Laurence A. Tisch   Letter 01   17-Dec-1994   How's it going?
December 17, 1994

Laurence A. Tisch
President, CBS
51 W 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019

Dear Mr. Tisch:

I am sending you a copy of "The Ugly Face of 60 Minutes" which is my revised and expanded objection to CBS's "The Ugly Face of Freedom."  This revision is essentially the same as my letter to you of November 15, 1994, except that a few details have been tidied up and a few new points included.  You may be particularly interested in the five new items that I added to "60 Minutes' Cheap Shots" which now begins on p. 30, and the four new items that I added to "What 60 Minutes Should Do" which now begins on p. 39.

In addition, I am enclosing copies of nine letters which I have recently sent to Simon Wiesenthal.  Perhaps you will agree that these nine letters demonstrate that Mr. Wiesenthal may have a credibility problem, that one might review with fresh eyes the question of whether or not he took 60 Minutes for a ride, and that he might make a good 60 Minutes story if interviewed from a less credulous point of view.

I can appreciate that the large number of errors made on the 60 Minutes segment "The Ugly Face of Freedom" necessitates some prolonged research and introspection before a definitive and just correction, retraction, and apology can be formulated but how's it going so far?

Yours truly,

Lubomyr Prytulak