Frank Walus   Letter to Germany   09-Apr-1985   Wiesenthal forged the drawing
A copy of the following document was given to me Lubomyr Prytulak by a friend.  I believe it to be an authentic copy of a typewritten letter sent by Frank Walus.  In reproducing this letter below, I have preserved all errors that I found in the original, as well as all underlining.

Please note that toward the bottom of this letter, text that is underlined and in color constitutes a clickable link.

April 9, 1985




The power to accuse is a power sometimes beyond understanding.

I was accused.  By Simon Wiesenthal, "the great humanitarian".

What began as a dispute with Polish-speaking neighbors ended up in Federal Court.  I was accused by neighbors who bore financial bitterness to me.  I was accused by acquaintances who owed me money.  I was on trial for my life.

Their accusations would have been dismissed in any humane society that is aware of human nature.  But my accusers had a trump card.  I am Polish.  I speak German.  I was alive during World War II and living in Europe.

On those preposterous grounds, my accusers were able to dream up a deadly charge:  a charge that makes otherwise normal and decent people foret about rules sf evidence and standards of justice.  I was accused of bein a "Nazi war criminal."

The evidewnce was nil.  The charge was propesterous.  It would have gone nowhere.  It would have been laughed at.  It would have faded away into the oblivion it deserved as just another chapter in the history of personality conflict and pettiness between people.

It would have happened this way, if it wasn't for the intervention of Simon Wiesantal.

Mr. Wiesenthal took the gossip against me and fabricated it into "proof" that I was of that species of human that has no rights.  A "Nazi war criminal."  Wiesenthal dignified the hearsay against me by writing a formal letter in 1974 to the U.S. Dept. of Justice informing that agency that I was a former agent of the Gestapo and hinting that I was a murderer.

When Torquemada used these tactics in the Inquisition they were condemned.  When the Judges in Salem, Massachusetts used these tactics they were condemned.  When Stalin used these tactics they were condemned.  When Joseph McCarthy used these tactics, he was condemned.

When Simon Wiesenthal uses these tactics against an innocent men, to destroy my health, my life savings and my peace of miknd, he is awarded the highest honor West German has to give.  Why?

Wiesenthal worked behind the scenes with the Israeli secret police to convict me on perjured evidence.  He orchestrated an ad campaign in Israeli newspapers for eyewitnesses against me to come forward.  This "eyewitness" selection-process was so totally rigged that when one candidate for this status came forward, he could not even pick my photograph out from among 11 others.  When this individual, Meylich Rozenwald, failed to identify my picture from the others, the Isaraili cop handed Rozenwald my picture.

As a result of this insane gossip/hearsay "evidence" and the grooming of eleven perjurers from Israel, I was put on trial for 17 days.  Prior to that time, I was assumed guilty by the news media and villified publicly as a "Nazi war criminal".  I was attacked by Jews in the street and hospitalized.  I lost my friends.  I had six heart attacks.  I spent around $120,000 in my own defense.  I remain in debt for tens of thousands of dollars incurred to defend myself against the gossip-based accusations of Simon Wiesenthal.

By the power of Wiesenthal's well-oiled money-and-publicity machine he was able to get eleven Israelis to swear in a U.S. court of law that I was the one to beat their fathers to death and gunned down a Jewish mother and her little kids.  By the protective cloak of Wiesenthal, not one of these perjurers has been convicted of any crime for their lies lies which would have sent me to my death had the senile Zionist Judge Julius Hoffman's guilty verdict against me not been overturned by a higher court.

These Israeli liars are not having their peace of mind distured as they enjoy the sunshine in Israel.  Their reputations have not been made to suffer as mine has.  They all get off scot-free and well rewarded.  Meanwile the U.S. prosecutors in my case continue to insist that they were correct in filing charges against me.  That it was an "honest mistake".  They will not even be men enough to legally state I am innocent, only that there was a "striking absence" of evidence in Wiesenthal's case against me.

But how can it be an honest mistake when the government blindly relied on Wiesenthal for its case and Wiesenthal maliciously based his accusations on street gossip?  Has Wiesenthal apologized to me, has he reimbursed me for my lost health, lost life savings, lost friends, lost peace of mind for myself, my wife and children?  No.  The man is not obliged to do so.

He can lie all he likes.  He can accuse anybody on the flimsiest evidence thanks to the witchhunting media hysteria about "Nazi criminals".  He need not worry about "mistakes" orthe damage his lies do.  What is the ruination of an innocent man's life compared to media prestige?  Why would Simon Wiesenthal have to make amends to me?  .........

Wiesenthal forged the drawing of "executed Jews" from his 1946 KZ Mauthausen book (p. 64) in a plagiarism of the June 11, 1945 issue of Life magazine.  There are more lies investigative reporters have documented about this Grand Inquisitor.  They are ignored by the human rights groups and governments.  This means more inoocents will suffer as John Demjanjuk now suffers.  The West German governfment is a disgrace and a discredit to its people, especially to those who have made th supreme sacrifice in giving up the lives for the honor and glory of their "FATHERLAND".

Frank Walus

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