesterday ordered the grandson of a suspected Nazi war criminal deported to the Ukraine.

Robert Rauliuk, 15, will be escorted by RCMP officers to Pearson International Airport early next week.

The government has alleged that Rauliuk's grandfather, Evhen Rauliuk, served as a cook in Schuma 118 Police Battalion in Byelorussia and that from 1942 to 1944 he prepared nourishing hot meals for his unit while it conducted actions against partisans and committed atrocities against civilians.

Rauliuk, dubbed the "Butcher Chef of Byelorusse," died from a heart failure last November at the age of 98, induced (some members of the Ukranian community allege) by an often vocal around-the-clock vigil conducted by a local Jewish youth league outside the Placid Valley Geriatric Home where he had resided since 1981.

His premature demise compelled a change of tactics on the part of the Crown, which at the urging of several Jewish organizations filed new charges against his grandson under the Multicultural Justice Act, an omnibus legal reform law facilitating equitable outcomes in legal cases involving designated ethno-cultural groups.

Robert Rauliuk is the first person charged under the new act.  Legal observers believe his conviction may lay the groundwork for charges against the descendants of other deceased alleged war criminals.

In recent years the declining number of East Europeans available for deportation has negatively affected Canada's war-crimes industry, insiders report.  It is hoped that the unprecedented intergenerational features of the Rauliuk case will re-invigorate the pursuit of justice.

The court heard evidence that the Butcher Chef failed to reveal his participation in crimes against humanity when applying for Canadian citizenship in 1951 and therefore obtained citizenship by false representation and knowing concealment of circumstances.  Judge Gold ruled that because Evhen Rauliuk's citizenship was invalid and his son Ivan, now deceased, born outside of Canada, Robert Rauliuk was in violation of the Illegal Domicile Act of 1876 and could be stripped of his citizenship and deported to his genealogical place of origin.

Noted Talmudic scholar and civil-rights activist Rabbi Gunther Plaut testified for the Crown on the role of intergenerational punishment in the Western tradition of jurisprudence.

In a statement released this morning, David Matas, senior legal counsel for B'nai Brith Canada, applauded Judge Gold's controversial decision, under section 379b of the Multicultural Justice Act, to bar defence attorneys from the courtroom in order to expedite the trial.

"Since the start of the court proceedings, the case against the two Rauliuks has been bogged down in minor legal technicalities, shamelessly brought up by the defence, which prevented the government's allegations from ever being judged on their merit," Matas said.  "It was a bold decision, but the right one under the circumstances."

Bernie Farber, Community Relations director for the Canadian Jewish Congress, expressed a quiet pride at the verdict, which he attributed to the many years his organization has spent lobbying a succession of Justice Ministers for the passage of the Multicultural Justice Act.

"We feel that justice has been served," Farber said at an impromptu victory celebration held in front of Toronto's Ukranian Cultural Centre.  "Evhen Rauliuk was getting pretty feeble and may not have survived the trip to the airport, but Robert is young and vigorous, he has his life in front of him, and his family will miss him.  It's a much more satisfying conclusion, ethically speaking."

Farber also called for restraint in the Ukranian community, many of whom were fearful that deportations for alleged war crimes may now be prolonged indefinitely.

"Anti-Semitism is not a term I use lightly, although I do use it often," Farber added.  "But in this case it's fully justified.  Those Jew-hating Bohunks must come to terms with their virulent anti-Semitism."

Robert Rauliuk, contacted at the Downsview Youth Detention Facility, expressed surprise at the verdict.