Lubomyr Prytulak tips the balance of power in the Middle East
In October of 1973, I informed senior members of the Israeli government and armed forces how they could keep their war planes from being shot down by Soviet SAMs.

I realize now that it was wrong for me to do so.  In doing so, I was making it safer for Israelis to bomb Palestinians and their allies who today are suffering under Jewish oppression (see my letters 7, 11, and 12 to Canada's Justice Minister, Anne McLellan) the same way that Ukrainians have suffered under Jewish oppression in the past, most intensely during the time of Bohdan Khmelnytsky.  In doing so, I was strengthening Israel for the leading role it would later play in the plundering of Ukraine.  Did I understand Ukrainian-Jewish relations, and the role of Israel in the Middle East, then as I do today, I would instead have extended my help to the other side.

Perhaps the best reading sequence would start with the following three documents: (1) my airbag letter to Moshe Dayan of 26-Oct-1973, (2) the reply of Dr. M. Simhi of 24-Dec-1973, and (3) my letter to Norman Pearlstine of 23-Nov-1984.  These three documents are clickable links within the present paragraph, and are shown in blue in the index below.  After reading any particular document, it is possible to return to one's starting point by clicking BACK on one's NetScape or Internet Explorer browser.

@ Notes on the October 73 War

@ Letter to Wall Street Journal's Norman Pearlstine     23-Nov-1984
@ Reply from Wall Street Journal's Tim W. Ferguson      30-Nov-1984
@ Reply from Wall Street Journal's William J. McGurn    10-Dec-1984

@ Airbag letter to Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan 26-Oct-1973
@ Reply from Dr. M. Simhi, Head of Radar & ECM          24-Dec-1973

@ Monsanto foam ad in Scientific American                  Sep-1973
@ Foam letter to Dr. M. Simhi                           10-Jul-1974

@ Decoy defense letter to Harold Brown                  21-Jul-1978
@ Reply from U.S. Navy's Captain John H. Brownley       02-Aug-1978
@ Wall Street Journal's John J. Fialka on decoys        17-Feb-1989

@ A few press clippings                  20-Apr-1974 to 12-Jan-1989