Lee Hockstader   International Herald Tribune   29-Jun-1999   New flood of Russian Jews
Last week, he and Olga packed their bags, kissed their friends good-bye and joined a new flood of Russian Jews emigrating to Israel.
The Slavic brain drain

An introduction to the question of why the plundering of Slavic brains is of paramount importance to the Slavic world can be found in the first two links below, and the brain drain menu can be found in the third link:

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Brain Drain from Ukraine

Is mainly caused by American payments

What needs to be emphasized is that the mass migration described in the article below is a theft of brains for economic reasons, and not a uniting of people who share either religious or cultural characteristics.  I consider the migration a theft because without U.S. aid, Israel would not be a more attractive place for these Slavic brains than is Russia or Ukraine and so it is U.S. funding which lures them out of their ancestral homeland.  The drain of Slavic brains is engineered by the payment of American dollars.  That is its primary cause.  Slavic brains leave Russian and Ukraine because the United States pays them to.

And also by weak economies and anti-Semitism

Two additional causes of the mass migration are weak Slavic economies and Slavic anti-Semitism, and because the migration is in Israel's interests, then weak economies and anti-Semitism are in Israel's interests as well, and so the question may be asked whether Israel contributes both to exaggerating the degree to which they exist, and to creating them and intensifying them.  And as at the moment U.S. interests are the same as Israeli interests, the same question can be asked of the United States.

And transfers an economic boom from the Slavic lands to Israel

The high-tech boom that the migrants are creating in Israel could have been created in the Slavic lands instead, had the same money been invested there instead of in transporting the migrants to Israel and supporting them there.  Among the costs to American taxpayers of supporting Slavic brains in Israel is the cost of maintaining that number one recipient of American aid, the state of Israel, more a colonial outpost of the U.S. than a nation, with Jews playing the role of American-paid mercenaries.  Also among the costs to American taxpayers of supporting Slavic brains in Israel is the cost of maintaining in power Egyptian dictator, Hosni Mubarak, who can be counted upon to keep Egypt from competing with Israel for local power by restricting Egypt to the level of economic and intellectual growth which typifies dictatorships, and who can be bought off through regular payments so as not to assume a hostile stance toward Israel.  Egypt, of course, is the second-largest recipient of American aid.  Then too, America has to bear the cost of maintaining and buying off other dictators in the region so that they too will neither vie with Israel for local hegemony, nor threaten Israel, or America has to bear the cost of quarantining and bombing still others to achieve a similar effect.

The United States is the nemesis of the Slavs

In short, the United States, at very great cost to itself, has chosen to contribute to the destruction of the Slavic lands in order to strengthen its colonial outpost in the Middle East.

What is Ukraine's loss?

The Ukrainian victimization in this brain theft is large, but impossible to estimate precisely from the Hockstader article below.  On the one hand, we are told that the future influx of Slavic brains is projected to be "virtually all ... from Russia", and yet that in the preceding year, of the 46,000 immigrants from former Soviet republics, only 14,000 were from Russia.

The tab is high

The penalty of this folly will be paid by many.  By the Slavic lands drained of their intelligentsia, of which the Jewish intelligentsia is but a part.  By the American taxpayer who does not have adequate health care and who sends his children to some of the poorest schools in the world, both partly because his earnings are sent overseas to support the Israel project.  And ultimately by the Slavic migrants themselves who have not been apprised in advance that the Israeli position is untenable, and that within their lifetimes they may expect to be swallowed up by the Arab sea upon which they ventured in their frail barks.  Israel will not survive because it is one of the least desirable places in the world in which to live, and itself bleeds from a chronic brain drain, and for that reason will discover that the Slavic brains it thought it had permanently stolen for itself will in turn be stolen away by countries that can offer spreading prairies and forests and rivers and mountains in place of Israel's postage-stamp desert, and that can offer security and stability in place of Israel's precariousness.

