Yerah Tal   Ha'aretz   14-Apr-1999   Steal one million more brains
"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said yesterday he expects Russian anti-Semitism and a growing Israeli economy to drive a million Jews to emigrate to Israel in the near future." Yerah Tal
Below are reproduced the first five paragraphs of a longer article in the English-language edition of the Israeli newspaper, Ha'aretz, appearing online at http://www.haaretzdaily.com/htmls/4_5.asp.  The home page of Ha'aretz can be accessed by clicking on the Ha'aretz logo below.

The Ha'aretz excerpt below reinforces several conclusions most of which have already been proposed on the Ukrainian Archive and that are of central importance to the Slavic world in general, and to Ukraine in particular:

  1. Israel steals brains.  The chief use of Russia and Ukraine to Israel is as suppliers of immigrants, a disproportionate number of whom will be scientists and engineers, and other people of accomplishment and talent.

  2. Israel values Slavic anti-Semitism.  Slavic anti-Semitism is needed as a tool to promote the emigration of Jews.  Thus, it will be in Israel's interests to magnify any anti-Semitism that does exist, and to incite anti-Semitism where it does not exist.  Disinformation such as that presented in Morley Safer's 23Oct94 60 Minutes broadcast The Ugly Face of Freedom may thus be viewed as precisely the magnification and incitement of Slavic anti-Semitism that Israel needs to accomplish its brain theft.  Every swastika that is painted in Slavic lands, every Jewish tombstone that is desecrated, every synagogue that is vandalized contributes toward the emigration of Jews, and thus benefits the State of Israel, and thus may be suspected of having been engineered by the State of Israel just as was bombing of the Mas-uda Shemtov Synagogue in Baghdad.

  3. Israel values Slavic economic under-performance.  A large difference in standard of living between the Slavic lands and Israel is also needed to achieve a mass exodus of Jews to Israel.  Thus, the economic under-performance of Ukraine and Russia is indispensible to meeting Israel's goals.  The sabotaging of Ukrainian and Russian technology sales to Iran have brought (in the case of Ukraine) or would bring (in the case of Russia) with them the ancillary benefit of damaging Slavic economies, and depriving the Slavic scientists and engineers of employment which further encourage them to emigrate.

  4. The United States pays the bill.  The bill for transferring one million more people from the Slavic lands to Israel will be paid by Americans.  This theft of Slavic brains, then, can be viewed as a United States plan to complete the destruction of Ukraine and Russia by continuing to drain their intelligentsia to the West, particularly to Israel.  The United States has brought the Slavic nations to their knees, and now Israeli leaders speak openly of how they will deliver the coup de grace.  As American foreign policy may currently be under unprecedented Jewish influence, the American destruction of the Slavic world may be viewed as being guided disproportionately by Jews.

  5. Watch out for civil war.  In the event that the combination of magnified and incited Slavic anti-Semitism together with Slavic economic under-performance fail to produce the desired exodus to Israel, then the West might engineer massive social unrest, and even civil war, to trigger the desired exodus.  Therefore, the single greatest danger that threatens the Slavic world today is that it will be plunged into a civil war that is engineered by the West, and most particularly by Israel.

    The chief reason for not plunging Russia into civil war is that Russia is a nuclear power.  However, as Ukraine has foolishly divested itself of its nuclear weapons, the West does not have this same deterrent to plunging Ukraine into civil war.

What Ukraine must fear more than anything else, then, is that the West plans to turn it into another Yugoslavia.  The American destruction of the Zastava car factory on 12Apr99 at which 38,000 people had been employed made a dubious and infinitesimal contribution toward hurting Serbia's ability to wage war, but did make an unmistakable and substantial contribution toward crippling the Serbian economy and throwing 38,000 people out of work, and thus encouraging tens of thousands to view emigration as their only hope of escaping chaos and improving their standard of living.  The West, in which I include Israel, is then able to step in and skim off the cream of the crop for their own economies and efforts at nation-building.  One may say that the precedent of picking the best from a flood of refugees for immigration to countries in need of immigrants has been set as recently as Israel's and Canada's harboring Kosovar refugees on Israeli and Canadian territory, with either implicit or explicit invitations for them to stay on permanently.

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Sharon: U.S. cleared latest trip to Russia

By Yerah Tal, Ha'aretz Correspondent and Itim

Foreign Minister Ariel Sharon returned from a trip to Washington and Moscow yesterday, emerging from his plane to face a flurry of questions from reporters and telling them that "contrary to published reports" his Russia trip was coordinated in advance with the U.S. State Department.

Meanwhile, Israel's warming ties with Russia drew criticism from a cabinet member for the first time yesterday.  In an interview with Ha'aretz, Tourism Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Katsav said, "It is altogether uncertain that Russian involvement [in local affairs] will always be to our benefit."

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said yesterday he expects Russian anti-Semitism and a growing Israeli economy to drive a million Jews to emigrate to Israel in the near future.  Speaking to students at the Rene Cassin high school in Jerusalem, Netanyahu said the central lesson of the Holocaust is the Jewish people's need for a strong, independent nation.

Sharon also mentioned the one million figure at his press conference, and said he had issued calls for emigration to Israel during his visit in Russia.

Katsav said Israel should employ whatever means it can in pressing Russia to sever all military and non-conventional cooperation with Iran including, first and foremost, calling for support from Washington.  He said that Israel's newly-closer ties with Russia had not yet had any discernible effect on Moscow's relations with Tehran.


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