Lubomyr Prytulak 27-Nov-2000 Billion-dollar Palestinian boys
Each Palestinian that Israel kills costs it one billion dollars, and Israel cannot afford the price.
The State of Israel has been defeated.  I say this because each Palestinian that Israel kills costs it one billion dollars, and Israel cannot afford the price.

I use "one billion dollars" loosely to refer to some very large number which is beyond my powers to calculate.  Consider, though, some of the likely costs to Israel of the current intifada.  The intifada is devastating to Israeli tourism.  Israel's loss of world sympathy results in a reduction of foreign trade.  All the Palestinians that are denied labor in Israel leave the enterprises that employed them understaffed and less profitable.  Palestinians with reduced incomes are Palestinians who buy fewer Israeli products.  The employment of Israeli personnel in the military drains the government coffers and removes manpower from the civilian sector.  The military is demoralized, with refusal to serve and desertion at record highs morale cannot be maintained in an army facing boys throwing stones, though a few Israeli sadists thrive on the unequal contest.  The stream of immigrants into Israel has narrowed; the stream of emigrants out of Israel has broadened people don't want to live in perpetual hatred; they don't want to live in the fear of being blown up; they don't want their sons shooting Palestinian boys in the head and through the heart.

The Jewish population of Israel may have begun to shrink, and if not yet, then certainly the Jewish population of the skilled and the competent has begun to shrink, for it is the best and the brightest who leave Israel first, and it is the best and the brightest who decline to come to Israel first.  Businesses that had begun to settle in Israel are fleeing.  Businesses that were considering locating in Israel are reneging.

And the smaller the Israeli population, and the more devoid of skill and competence, and the less economically viable, and the less able to maintain morale in its armed forces, the weaker will be its American support, so that an eventual outcome of the current intifada will be a reduction in American aid.

All of these losses and setbacks have dollar equivalents, and those dollar equivalents are high and their payment is supportable for a short duration only, and that duration has elapsed.  The Palestinians have won.  If they don't realize that they have won, then they may not have won; but if they realize they have won, then they have indeed won.  The Palestinians won because they had nothing to lose.  The side ready to die because it has nothing will always conquer the side that is afraid of getting hurt because it has everything.  The Israeli miscalculation was to have created a numerous enemy ready to die.

And so what is on the horizon?  No accommodation between the two sides is possible.  No compromise.  No living together.  Not even any sharing of borders.  The hatred on both sides is too deep; the wrongs will be remembered for a thousand years.  The victor takes all; the loser must leave the field.  Each added setback to Israel increases the probability of other setbacks in a feedback loop, the result of which will be that the end will come not as an orderly withdrawal, but as a panic-stricken rout.  Within recent memory, we witnessed such a rout of American forces in Vietnam, and of Israeli forces in Lebanon.  Jews who do not evacuate are lost.

There remain only two things for the United States to do: (1) take control of Israel's nuclear arsenal before the increasingly fanatical who run Israel are able to employ it in some last desperate act; and (2) evacuate the Jews to keep them from being slaughtered.  Seizing the nuclear arsenal is the more straightforward of the two tasks the personnel in charge of the arsenal will gradually be replaced by those who agree that control must devolve to the United States; that is, personnel who are American agents or merely Israelis sympathetic to the American plan.  Evacuating the inhabitants is a more difficult problem what country can absorb a people so steeped in violence and hatred without planting the seeds of its own destruction?  Diasporism might have worked had Israelis not so steeped themselves in violence and hatred but they have, and they are now a danger to any who might give them sanctuary.  For many years Zionists have bent their efforts to stripping Ukraine of its Jews, to the detriment of Ukraine; the day is now at hand when the Zionists will bend their efforts to relocating many fleeing Israelis back into Ukraine, which Ukraine will agree to only if it wants to start the 21st century playing the current role of Palestinians on the West Bank, or playing the role of Ukrainians under arenda contract in 17th century Ukraine.

The Jewish Tragic Cycle repeats itself.  At the beginning of the last century, Jews conquered through terror in the Slavic lands, but ultimately suffered defeat there; and in the middle of the last century, they conquered through terror in the Middle East, and are today suffering defeat there.  As they forbid themselves remembrance of the past, they doom themselves to repeat it.