The tab may become ruinous

And one final thought, the most distressing of all, is that it appears to be the case that U.S. planners have decided that impoverishing and destabilizing a country which has a vast nuclear arsenal by draining it of its intelligentsia is in the interests of the United States.  I cannot find a more appropriate word to describe this than idiocy, and I wonder that the American planners do not fear that they may bring a punishment down upon their heads far more severe than poor health care and poor education.

International Herald Tribune
June 29, 1999

Fleeing Sour Economy, Russians Flock to Israel

'A Normal Life' Is Goal of Jewish Emigrants

By Lee Hockstader Washington Post Service

For years, Eduard Vayndroyk scraped by on his wits.

Cheerful and charming, he supplemented the meager monthly salary he earned as a physician in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk by selling shoes from a small shop with his wife, Olga.

But Russia's economic crisis and the collapse of the ruble in August quadrupled the dollar-denominated rent for his shop and sapped his spirits.

Last week, he and Olga packed their bags, kissed their friends good-bye and joined a new flood of Russian Jews emigrating to Israel.

"It just wasn't worth it anymore," said Mr. Vayndroyk, 29, who arrived at Ben-Gurion Airport the other day on one of several daily charter flights to Israel for Jewish immigrants.  "In Israel, I expect I'll be able to live a normal life and practice medicine."

Already this year, some 12,000 Russians have arrived in Israel, more than double the number who had come by the same time last year.

Driven by the crash of the ruble, dim job prospects in major cities and a nasty resurgence of Russian anti-Semitism, nearly 100 immigrants from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok arrive on flights every business day.

"Welcome to Israel!" says a sign in Russian at Ben-Gurion's immigrant arrival hall, where nearly all of the 36 officials manning computers, coffee machines and clipboards are themselves more or less recent immigrants from Russia or one of the other former Soviet republics.

The spike in Russian immigration to Israel this year is the first since the colossal influx of Soviet Jews in the early 1990s.

That wave of immigrants many of them highly educated and almost none of them religious altered the demographic face of Israel, reconfigured the political map and fueled the country's high-tech boom.

About a million Israelis roughly one in five Jews in the country now speak Russian, and the vast majority of them have arrived since 1990.

As the decade wore on and Russia's economy seemed to right itself, the numbers of Jews who left tapered off.  Still, the 46,000 immigrants who arrived in Israel from former Soviet republics last year, including about 14,000 from Russia, accounted for 90 percent of all newcomers to the Jewish state.

This year, the number of immigrants from the old Soviet orbit is projected to soar to 60,000 virtually all of them from Russia, largest of the 15 Soviet republics and home to half the remaining million Jews who lived under Soviet rule.

"The increase is from every region of the Russian federation," said Emma Trahtenberg, an analyst in the former Soviet department of the Jewish Agency for Israel, which shepherds most of the immigrants through the process.

Religious Israelis and older immigrants from North Africa in particular see the Russians as a threat to the long-term cohesion of Israel's already Balkanized society.

Others believe they will further the cause of Israel as a country free of the Messianic and exceptionalist ideology characteristic of previous waves of immigrants.

The Russians themselves tend to be seeking nothing more complex than a better life for their children.  But this year, nearly a third of the immigrants surveyed mentioned an additional reason: rising anti-Semitism in Russia.

Analysts say that is no surprise, given the number of venomous public outbursts since last fall's economic collapse.

At the same time, there has been an increase in attacks on synagogues and Jewish cemeteries and shrill broadsides in nationalist newspapers.  "What changed greatly for immigrants was the anti-Semitism," said Miss Trahtenberg, the Jewish Agency official.

In addition to the rise in anti-Semitism and its poisonous effect on Russian politics, many immigrants cite the narrowing of their own opportunities to make a decent living and lead what they invariably call a "normal" life.

"I felt that everything had died in Moscow," said a 24-year-old woman who arrived in Israel last week and gave only her nickname, Pulheria.

Like nearly all Russian immigrants, past and present, Pulheria is not religious.  Some, like Mr. Vayndroyk's wife, are not even Jewish.  Many have barely seen the inside of a synagogue and know little about Jewish holidays and customs.

More than a few cannot imagine a diet that excludes pork.